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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 12, 18 11:34 AM
It takes me awhile to calm down run and rerun through my frazzled brain what I have just learned I wipe away the tears feel my back go ram rod straight and call PTG ATTENTION GET THE GROUPE WITH YOU BACK TO THE TEA ROOM SO WE CAN SEE WHO IS MISSING AND ALSO FIX THE TEA ROOM poor Mrs Fletcher is still not well enough to do it all so we will do it for her then we can all eat and I will tell you my plan of action I now know what to do so meet you back at The Tea Room
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 12, 18 11:00 AM
I listen as My Lady tells me about all this eveil and why and who is really behind it.
As you know brave one that when I turned full Elven I was not allowed to help you but am allowed to give you guidence and that is why I am here now you can not see me nor Robyn but know we are here.
When you first come to Midnight Castel you had your orders but you did not know the whole truth behind your journey,,, The outside world would never understand it and it would cost them dearly by becoming slaves to this evil.
Murk built a second fake MC a mirrior of the real MC as his testing groud to see what would or would not work and to be sure he could capture and conquer the real MC
He had Arabella to help him and the Gnomes he changed into stone* with the help of Medusa* or mindless killers , also the Trolls and there hounds from H*** they wrecked havoc on you all but you being a true fighting soldier led your new group of friends to saftey but I am sad to say brave one this will be your biggest battel ever and you are not just up against Murk and Arabella there are children compared to who is behind this,
That is why The Castel is under attack not only The Mirrior one *** fine job Frost of covering it from attack**but it is not from abouve it is from beneath the attack is coming via the tunnels and the eveil one is Adrian yes The Ghostly Messanger**
is now come out and wants revenge against his sister Arabella, his Father Murk and wants to kill The Wise One.
He wants what he thinks is his.
That is why certain parts of The Castel are being destroyed by fire he is opening The Gates To H*** and Randy you and your group must stop him or all will be lost.
My time runs short brave one we must return know Robyn is at rest with us must go brave fighter all The Eleven Family bless you and we have all the faith in you,,,,,,, and she is gone softly as she came............. I sat down head spinning but crying like a baby,,,,,,,,,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 12, 18 10:32 AM
Siting on top of the frozen dome **** funny it does not feel cold but I know it is solied ice
I am leaning against one of Frost's massavie wings and thinking out loud * Not a good sign talking to myself* but after I screamed till my throat burned telling every one via the Amulets to turn them off UNLESS needed and the nosie did go down to a roar but now was BACK WORSE THEN BEFORE ths time screams of pain and horror are mixed,,, I can also hear PTG layed back and acting like he is on a Sundat drive #$%^&((*&^%$#%^&()(*&^%$ does that doorknob NOT understand the danger they all are in???
I fill my lungs to bursting and yell from the bottom of my very soul***** PTG YOU DOORKNOB GET OFF YOUR BEHIND AND GET THE GROUP,,,,,, I am cut off by a soft gentile wind slowly whirrling around me and then I hear that soft sweet sing song melodie voice,,,,, Captain my brave warrior do not be alarmed it is I
I fly to my feet and bow deeper than I ever half and tears fill my eyes,,, MY LADY???
Is that really you????
Yes brave soul it is I and I have Robyn with me ,,, I almost pass out from holding my breath so long.
My beloved Lady Anessa Blue and Apollo I can not belive it can this be true?
I bend on one knee and extend my Sai in the deepest respect to our leader turned full Elven.
How what why??? I ask and feel a gentile pressure on my lips almost like being kissed by a butterfly,,, I had to come to you my brave warrior so that you understand what is happening to our precious Castel,,, As you know I had to go to my destiny but we * The Elven Family always keep a watch over you and The Camp then The Special Room ,, and that brave one is where the trouble started with Murk and Arabella,, you and the others in The Special Room had a hard time of things but you being a true soldier always came out ,, sometimes a littel worse for wear ,, there with the help of your new found friends did a wonderful job of always finding a way to get back together and beat Murk at his game , but I have to warn you brave one this is going to be the hardest battel you will ever face because we now know Murk is not alone and now know who is the real villian behind all this upheavel,,,
It has been years building up but I am afraid it is now here and the threat to you all is real and we now know who is behind this madness,
Please rise Randy and listen to every word I say, I rise but head still bent in respect,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 10, 18 4:22 PM
Now now di no be goin blame on de poor inmates in the Special Room dem der inmates are suffirin enough but never fear Captain Randy and Frost are on da job ,,, The Tea Room is safe thanks to my Frost and Roo yer room is a tad smokin but all is well ..
Da ole Cap here is working on a plan I thinks I know who is behind all dis malarkey and I is goin fix it and send dem nutsos back to Hatises where they will do no harm ,,, excetp to dem selfs
Cap on da job
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 9, 18 4:52 PM
One minute I am standing at the table with PTG and the whole group around me,, my head is bursting with noise and I clamp my ears with my hands and scream,, SHUT UP ALL OF YOU ANTURNYOUR #$%^&*&^%$#$%^&*AMULTES OFF BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES..... ANGEL DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT TELL THE NEW INMATES HOW TO HANDEL THE AMULETS????? My head is going to explode with talk of pets, phone booths ??? what we are turning to Get Smart now and agent 99???? I hear Grim moans and know she is in big trouble JHC if evey one would just SHUT UP... I could think,,,, sounds start calming down as I explain clock wisw to open Amulet and speak to who you are calling COUNTER CLOCK WISE TO SHUT IT DOWN AND GOES SLEEP MODE BUT STLL CAN READY WHEN NEEDED BY YOU RUBBBING CLOCK WISE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, potions???? guinea pig????? what the H*** but before I can think more I here the swooshhhhhhhhhhh of wings feel the rumble and creaks and bangs and smell smoke then I hear ** RIDER I AM HERE**** and off I go into the ice covered dome with Frost,,, ,,, he drops me down and flys back fast to freeze the The Room from being destroyed ,,, it is a little worse for wear but it is still standing,,, I can see The Castel slowly being blown apart but not all just certain parts,,,, just as Frost light down next me I see Grim bound and gagged and she is being hauled off a door that goes down???
I rack my brain because I remember someone saying something about Gnomes but The Gnomes before they where captured and changed into minless killers by Murk,,,,,now if that is true we have normal Gnomes with us that is the answer to our prayers for no one and I mean no one next to the Moles know the Castel and surrounding area better , they built all most all the tunnels and mine shafts,,,, okay Frost my mighty warrior I might have found our answer but first we have to get The Tea Room back to normal and find everyone and get them back to the Tea Room ..
Strange I say to Frost I see the hospital wing has not been touched ,,,, now I wonder why?????
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 8, 18 12:56 PM
**** BUMP TO PAGE ON******
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 18 7:17 AM
I had to correct a lot of peps at first because every one thought I was from England.
So I had to explain,,,
I am from Nova Scotia === almost at the end of Canada on the East coast The Maritimes, so we are called Maritiners , or Blues Noser * after the fastest racing scooner *The Blue Nose** she was built in Luindenberg Nova Scotia and was never beaten but she did go down on a reff on a storming day ,, if you ever get to see a Canadian dime she is there,,,,
We now have The Blue Nose Two and still winning like her Mom so yes I am a proud Maritimer From Canada
My nic name has always been Teddy Bear,
so it is eastendteddy real name = Randy
So there you have it
I am a Teddy Bear but can change into a big ole Grizzly if P**** off lol

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 28, 18 8:21 AM
Siting and making a list of things to do , what tunnel to attack first and seeing there are miles and miles of them them connecting them to ever part of MC Land because this being an exact Twin false world of the REAL MC Murk has put us in and yet we have newbies coming in but from where??
I am intrupted by PTG calling me to his table to show me what he found >> I head over to him but am blocked by charieisr and a scowl on her face and hands on hips she looks firmly dug in and not ready to move,,, Ok what is it ?? she is small in stature and older then the rest of us I do believe but I get the impression she will not move untill she gets an answe..
Okay make ths fast in case you did not here me we are in danger and it has to be stoped and if Murk get his evil hands on us THERE WILL BE NO TEA ROOM OR US SO OUT WITH IT.
She then asks about her pets at that I groan she asks can she bring her pets here?
Is there a place for them? Is there food for them. ?
Yes you can have your pets but they have to chiped and checked out by Doc Poppet and your room is big enough for you all, but you have to feed them with there special food anf you know how you get that right oh and you have to clean up if they make a mess so I suggest you get together with the others and plan there daily walks so there needs will be done outside away from The Tea Room === that makes me think I am going to have to build a Stable soon with all these new pets or we will end up with the pets in the hospital wing and us outside NO NO NO that will never do ,, but it would be funny if those stupid gaurds or Nurse Krcachet tryed to inject or give out those pink pills that that would be funny,,, anyway I watch as Charlieisr go off with her bag full of wool,
I sit with PTG and he shows me the heads and what he found aha that gives me an idea on how to block the tunnels till we know what ones ole Murk is useing.
PTG I will need Breeze and Roo I rub my Amulet and call Breeze and Roo Tea Room ASAP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 28, 18 7:53 AM
Moi act ike a child ???????????? only time I act like a child **** and IT IS NOT MY FAULT** is when I play MC then I looooooooooooose me blinking mind lol
Have you figured that one out Rosie Gal?? I mean we can not figure out you women folk *** gave that up for dead yearsssssssssssssss ago ********.
Yes it was good that the tire blew meant go home so I did and I have a brand new tire and if neighbour can not take me in and back home Sis and I have a back up plan so all is good.
Still do not have the date for the MRI I want this over and done with and 2018 was to be a new start and a better year for me YEAH RIGHT still feels like 2017 to me.Sorry venting blame it on living on cream of wheat ,, dry toast,,, soup,, rice ,,, fruit cups,, jello,,and butterless sandwhices an sure I have droped another 20 pounds .
Okay getting off my high horse lol
HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you all and have a great day.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 27, 18 7:32 AM
Becareful what you ask for Bets
You know when we push we get smacked hard lol and because others have complained with The Minni CC's and the Events so close they could not do the DQ's so what do they do ???
Well so far I have had three 10 parters ** the hardest ones and two 5 parters that are also the harder ones and again last night a 10 parter the hardest one GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so why ask for the DQ'S when you can't do them oh yeah and mine have all been the same ones so am I doing them H*** NO
Oh well back to da loonie bin
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 26, 18 9:19 AM
us and that crazy mad man Murk and his uggly kid is finding more ways to get to us
So number one on the list is to get the new inmates setteled and Angel make sure they get the agenda and seeing you seem to be able to sketch make them a floor plan please.
Number two when we get the new inmates setteled in we have to find and rescue Grim
for what I have been told she is in bad trouble and we can not lose her she is a very important part of this family.
PTG write down every thing your Fairy God Mother told you so I can make a recon to bring Grim home,, Amethyst, virginiabreeze is it??and charlieisr please follow me and I will get you setteled in and if you already have a room please tell me know and if you have noticed any thing strange in your room any noise or movement in closets or the floors I am sure Murk is making more tunnels and we need to find and block them
it is the only way I can see him getting in here because Frost is on gaurde on the iced over Dome and nothing can pass him..
One more thing untill we find and rescue Grim we will use the buddy system no one and I mean NO ONE go anywhere alone,, second point you new inmates will be given an Amulet and your Pets will be micro chiped by the Petdoc so we are in contact at all times , The Amulets will allow you to talk to the rest of us and we in turn you,,, Angel will show you how they work just remember have them on at all times it is our saftey line Here I will show you ,, I hold my Amulet and rub it and think Doc please join me at The Tea Room ASAP .....with a minute Doc is coming through The Tea Room Door,,,, Yes Cap you need another shot??? No it is not for me you have some new pets to chip, there owners will bring them to you....
Okay lets get moving we have a lot to do and time runing out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 26, 18 8:56 AM
Okay this is craponacracker because I have been here yelling my head of with orders for everyone to follow because we are in dire staits here, there is danger around us yet not one here seems to be bothered about it ,, so what good am I doing here when I am supposed to be the leader of this looney tunie group yet NO ONE listens to me
Prove I am standing shoutin at an empty table??
That is when I see a streak of yellow and hear the LOUD CRASH BOOM BANG then silence and I look at two disemboweled Gaurds NOw how ih Hatis did they get here??
Lord love a hairy duck seems there are more ways than The Highway To H*** to get to us okay time to take action as I grab a can opener and attack the prone Gaurds and hack them into Shards of metal,,, now where is a magnit when you need it but I do not need one because PTG'S broom is a whirlwind swiping up the Shards and throwing them in the garbage can .. As I look around my jaw drops it is like nothing happened here all quiet okay enough is enough ATTENTION INMATES CONE HERE THIS MINUTE AND YES ANGEL THAT MEANS YOU STOP WRITING SO FRANTIC AND PTG SET THE CUP DOWN AND GET YOUR %^^% OVER HERE OR I WILL STRIPE YOU OF SECOND IN COMMAND and all see I mean it my face is so red it would glow as a beacon in the Harbour.
I look at everyone around me .. okay I said everyone so where is Grim???
PTG leans in and tells me about the message he got from His Fairy God Mother Shoced at what I just hears I fought against Gib's slaping him AND YOU JUST SAT THERE DRINKING ONE OF YOUR CRAZY TEAS???
All right time to get order back here first off to the new inmates untill you get to know the routine here Angel will make you all a set of rules and after seeing what just happened I want them followed to a T understood??
You know this is The Tea Roon run by Mrs.Fletcher and she has strict rules when it come to her Tea Room and HER KITCHEN so they are to be followed , Meals are served at am 12 noon and 5 pm but she always has tea, coffe and treats for those who just want to visit and get to know the rest of us,,, your rooms are in The Hospital Wing and I think you all found yours except charlieisr now understand she has trouble seeing so I will assign one of you to escort to and from her room now if you need anything changed in your room you may do so and if you need help all you have to do is ask PTG Angel or Pup aka dandydog I must insist that if any one at any time see's any thing out of the norm let it be known there is danger all around

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 25, 18 11:36 AM
Oh my dear white buckerfly,
You now have me we head a spinin what to do with three wishes???
Now I got's to go thunck on tis un.

katiek= Yes that is the lullaby but you missed the first part and may I correct **** That;s and Irish Lullaby to *** Tis an Irish Lullaby***
I love that song and used to sing it to my children before I lost them but I am so very sure they are singing it up in Heaven and teaching our dearly Loved and missed Robyn the Melody.

My dear PTG how I would love that can you just imagine us two ole Fa*** passing away the days over our tales of life,, friends,, family,, and our Love to Hate MC but think of it this way ==with all that great Brit tea in me I could float home LOLOLOLOL
LOL yes it would but she wouls still worry you where looking after me and I did not get eaten by a shark lol I am older than she but she treats like a kid at times *sigh* whatchgoindo?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 24, 18 4:21 PM
Again I say thank you all for puting up with me and all this tom fooliery
See what I mean NO LUCK because if I had any that magic Wand would work world wide *** pouts****and yes AEG it was in a way but now I know do not go alone .
I am trying Roo but no tea is driving around the bend, I mean the chocolate is hard enough but MY TEA now that is just cruel.
My dear white buckerfly if I stop making you and the others laugh then I am in deep doo doo ah yes I remember that Prayer my Gammie used to cuddle at night and say that very Prayer as she rocked me to sleep and if I was not LOL snoring she would sing An Irish Lulabye how I miss my Gammie.
Do you remember The Irish Lulabye??
Be safe my dear friends
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 24, 18 11:44 AM
You know what the say **** You have the luck of the Irish= NO LUCK AT ALL***
Wel craponacracker I am part Irish and with my luck lately ** SIGH**** it must be true
But I have the most wonderfull , kind, loverle friends and am truely blessed to have you in my life.
So update,,,,,,,, January 3 got in Smoke and off to St. Jerome we head 3 minutes into the ride BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM a tire blows @#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@$%^&
ow I am on an upgrade and no where to pull over so I floor it to get to the top where I know there is a towing company,,,,,it is snowing and cold as Hatis and I find out they DO NOT change tires just doTows ,,, well I explained the situation and got them for 10,00 bucks to put my spare on now my spare is a doughnut you know those life saver things that is temp till you get to a Garage and get the other tire fixed.
So put put at 40 miles an hour back I go to my Garage past my house I just came from
and when The guy took off the tire it told me it was dead lol that he could not put it back on and I would need a new tire #$%^&*()__)(*&^%$#and would take two days to order it so back home I went with the doughnut,,,, so a milliom calls to the hospital to explain what hapened and to cancell the 3rd and the 5th Donna called when I was at the garage to explain what happened and I called when I got back home,, then three times they called me === where are you ??? your ap. was at 12;15 GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR4 phone calls later they got it lol,,, then two days later a call from the Admission Nurse and again had to explain what happened,, she said she will get it setteled and she did I got a call a few days later and new ap. January 31 and Febuary 2 but have to have someone with me to drive back home because this is the big stress test where they inject you and speed the heart up till it almost stops wohoooo so I will be in no shape to drive after so good thing the tire blew or I would have stuck out there lol see I was alone Anywho enough crazyness will keep you all updated oh and still on soup and oatmeal and dry toast 24 days no tea is just cruel....................
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 18 4:14 PM
Seeing you did not see my message or ** MM PM ME next to my avatar was misunderstood****

Randy Da Cap
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 18 4:12 PM
Third day into the normal game and was looking foreward *** well not really lol****
to playing the DQ'S to finish that acheivent BUT three 10 parter's in three days ???
Now that is just cruel.

Growls going back to bed
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 18 9:16 AM
I still am working on geting the Achievements I do not have but ONE that would be our dear Trina I chained her to the wall in the deepest bowls of the The Special Room Hospital Wing untill she learns to play nice and stop being so greedy *** spoiled brat that she is***.
Guess she never learned the value of a because as fast as we give them to her she goes to Kaily's Fabric Shop and blows them then has the nerve to ask for MORE

On to robbing I mean gathering Gold Coins and Shards and diamonds and NOT for Trina

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 19, 18 12:03 PM

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 18, 18 12:17 PM
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my no I found out Bleeps melt when you get them to hot
So no Bleeps in my Kitchen beside Bleeping while watching a sufflay thinie makes it go ***************** ( raseberry)
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