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 posted in Dangerous High School Girls on Jan 27, 09 2:25 PM
Ok, so I have commented twice I believe or so on the game, mainly in objection to the blurb glamorizing bullying (with no real explanation of what the game is like). I still object to the wording which will be public tomorrow.

I downloaded and played it for about nearly half the trial to really get a feel for the game. Here is my review and opinion. I realize some enjoy this game and many others find it boring and nasty. I agree with the later and here's why.

At first glance, DHG is a beautifully drawn, original concept game that is based on logic, human nature etc. I like the board game Clue like interface where you scroll around the map looking for characters to interact with. The taunts themselves (at least in the first half hour) were extremely tame. HOWEVER, some of the script you encounter besides the mini games of taunting, etc. had an extremely offensive line.

When the girl in the wheelchair objects to the new ramp installed for her use, she says it because "having boys carry me is my one thrill!" UGH!!!! How demeaning!

The girls when faced with the task of convincing the girl in the wheelchair to use the ramp said, "well if a cripple wants to drag herself up three steps who are we blah blah...." WOW. That one story sideline is enough for me to NOT ever buy this game. I would never enjoy a game that described someone with a physical handicap as a "cripple" or that the only way she got attention was from using her handicap limitations as a way to get a thrill from the boys.

The game had a great concept. Old timey, great drawing and graphics, great boardgame map like interface and building up qualities by interacting/winning encounters. It had so much potential. But just because it is set in the olden times does not excuse it's olden times offensiveness. If this game had used an offensive olden times word to describe a minority, not a girl with a physical handicap would you buy it? Not me on either scenario.

It is a boring game, repetitive and the story line is very awkward and if some of the other posters are to be believed, flirting with detectives and discussing adult activites would definitely make it way too mature for even teen audiences.
I would have loved this exact game if they took out the demeaning parts and perhaps had the game where more of not good girls get better the badder they get but "Good girls get better the more baddies they defeat."
 posted in Dangerous High School Girls on Jan 27, 09 4:28 AM
Except for the fact that games bought here ARE for kids also.....
Otherwise why would there be games like DORA Explorer etc? In fact, there is a KIDS download category. So that logic goes out the window.

Otherwise, the description itself is tasteless and it doesn't take proof of age to read it. No proof needed to surf this site. If the game is about going after bullies then why the description? I believe that it is the description getting the loud boos from the peanut gallery. It literally encourages bullying no matter what the actual game is.

I downloaded the game and will play it briefly to see if that is what it is about. Then I'll post after review.

BUT please do not assume that this isn't supposed to be a site that offers games to kids.............. Dora, Supercow, Insane Aquarium, Alex Gordon, I could go on and on..........

 posted in Be Rich on Jan 19, 09 12:23 PM
I downloaded the new version and everything worked perfectly. Never froze once.
During the xmas holiday mcafee virus warning meltdown issue many of us experienced, I updated all of my drivers, etc and programs. I think sometimes the first step is to look at your computer for any conflicts/outdated cards/drivers/etc.
P.S. I love the game! Beat it on all levels expert and finished sandbox too. It was worth the buy!
 posted in Youda Farmer on Jan 15, 09 7:19 AM
I downloaded it and played the full hour. Got to level 6 with no problem. It was easy breezy but really really boring. It appears that most of all the upgrades are already bought in that hour so far so there isn't much left to do I believe.

The main issues I had with this one and the reason I didn't buy it were:

The way the truck moves in that one way direction etc. you can't control it at all.

The limited amount of upgrades available and little variety.

The village didn't not have much interaction. I would have liked to have been able to be closer, set prices, sell things.

The so called "parties" were uninspired and really just a random drive around while you tried to pop the items before the truck drove past.

Game play was very standoffish.... Not up close. As if you were on a balloon above town.

The game had a great chance to do some awesome things. I love the concepts it had. Village that you drive to and deliver, different areas of the map for different sections of your farm, nice graphics.......

But overall, I think I'll go back and play another of my farm games before buying this one. Maybe if they did a #2 and incorporated some of the suggestions I would buy it.
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 9, 09 10:10 AM
Yep, me too! Intel graphics card seems to be a loser! It has caused several problems for several different games for me so I am looking into getting a different graphics card thingy.

Thanks to Big Fish for addressing the problems so promptly! I didn't even have to email you guys, instead you have already posted the issue here. Thank you!!!

I am so glad for the forums! I have been a Big Fish club member since like Feb 07
but never even thought to look at the forums! What a silly thing to forget!

I'll be looking at the forums much much more now!
 posted in Monster Quest on Dec 26, 08 11:52 AM
Looks like an interesting game but I have the same problem. I have tried downloading, uninstalling then downloading again but every time I click the "play" menu button it freezes and the music sounds like a broken record. It won't allow me to even switch to another app like program manager etc so I have to actually turn off the computer and reboot.
Gonna try tech support on this one but I know it's limited for the holidays. Anybody else have an easy solution?
 posted in County Fair on Dec 17, 08 10:18 AM
Well I googled the error message (ialmrnts display driver error) and it seems to be a problem with the Intel Driver for graphics thingy display NOT the game. Other games like SIMS and golf etc games have the exact same problem.

The solution there said to update your drivers. So, I went to control panel etc and updated drivers. It said my display driver had the newest driver available. So then I went to the INTEL support website (google it) and went through their automatic driver update and voila it had a newer update available for my Intel graphics display driver. I downloaded, figured it was fixed and bought the game.

Alas, it is not and I can play a max of a few minutes before it freezes up the entire computer. It is totally random. At first it happened every 15-20 of game time. Reboot and continue game. I have decided that I can not abuse my poor ole computer this way.

The only other solutions listed when I searched were either buy a entire new computer (NOT happening this year!) or to buy a new graphics video card (prolly not happening either lol!)

This game is D.O.A. in my computer.

Has anyone else found any other alternate possibilities or solutions? (hint hint tech support lol)
 posted in County Fair on Dec 17, 08 6:37 AM
Has anyone else had the video display freeze problem? I have a fairly new (one-2 years old or so) computer Windows XP and the game freezes at random times stating it is a display problem. Then I have to shut down and restart the entire computer. I would like to purchase this game but I'm afraid I'll never finish it. I see some others have the same problem (stated on the other thread).
Is there an easy fix? I would LOVE to own a county fair lol!
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