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 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Mar 29, 10 3:33 PM
it aint fixed yet...i thought it was ok, i uninstalled and reinstalled and i still cant make irons...i click and nothing happens
 posted in Annie's Millions on Mar 28, 10 9:55 PM
u know what? i totally agree the time trial is almost enough time....i just listened to my radio program and played this game... on another site i subscribe to ...i am truly happy i didnt buy annie's millions outright my program is 2 hours long and i got up a few times to make a meal for myself...i finished just as my radio show ended thats one short game, lol
 posted in Incredible Express on Mar 28, 10 8:30 PM
indigo_ladybug wrote:Same cow issues, another buggy game.

And I'm sorry, but the old thing about updating files? please. That's usually the excuse given, well, my files ARE up to date, and hey, look, the cow still won't fly.

The problem is lack of testing by DIFFERENT people. 5-6 people (or probably more) cannot all have old out of date files.

It looked like a fun game, but with the bugs? nah. thats why I cancelled my subscription to BF. Too many bugs.

u know what? is the best on the internet and as for the bugs, so what if they r there, thats what the trial is for and they iron out all the kinks eventually anyway...i buy buggy games and all i have to do is wait minute and the game is fine, plus the customer service is top rated and they never disappoint...i really get ticked off when someone has to be public about cancelling...geeeeeeez
 posted in Alice's Tea Cup Madness on Mar 27, 10 4:30 PM
NancyKie wrote:I finally figured it out! You do NOT serve the Cheshire Cats! When he gets really angry, he tries to "steal" his order and starts jumping around. You click on him until he disappears and are rewarded with 2,000 points for each Cat you get rid of (rather than 100 points if you seat him)!

Other than that, be sure to match the rest of the customers to their same color seats and you're good to go!

all i have to say is that is a brilliant TM move, ty for the tip about the cats
 posted in Happyville on Mar 27, 10 4:08 PM
i played for about 5 minutes and i ran into a problem...i cant click on the buildings or all the other problems im reading about im glad i stopped in here because im known for buying a game just because its a TM ill just keep it in my manager until i see an update it looks like fun and i cant wait to play it
 posted in Potion Bar on Mar 12, 10 8:44 PM
arlo0102 wrote:I download this game from Bigfish and got the too small screen so I downloaded from Iwin and that screen is way too big.

im sorry but i had to say that this single sentence has made my whole day. i actually "lol'd"
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age on Mar 12, 10 10:21 AM
mmm ty so much!
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age on Mar 12, 10 1:52 AM
im having a hard time passing lvl 76 i seem to do it perfect right to the last penny spent but when i get my 6 tusks, do i keep farming them or maybe buy only 1 i tried with 2 then 3 and i never can get enough to get a mammoth in time to make at least silver....i dont even have a check thru it oh and i wait until the bears drop at about 58 seconds in/dress n sell them, still i dont really know where to go from there...
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age on Mar 10, 10 6:32 PM
lets go crazy and farm aliens!
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 7, 10 7:16 PM
it takes alot of memory if ur the type of gamer i am and have like 120 games downloaded i ended up buying more space from my norton antivirus people this game is like just under 800 MB and an average game (like diner dash) is like 9MB
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 7, 10 7:08 PM
i figured out what i did wrong..i charged too much to get in, i had it at 10 i just decided to go to 0 and i got people and i went up 1 at a time, i think at that time i couldnt go higher than 3 but at the same time, when i double click the gate it still always says "now closed" but at least im gettin money
 posted in Circus Empire on Mar 2, 10 11:08 PM
i get people coming to the circus, but i cant get the front gate to say "open" and it shows zero for all people and my stalls arent making do i get the closed sign to say open....the gates themselves open and close....
 posted in Youda Fairy on Feb 25, 10 2:53 AM
wow all i can say is ZZZZzzzZzzzzzzzZZ i uninstalled i was excited about seeing "youda" but the game itself i give
 posted in Aveyond: The Lost Orb on Feb 15, 10 12:52 AM
can someone out there tell me the order of the aveyond series? i think im on the 2nd one....but i now bought the 5th one today and i want to go thru the whole has been awhile since i played thank goodness for that 30% off BFG rocks!
 posted in Tourist Trap: Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations on Feb 8, 10 12:53 PM
i wish i had a problem with this going to kick myself in the u know what for a long time for using a credit to buy it
 posted in Tourist Trap: Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations on Feb 8, 10 12:47 PM
OMG i feel soooooooooo stupid having bought this game. i finished it in 2 1/2 hours i couldnt have been more disappointed, this game is basically 1 level. u work on 1 town, have a few "goals" and when u think it is finally going to go ends


they should change the name to "Sucker Trap"

*i realize this thread is "1st thoughts" well, the entire game only has enough room for a 1st thought, once u get to thinking, its over
 posted in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure™ on Feb 1, 10 9:55 AM
im wondering..."am i in the right forum?" this game stinks, lol it is kind of neat with the building and finding herbs and such but i cant make a potion, i guess i need help with that, it is hard to navigate the island i absolutely love repetition but this one just doesnt have the excitement i find in TM games. i dont know ill keep playing thru maybe i will like it better after a few more levels...but now back to the real reason i came to the do i make a potion? thx
 posted in Alice's Tea Cup Madness on Jan 29, 10 1:02 AM
i have tried and tried and tried but cannot get expert on 64 the highest i got was just a little over 30k but i need 35k to get the gold i have tried doing the 4 at a time, then noticed the pattern when using three, i even got the purple and yellow guys (which seem like a bonus because they ask for dessert) and i still fall short by the thousands,....has anyone gotten gold on this one? tell me how u did it thx
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Jan 12, 10 9:47 AM

I HATE LEVEL 60!!!!!!!!!

it is the only one i cant get gold on, i follow the walk thru but i cant seem to make tired now
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Jan 12, 10 4:34 AM
for lvl 89 u can get trophy for no product/no bear AND the trophy for not hitting bear the blog walkthru tells u u can get either one, it said u wont get both...i did the level for shortest time completed then did it again to get a trophy and ended up getting BOTH i just had to say that because i dont have to do it a third time lol
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