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 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 12:28 PM
It does seem like the location of all morphs would be shown in the Strategy Guide, so I'm inclined to think you're probably right. I know that's not a lot of people's preference, but it's mine, so that's actually a plus for me.

Hopefully we'll both find some time for gaming this w/e...I've got several games going myself right now, none of them close to completion.

Thanks again for getting back, & especially so quickly.
 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 11:13 AM
Based on what I'm guessing was most of the demo (one SPOILER included):

This demo was ruined for me by a preponderance of mini-games that I would never describe as puzzles, since they consisted almost entirely of the reflex/timing & enter the given information varieties.

By the time I (SPOILER) had defeated the giant carnivorous plant, I had simply lost interest. More investment in the storyline & less in clutter would be my advice to the devs; if you don't hook me in the demo, you never will.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 9:59 AM
Thanks, pennmom, I appreciate the quick response! I noticed the other review is based on the completed game, so maybe there's morphs outside of the HOPs after the demo? (As you can tell, I haven't had time to play it yet. )

Hope you're enjoying your w/e.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 9:19 AM
I see two reviews on the sales page at present, one of which states that morphs are found both in & out of HOPs, & one of which states they're found in HOPs only. Can anyone clarify which description is accurate? Thanks!
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 4:33 PM
...or an improvised fishing pole (3 pieces), a broken pliers (3 pieces), etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately, most HOPA games would be about an hour long at that point.
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 6:08 AM
Couldn't find the screw to attach the two halves of the wrench.
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 18 10:45 AM
Thanks, Vincent_1234!
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 21, 18 10:44 AM
Thanks, nypitterpat & Majestyx12! I agree, someone slipped up.
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 18 3:47 PM
I know Big Fish adds a Strategy Guide, & the replay of HOPs & mini-games may also be added, as I've not seen it mentioned in the sales media for the original release (on a different site).

I see no reason to think the content of the game itself has been altered, but at the same time, can't claim to know that either way. As you suggest, perhaps a Mod could pop in to speak to these things. (I also posted a question as to whether or not this CE includes a Bonus Chapter, hopefully that question will be answered as well.)
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 18 3:33 PM
While I've seen one review that states that it does, the sales media doesn't mention one...& to the best of my knowledge, the sales media ALWAYS says, "Do yada yada yada in the Bonus Chapter!" when one is included.

Can anyone speak to this apparent discrepancy? If there's a BC included, the sales media s/b modified to reflect that.
 posted in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 18 11:50 AM
The games in the Lost Grimoires series have always been offered on another site prior to being offered at Big Fish. My guess would be that as the publisher, it has to do w/ Artifex Mundi's agreements w/ BFG & the other site.

ETA for clarification: The devs for this series are World-Loom; Artifex Mundi is the publisher.
According to what I had left of my demo time when I exited the game & deleted, I lasted fifteen minutes. During that time, I was presented w/ two mini-games, both of which involved playing three iterations of the same puzzle. In both instances, by the time I got to the third iteration, I skipped, because . I don't think I encountered a HOP during that time. The graphics were okay, not great, but not terrible. The storyline had the earmarks of being an involved one, given the amount of notes I'd found & read at that point. While I didn't last long enough to obtain any myself, I see from reading reviews on the sales page that we somehow acquire strange powers. O.O Nothing especially wrong w/ that, depending on how it's utilized, but it's one among many things that I'm starting to find kind of tiresome...oh look, I morphed into a super-being, oh look at this dandy magical amulet, oh look, I fed this small animal & it morphed into Lassie. Nothing against anyone who enjoys these things, & I can live w/ them myself if a game wows me in some way, but this one just didn't. I do, however, recommend the Endless Fables CEs from these same devs (Sunward). Happy gaming, all.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition on Jan 25, 18 8:25 AM
I've used a previous day's code as late as 10pm Pacific time when the fact that it was still working had likewise been indicated in the forums. Maybe BFG makes their decision on how quickly to pull a code based on initial/projected sales? Either way, I doubt BJT006's mention of it had anything to do w/ when the code was deactivated, as I doubt the people responsible could be that slipshod & keep their jobs.
 posted in Phantasmat: Curse of the Mist on Jan 24, 18 3:31 PM
cathybobcat, all I can offer in answer to your question is that some games show up as the Daily Deal after about a year, but I think w/ games from the larger devs, it generally takes longer. (I have no idea how long it takes for a game to be offered as the Catch of the Week.)

We do get sales every time we turn around, though, so there's that.
 posted in Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel on Jan 23, 18 7:39 PM
Update: Having now completed the game, I thoroughly enjoyed most aspects. It's worth noting that some of the mini-games involved a degree of "by guess & by gosh" solving, but I was able to solve them all, so they're definitely doable if you have the patience for that sort of thing. I was also able to work all the FROGs w/o having to use any hints, although there is the occasional tiny fragment to find.

The only real source of aggravation for me was the map, which made getting around much more difficult than it needed to be. You can use the hint to transport, & in future I'll do that, but the first time I play a DP game, I like to challenge myself to complete it w/o using the hint at all, so that wasn't an option this time.

With the above caveats thus given, I highly recommend doing the demo, & seeing what you's fairly representative of the game overall, so you should have no problem knowing if you'll like the game or not, based on it. Happy gaming, all.
About all I found to like about this demo was some of the graphics (the owl or baby griffin or whatever it is you feed berries to is really cute, the evil giant inspires sufficient dismay, etc.), as well as one HOP & one mini-game. There are only two HOPs I distinctly recall (there could be more I've forgotten), & the one where you place items in the scene was too easy for my taste. The majority of the mini-games were varieties I don't enjoy, though I did enjoy solving (SPOILER ALERT) a fairly large vertical jigsaw puzzle that requires you to pan up & down to insert the pieces (they don't need to be rotated, so that kept it from tipping over into the annoying category for me). The storyline, as others have pointed out, is ???, as is New Age Nanny's half mummy, half pincushion headdress, but I could overlook those things if the gameplay had been more to my liking. Lastly, the collectibles in this game are virtually nonexistent, & no attempt whatsoever is made to make them at all challenging to find; they're just sitting/lying there in plain view. If I liked the gameplay better, I'd revisit this as an SE, but as it stands, I'm not motivated to do that. To all who find this game more to their liking, enjoy.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Lost Paradise on Jan 23, 18 1:09 PM
Based on the completed game: Over the past 2-3 months, I've started playing more of the HE games, & this one was one of my favorites, along w/ Eternal Emperor. I purchased it as a CE & am glad I did, as the extras were definitely worth it in my opinion, but even as an SE, I consider this a stand out game. I definitely recommend doing the demo, & seeing what you think. Happy gaming, all.
 posted in Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel on Jan 23, 18 12:48 PM
Based on the demo: I'm typing this as the game is downloading after purchasing, so obviously the demo made a sufficiently good impression on me. My playtime was 82 minutes, & I estimate only about 5 of that was wasted trying to figure out how to get where I was trying to go (the map is pretty much useless in that regard, though it does show active areas). So far, there's been a nice balance of FROGs & mini-games, & I've been enjoying both. The FROGs are loaded w/ glitz, as is typical for BT's rendition of this series; the mini-games have been varied & fun. The storyline seems fine, & some interesting characters have been introduced that I find myself wanting to know more about. As far as some criticisms I've read about the various inventory items all looking alike, I personally have had no trouble so far telling them apart. If the remainder of the game doesn't hold up to the standard of the demo, I'll be back to say that , but so far, so good.
 posted in Phantasmat: Curse of the Mist on Jan 22, 18 11:42 PM

Based on the completed game: Like pennmom, I also purchased the CE edition of this game. I played it through immediately, as the demo had left me expecting a real treat. I was so certain of this, I had begun writing the outline of my review while waiting for the game to download after purchasing it, wherein I fully expected to rate the game four stars. Unfortunately, this game was such a let down that I wound up rating it just two stars for a variety of reasons, one of which was the length (or rather, lack of length) of the main game. My total playtime was between 2.5-3 hours, including the time spent playing the demo, which for me is simply too short for a HOPA SE. If the game had wowed me in other respects, I'd rate it three stars w/ a caution, but it didn't. The turn the storyline takes after the demo changes it from something both exciting & intriguing to something utterly prosaic, which wasn't at all what I expected. The HOPs, for the most part, are moderately interactive lists, although there are two which involve finding morphing objects. The range of difficulty of the mini-games was a weak point for me, as it leaned toward the easier end of the spectrum, but for those who aren't keen on mini-games, I suppose that would be a plus. The game's best graphics are seen in the demo; beyond that, they're frequently below the level of what I've come to expect from this dev.

The impression I came away w/ was of a game produced on a limited budget within a limited timeframe, as this dev usually does much better. I don't recommend it, but if you do buy it, I'd suggest either getting it on sale or waiting for it to show up as the Daily Deal or the Catch of the Week.
 posted in Myths of the World: Bound by the Stone on Jan 22, 18 4:18 PM
Based on the completed game: I actually enjoyed the demo for this game (CE version) enough to purchase it despite knowing in advance that there was a recurring mini-game in it that was going to be a problem for me, due to the way it was presented. Unfortunately, the game failed to hold my interest over the long haul; it took me quite a while to finish it, & I did so w/o much enthusiasm. This was probably due at least in part to my not being able to play that mini-game, but even w/ that taken into consideration, it made so little impression on me that I don't even remember how it ended. As a Daily Deal, it's probably alright, but I would definitely do the demo first to check out that mini-game, as it involves wobbling figures displayed against a rotating background, which is why I couldn't play it; it was hard enough on my eyes that it made me headachy. O.O
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