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I'm sorry to see this series is going HOG, too! What a waste of a good game. I guess they figure it's not worth the price to continue the original format. Arrrggggggghhhhhh!!! This is a "no buy" for me. I need a good large file game and soon. A sista is going crazy! LOL
 posted in Art of Murder: Secret Files on Apr 13, 11 12:38 AM
I won't be buying this one either. Sad to see they've turned this series into a HOG. What a waste!!!
 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life on Apr 11, 11 4:41 PM
What I played of this game was good. However the frequent glitches were too much to handle because you'd have to start from the beginning. After having that happening twice, I decided to throw in the towel and ask for a game credit. Hopefully this can be fixed one day. Until then, I'm kissing this game goodbye! LOL
 posted in Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets on Apr 5, 11 7:09 AM
Brina, I'm not even gonna bother with the demo. As soon as I saw it was made like a HOG, I said- no way! The previous games were great. This one looks like it's bad...LOL
 posted in Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets on Apr 5, 11 5:33 AM
I won't even bother trying the demo for this game since it's been turned into a HOG- very disappointing for a game whose previous releases were all large file with voice- acting. I'm sorry the developers gave in to the HOG craze, they had a good thing going until now
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 24, 10 10:56 AM
It was a great game .
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Oct 23, 10 10:04 PM
I just kept trying to hit the largest numbers so my opponent could not claim them. It took me a few tries to win. Good luck!
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town on Oct 22, 10 7:12 PM
I just noticed that it's TGT....LOL. How could I have missed that? I'm gonna download it now. It looks like a good game. I never played the CE demo.
 posted in NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye on Oct 22, 10 2:56 PM
You're welcome and I hope that the walkthrough is of some help I've never played the game so I have no idea what the problem could be, sorry.
 posted in NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye on Oct 22, 10 1:25 PM
jammer333 wrote:will not advance after finishing the letter from Sophia with SILENCE as the verticle word....
have let time run out /re tried etc. and is still stuck I doing something wrong or is this a glitch???

I have not played this game and there's no walkthrough for it on BFG. However, I did a google search for the walkthrough and there's one on another website. I'll PM you the name of the website that has the walkthrough. If you think the game is having a technical issue, you can contact CS by clicking the "Help" button in the upper right-hand corner of this webpage. Good luck!
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 22, 10 1:17 PM
lou859 wrote:I am stuck at the first of the game. HELP I can't find the hint button.

Hi Lou! Try moving your cursor to the lower right corner. The hint button should appear then.
 posted in Marine Park Empire on Oct 21, 10 8:02 PM
I'm sorry but I haven't played this game. You can google a walkthrough for the game. I'm posting to bump your thread in the hopes that someone can help you.
 posted in Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon on Oct 16, 10 12:56 PM
I had no idea this game had been removed. I bought it over a year ago and did not finish it so I uninstalled with plans to finish at a later date.
bowlstrikes wrote:have the hair on puzzle. what do I do next

I played this game a while ago. Don't remember what to do next, however there is a walkthrough available to help you. Good luck! Also, I hope you give EAP The Black Cat a try . That was a great game.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 11, 10 10:39 AM
I just bought this game. I played the demo a few months back when I was really into RPGs. I'm finding that my gaming palette changes often...LOL
 posted in Sherlock Holmes VS Arsene Lupin on Oct 9, 10 9:31 AM
dewieee wrote:Why is this being released as if it is new? Have I missed something?

I don't know what happened. I saw it several days ago when someone posted in the forums and brought it to the first page. It was released in September. It's confusing...LOL
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Oct 8, 10 3:31 PM
I agree with Goofyduck77's review. I bought it after 30 minutes of playing...LOL
 posted in Rainblood: Town of Death on Oct 5, 10 6:21 AM
I'm downloading this game now. I've seen it on another site and thought about buying it. Since BFG has it, I can try the hour demo. I love a good RPG.
 posted in Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery on Sep 27, 10 3:10 PM
Hello Roseann, sorry to see that you feel that way. BFG always has something for everyone. This game wasn't my cup of tea either and thank goodness for hour demos . There are walkthroughs on this site for many games. I hope this helps.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Sep 16, 10 4:56 PM
The combination is 2641.
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