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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 16, 18 1:47 PM
He is adorable - I need to come up with a good name for him. Every pet needs a name. Too bad we can't put name tags on them so when other folks see them in our private rooms they will know what to call them when they say hello.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 16, 18 1:44 PM
LOL, I know what you mean. I've been a bit worried about that myself. But at least we no longer have to worry about being trapped and tossed in boiling water. (I was a nervous lobster)
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Annelliegram wrote:He's a MC critter .... just like Humpty Dumpty (sorry..... tired and a little punchy)

LOL, I hear ya! was wondering if anyone had figured out how they came up with him. Maybe he came out of the Overgrown Pond critter breeding program when the monkey was in charge.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 3:52 PM
I'm confused.

I love my Woolly Paws but does anyone know what kind of critter he is?

Thanx, Cindykat325, human avatar for Kattlyn Raven
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 3:43 PM
I'm at level 76 and have never spent a dime of real life money. not in the budget

I agree with Playingthegame. Play the puzzles. Pick rewards that keep the coins and diamonds in the 1st 2 slots. Play only the Free chances to get the diamonds and run...

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 10:45 AM
Awwwww so sorry for your loss but so happy for your new furry friend!!!! Fingers crossed your new baby will comfort you all!!!
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I've seen this as well. I think it is a similar situation to friend wish lists.

While I am not certain of the cause - there are 2 possibilities that come to mind:

If your connection to the MC server fluxes while you are in the room...
Or if your friend is doing their own rooms and jumps between SR 1 & SR 2 at the same time you're in there...

just my 2 cents
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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 8:44 AM
PTG, obviously deciding that since he is the Chief Sweeper Upper he really should clean up his mess, coaxes his broom out of his pocket and they clean up the broken bowls and spilled milk. I place his tea on a table and turn to the awfully quiet room. "I made a lovely Pavlova to celebrate the wonderful job the gnome builders did on the new beverage bar. Although, I do apologize to my Aussie friends. I have yet to find passion fruit in the HOS's so I settled on a summer berry theme this time. While Mrs Fletcher did let me in on a few of the favorites, please feel free to let me know of any likes/dislikes and I'll see what I can do. If someone will let me know when Grim awakens I'd appreciate it as I am baking a carrot cake just for her. Oh, I almost forgot... the gnome builders found a bunch of bits and bob's when they tore out the old bar. I figure most of it belongs to you folks. The box is by the door if you want to take a look."

Hello Roo, of course you can use the old laundry room to make Grim comfy! Don't forget to come back for some Pavlova when she is settled.

...As I start passing out the Pavlova I notice my hands are almost back to normal and I can't see Becki as well as I did before. I must be reverting back to human female from whatever I was, Phew!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 8:42 AM
Oh dear, my regular customers have arrived and immediately chaos ensues. There is a clatter of displaced milk bowls, flying fur and fangs, yelling, snarling and bellowing. Sigh, Mrs Fletcher did warn me...

After the worst of the chaos, PTG approaches to introduces himself and, very sweetly, asks for the tea Mrs Fletcher kept in stock for him. (Hong Cha, which some folks call Red tea but is actually one of the versions of a proper Chinese Black.)

I take a deep breath and say, just as sweetly, "Do I know how to infuse tea?"

As I continue even I can hear the outrage creeping into my voice, "Take a look around you Mr Cap'n Bob's deputy. Have I not designed a perfect combination tea and coffee bar? Becki, our Barista, can concoct anything originating with the humble coffee bean from military field coffee to the fanciest stuff you can think of. I can infuse anything, tea or tisane, from a tea bag to a proper Chinese tea ceremony."

It's then I realize that the wariness on PTG's face isn't just due to the pitch of my voice. The cup on the counter is vibrating and his broom, which a few minutes ago was in full battle mode, has beat a hasty retreat. Becki, who I seem to be able to see now - how did that happen, is smirking and the rest of the tea room regulars have gone very quite. Big Kitty is the only one who seems to have actually relaxed.
I reach out for the cup, is that fur on my hands? My fingers seem to be a little shorter than they should be and my nails longer and sharper. Ummm, what's the deal here? I glance at the cabinet nearby with the glass door. The eyes that look back have slits for pupils and my face looks odd. UH OH, I shouldn't have played with that magic wand I found while foraging in the HOS's!!! It seems that spell back-fired! Now when I get angry I get more feline than is normal for a human female...weeeeellll, I think to myself, I could put this to good use.

I give PTG a feral smile, pick up the cup, carefully as I'm not sure how dexterous my feline-ish fingers are, and infuse a perfect hong cha. "Now, Mr deputy, if you want your hong cha I suggest you and that errant broom of yours clean up the mess you made."

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 11, 18 4:05 PM
While Charlie is seeing to our fuzzy guests I get a message from some old friends. Marino & Janet would be happy to look after the "farm", provide meat and make butter and cheese for the tea house. Wonderful!

The Coffee/Tea Bar is done. The pens and coops are finished. Even the Gnome size dining room is complete!

Henry and I have come to terms on the ice and storage issues.

We are stocked and ready for customers!!!! I'm so excited!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 9, 18 7:11 PM
Oh wonderful, thank you Charlie! I was planning to hire an expert since the last thing I want to do is feed customers bad food. I'll find someone to handle the critters. Even found a couple sheep in the Chapel too.

I'm with you on the spiders but I've heard a lot of folks like them. Snails - I'll cook but will not eat. Never been a fan.

I was thinking about storage issues. I'm thinking of discussing renting out Henry's old store for a freezer, and using my Christmas room 1 for a refrigerator.

Once I have the logistics all taken care of, I thought I make a lovely Pavlova for a treat.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 9, 18 2:10 PM
A pigeon swoops through the open window with a message about pigs, cows, camels and monkeys. I'm shocked, who would be sending me a message? Charlie looks at the note. Oh that's from PTG's Fairy Godmother she says. WOW, I'm honored! Let see what it says!!! Hmmmm, pigs in the Battle Pit. I'm at 74 so it the Armory for me now but I'm sure I could trade with someone at a lower level. I only need a few to get a little pig farm going. (Out in the hills, not right out in back of the tea house.) I could do the same with camels. I know I can get the occasional steak from the interrogation room and there is that roast of something the raccoon is cooking in the gnome kitchen too. Charlie seem very upset about the monkey idea. Don't worry I tell her, I don't think I could cook monkey anyway...too much like human. But I will fry up those nasty spiders and make escargot out of all of the snails infesting the place. A lot of bats about too but I think the local vampires miiiight just have issues if I start cooking them up.

Lions? What did you say Charlie? A pride of lions need a home? What about that lovely green area in Atlantis by the Watery Bridge? It's remote so they can have a nice peaceful place when not helping around the Castle.

A gnome I haven't met pop's up in front of me. Goodness, I knew they changed height when needed but actually seeing one pop up to human height right in front of me was a bit of a shock. He brings me wonderful news! I don't have to feed my customers steak from the interrogation room! (What a relief, I was a bit worried about the freshness of that.) Cows and Pigs - Oh thank you so much!! You know your folks are welcome here too. I could even set up a dining room at normal Gnome size if you like. He seems startled at that suggestion and mumbles that he will pass my offer on to his leader. When he explains about the Lion's den I think that's a wonderful solution. especially with the charmed gate that would prevent those pesky kids and always inquisitive MC players from stumbling in to become a snack.

I love it when problems can be solved so easily. And here I thought I was going to have to learn how to use that magic wand I found in the Potion Shop. Phew, what a relief! I think I might be a bit dangerous with that thing!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 9, 18 6:32 AM
As I sit for a short break with Charlie, I watch the Gnome builders working on the new dual coffee/tea bar. I think Caffeine Bar might be a better label for it. Becki the ghost barista looks positively cheerful. I'm glad to be able to provide her with purpose again. And REALLY glad she is willing to take over the coffee end of things, which I know next to nothing about.

The construction supervisor walks over...

"We are finding all kinds of weird items while pulling out the old bar." he says "What do you want us to do with them?" He shows me some dusty feathers, a pretty brooch, a stick of dynamite, several ornaments and various other odd bits. I ask him to toss everything in a box for now. I'm sure the stuff belongs to the regulars. I'll leave the box out for them to look through when they come in. "Oh, by the way" I say, "Do you think you can pop a chicken coop out back? There are a lot of chicks around and If I catch some I'll have eggs and chicken for the menu." "Sure, that's easy he says."

We negotiate price and he goes back to his crew.

I chat with Charlie hoping for insight into what the regulars like to eat. There are a lot of veggies available for harvesting locally, gotta love those ever refreshing HOS's. I can get a nice assortments of fruits and nuts too. Although no peanuts, I have been considering the potential of acorn butter as a replacement for peanut butter. Fresh seafood is also plentiful. It's meat I'm having trouble finding. With the chicken coop I'll be able to maintain a supply of both chickens and eggs. That will help. But cows and piggy's are going to be a problem. I wonder how camel tastes...hmmmmm.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 7, 18 5:54 AM
Hi Susie,

I have only 1 game myself. NO IDEA how you folks keep up with multiple games LOL
I'll "see" you (Navy Blue) around the castle.

cindykat325, human avatar for Kattlyn Raven
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 7:21 PM
LOL, I just asked Silver_Hawk that question the other day. It's by ID number... the problem is it gets messed up if you open the private rooms right after gifting.

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it's the crying and bodily fluids that bother me.

Crying ... OMG Where are my noise canceling headphones!!!!

Fluids from either end... Okay well I'll just join you and toss my cookies from the smell...


I got out of it. Dad's from Italy and Mom is Irish decent, so lots of cousins, but the timing for my brother and I was a little off. We ended up too little for most and then off into the world for the next batch.

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mdpetdoc wrote:
Thanks. I am in the habit of looking away and have been for 30 years. Do you know what refresh rate is most helpful? I've not had any problems with any of the other MC HOS.

The rule of thumb I've found in my PC Travels is the higher the refresh rate the better. But it depends on the monitor and your particular eye/brain coordination. Some folks have issues at the higher refresh - others it works great. The only thing I can tell you is, see what you have and try alternatives.

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Sorry mdpetdoc,

I don't have the problem.

I play games like MC instead of the popular 1st person shooter games because those trigger my motion sickness, but I've never had any trouble with the MC rooms or HOS's.

As a person who works on computers every day (I would estimate at least 12 + hours a day between work and personal machines), I would suggest looking something a considerable distance from your computer screen, often. It helps your eyes to refocus. Also check your refresh rate. Some people find the refresh rate of the screen to be a significant factor in eye strain.

I hope that helps!
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I can't deal with kids.
My brother and sister-in-law didn't even ask me to watch the nieces for an hour until they were out of diapers! Now I watch them often but they are older, 1 even plays MC occasionally. My brothers wife passed away from Cancer (Amyloidosys) 5 or 6 years ago. He will be remarrying in August. The girls love his fiancee and her 2 kids so, hopefully, all will be well in the world and I can get a 2nd job after the wedding, LOL
I'm so glad there are folks out there that can handle the little rugrats...I mean lovely little children. More power to you!!!!!!

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