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 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 10:01 PM
nextgengranny wrote:
marijkee123 wrote:Hey this is a realy good game for me. Love it. Some do some do not. Please stop telling us that the games are boring. You maybe should find another platform. Big Fish is trying to keep us all satisfied. We are Big Fish aren't we and just try to keep it that way. Love this game

I think it's great that you love this game. Others do not, & their opinions are equally valid, as is their right to tell the devs why they don't like it. Just sayin'.

Everyone, indeed has a right to express their opinion and views of this game and any other game....whether they absolutely love it...or feel it's a "bore" or whatever else they may think and want to say about it. The opinions of others is what we look for when we are reading these reviews. This is the right platform. It would be mighty "boring" if everyone had the same opinions about everything all the time.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 3:14 PM
If you are talking about freeing the woman who is on the tree with a mask on her face, you have to use a wrench from your inventory to do it.....doesn't make sense, but that's what I did and it worked to release her.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 10:33 AM
Could not endure the entire demo....made it up to a little past the glowing hand and that was all for me. I'm surprised I lasted that long. Often times you know right away whether you like something or not and I didn't from the beginning of the mundane, boring play, as well as the story. Graphics are a cartoon with never ending juvenile inventory activities to match...finding a piece of cloth, needle and thread, so you can sew...calming a horse with sugar cubes...finding all kinds of parts for a smoker to rid the bees....have to sharpen the hatchet, so you can chop....have to extinguish a fire, but first have to find everything necessary to do it.....constructing a cross bow with arrow...on and've done all this so many times before...even a young person would be unentertained by it. I should have exited this demo while in the hos when I HAD to paint some contraption by paint colors. It was like being in first grade.

As usual, there are more puzzles than hos, which I skipped There is no replay for puzzles (only hos)...another CE withholding for those who enjoy puzzles. It's always something they don't want to give you for your CE price. You have swirls to collect and some morphs (with an indicator by the inventory) big deal.

This one belongs in orbit.

 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies Collector's Edition on Mar 27, 18 2:21 PM
Not much of a demo. Other than the graphics being attractive and colorful, there is nothing really worth saying about it. It is a Saturday morning cartoon special. Completely ridiculous. Instead of having an animal helper you have a Druid nice. This is a juvenile game to say the least.

The worst part of this is that unless you like a BC, there is absolutely nothing that warrants this to be CE worthy. If I hadn't read what the collectibles were in another post I would not have known because the instructions were so lacking in the demo about it. So you have a few hearts to collect, that you do absolutely nothing with. I totally lost interest in even looking for them. There were some morphs that I saw, but no beasts that I could tired of clicking on everything that looked like one and wasn't. I couldn't even find the SG. In your Extras(?) you have a Beastiary area...there are not many to collect, I don't think. There are achievements and the usual wallpapers, concept art....that's it, folks. No replay of any hos or puzzles. What is the point? There is nothing offered here. This was poorly put together and very lacking...and a waste of money for a CE.

 posted in Haunted Legends: Monstrous Alchemy Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 18 2:52 PM
The graphics are very well done, creating an attractive and comfortable ambience to the game. Even though the scenes are dark, there is a clarity and definition to them making it easy to see. They are quite impressive. This definitely has a real atmosphere to it. The effects of bats and creatures jumping out at you sometimes is an appealing addition to its creativity, also.

BUT...there are way too many mini games. I felt like I was spending all of my time either doing them or skipping them. It imbalances gameplay and is very annoying and a detriment to my buying a game. The hos were very unimpressive. Storybook, finding pictures to match words (isn't this tiring?), one that had an aggravating shaking in it (someone trying to be rescued from a crate)...and a mini, one of those was finding 5 spoons (is that supposed to be serious?)...finding pairs in exciting. Too bad there isn't more effort put into hos like they do for puzzles. Wishful thinking.

You also have the option to find out more from the conversations or not, which is convenient....and you are given an option to see your stats in the hos, which I don't care anything about and checked not to show again. It is an annoyance turning a hos into a contest....just another game.

Indicates in the Extras that there are 12 mini games....15 hos...both re playable. I am not fooled by this number whatsoever, as there were about that many mini games in the demo. They are always playing games with the numbers of puzzles.

What makes this CE worthy? Not much. You collect crystal apples which look more like balls, and I wasn't very interested in even finding them because all they are good for is buying costumes for 3 mannequins. No big deal and is boring. There surely was a big room for improvement in the Extras in this. It is as though they didn't have much of an interest in this area. That is evident....and a let down.

Aside from having a bonus chapter, which I have no idea one has posted anything about it here in these forums...I don't think this is CE material whatsoever. I will wait for the SE to come out to look at a walkthrough to see if there are more puzzles than anything else in this game.

 posted in Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire on Mar 23, 18 3:46 PM
Too many puzzles, sometimes one right after another and mixing of potions. There are more puzzles than hos. I did not find them to be of an even number whatsoever. The hos I came across were mediocre, some interactive, some mini, as well as story book type, which I hate.

You are doing the same things over and over again and it is monotonous. Don't care to be spending time mixing potions which are puzzles in themselves...and then having to encounter so many other mini games with a few hos thrown in....and also the collecting of numerous inventory, putting things know the particulars well.

Although, most scenes are of the same color hues of blues, greens, and purples, the graphics are pleasant and fairly well done. It is about the only positive I can say, as the gameplay, story, and activities are much the same as the other games in this series.

 posted in Immortal Love: Black Lotus Collector's Edition on Mar 23, 18 11:05 AM
Was not "Wowed" by this demo which I used up most of the time in. Graphics were very good in most and warm colors. Scrolling scene was nicely done. Beautiful lotus flowers. Story is interesting, but gets diverted by the numerous tasks at times. One noteworthy aspect about the games by this developer is that they make player friendly games that are relaxing and not trying on your nerves and blood pressure.

There is a replay of hos and puzzles, but the amount is locked....a tactic of "buy before you try" manipulation. I like to know how many there are beforehand. Withholding this info leads me to wonder if there are not repeated hos and not that many of them as well.

As usual, the puzzles outnumber the hos, whether you think they are easy or not. How about that bubble one in the beginning of the game? Didn't you like that? I thought you much thought and creativity went into that one. You will want to replay that one over and over again.

I came across only 3 hos...somewhat interactive. Not much effort or interest was put into these at all, particularly the 3rd one which was so washed out in colors, it was pathetic. It's as though they just threw a few hos in because they had to.

There are 68 Phoenix collectibles (yes, that's all). Good luck finding them because although they are not small, they blend in with the scenes so well that they are difficult to see. It was why I took almost the whole 90 minutes for this demo....trying to find birds!? There is a lotus tab towards the upper left portion of your screen to indicate if there are any to find in a scene, but not how many you have found or how many there are. There are also 28 achievements (and the usual). Not impressive.

Except for a bonus chapter, I do not see where this is CE worthy, however compared to the inferior quality of many games being released for far too long, I think this one is above the caliber of those. It isn't great, but not bad and I may decide to buy at a good sale price or decide to wait for the SE. I own the other ones in this series in the SE.
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7 on Mar 22, 18 3:55 PM
Well, there isn't much more to say about this game that hasn't already been said. It's like if you've played one, you've played them all because they are so much alike. BUT it is a delight to have another edition.

I, too, own every one of these games. I like CW and VA Cruise Director better than Park Rangers, but am happy to see this release. There is something for everyone in these games, and it is a wonderful family game....or to just play on your own, as I do. It is very relaxing. It is a breath of fresh air~

I will be waiting for a sale to buy this one~
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7 on Mar 22, 18 3:45 PM
Valkara wrote:Heh, I notice the family has been wearing the same clothing for years now, and nobody ages.

Oh, well... at least this time the mom won't be walking around in a t-shirt and sandals in the middle of winter with ice and snow on the ground like she did in the last Christmas Wonderland game (part of which was spent at Pinecreek Hills).

It's one of the great things about these games....nobody ages. And it is true about them wearing summer clothes in the winter....a good observation...and funny, too.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector's Edition on Mar 22, 18 3:33 PM
MissAbby wrote:

PS: When is Big Fish going to make this a true REVIEW thread? I had to wade through numerous comments and some ongoing conversations before I could actually find a real review! I figured it would be alright to ask this question here because it is related to Reviews and there was so many other posts here that weren't! Just sayin!

I totally agree. It is very annoying to come to the review forums and expect to read reviews and instead encounter nonsense that has nothing to do with reviews, which is what most of the posts are here. It's a waste of time. How about starting a separate thread? It would be considerate.

 posted in Immortal Love: Black Lotus Collector's Edition on Mar 22, 18 11:08 AM
bfgArinelle wrote:Hey Everyone,

Just tossing in an extra reminder to please keep the posts in this thread limited to reviews of the game. This greatly helps players who are looking specifically for reviews to get more information about the game. If you'd like to discuss details of the game or compare opinions of its features, you're welcome to create a separate thread for that conversation. Thanks, everyone, for your understanding and cooperation!


Thank you. It would be helpful to be able to read reviews instead of chatter.
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 7 on Mar 21, 18 7:34 PM
Does anyone know about a "No signal input" or "signal not supported"? I get a floating box on a black screen for my Windows 7 desktop. I have to shut down my computer to get out. The same thing happens for the VA Park Rangers 5 and 6, and also VA Cruise Director 4. All of the other editions run fine. I also use a laptop Windows 7 and have no issues with any of these games.
 posted in The Forgotten Fairy Tales: Canvases of Time on Mar 19, 18 2:22 PM
Played both CE and SE demos. I did not think this was CE worthy because you could not replay hos or puzzles, so wanted to wait for this edition to be released. I used a pcc to purchase this SE edition. Am over half way through and it is very relaxing and not stressful. Gameplay flows well without an overwhelming amount of activity like someone had 50 cups of coffee while making it.

Although there is quite a bit of blues and purples, the graphics are very nice and the colors do add to the atmosphere of the game as well as the relaxation aspect of it. It may not be the best game, but is far from being the worst compared to everything else that has been released lately.

I am enjoying it.
 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 11:15 AM
This is definitely characteristic of an OLDER game and just may give you one big headache from eye strain, as well as other factors. It is a straight hog...lists at the top of the page. Although the colors in some of the scenes are brightly colored, there is shadiness in some and it is very difficult to see items, especially in the bluish ones. Graphics could have been more defined.

There is a zoom feature you can use with the wheel of your mouse (you are going to need it)...and you can scroll. There were scenes in this demo that were repeated and some of the items were the same items collected previously. I assume that scenes will be repeated throughout the game, also.

There is no volume control for sound or music, only an off and on. You access that feature in the upper left hand corner when in a scene. There is no timer, which is a plus. You sometimes need all the time you can get to find items, rather than having the stress of a timer. Hints refill on their own, but I noticed after some time, mine did not and only remained at 3, maybe because of all the clicking I was doing, which deducts from your score if you are into that. They certainly could have been more generous with the hints.

This isn't the best game, but not the worst. It is different and I will use a pcc on it.

 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 9:35 AM
If you are having problems with this game locking up after typing in your name....just hit your ENTER key on your keyboard. It worked for me. Will be back if there is any more problems.
 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 9:33 AM
Went back into game. When you type in your name hit ENTER on your keys...worked for me.
 posted in Secrets of the Lost Caves on Mar 19, 18 9:27 AM
Unable to play. After 1st scene, type in name....locks up and have to ctrl/alt/delete to exit. Windows 7.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 18 9:47 PM
DeadRiver wrote:Based on the Demo.
As in every emergency, the police are the first line of defense, and this game was no exception. Even in the face of death and other great danger, the police were tireless in their pursuit of a remedy.
One of the most interesting and fun things in the game so far was a hamster powered battery charger. It was so creative and so much fun.
I highly recommend this to all hidden object lovers.

Excellent. I love it~
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Other Side Collector's Edition on Mar 17, 18 1:59 PM
A BIG HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY from BF to all of its members with a sale that benefits non members only. Not very LUCKY for us, is it?

And neither is this game. The story is hilarious, graphics decent. It's nice to be able to see without scenes being so dark that give you eye strain...even in the hos, which were nothing to write home about and inferior. You know all the other boring details of the tasks included in this demo. I don't know if they mean these tasks as a joke or what.

It is convenient to have 2 circles above your inventory to alert you by glowing when you have a collectible or coins to collect. You collect coins to buy things for a college yard, which is attractive, but there are only 11 things you can then what? The collectibles are, (I think only 12) artifacts that are difficult to find... I couldn't find the one outside the police station and don't know if you can go back and find them or not. You have many many achievements and the usual other extras. Indicates that you can replay 19 hos and 19 puzzles (don't be fooled by that number because there were just about that number of puzzles in the demo).

The biggest turn off for me in this game and why I will not be buying this are all the puzzles. There are so many of them in the demo that I lost count of them, gave up and quit. They outnumber the hos as usual and I don't care if they are easy or hard, it is too many, not enjoyable, and I am not going to spend money or my time being overwhelmed with them more than anything else in a game.

Maybe they are just being cheap....cutting back. If the name BT wasn't there would you have associated them with this? Is this the quality of their past productions? I don't think so.

Would you manufacture a car without the standards and expect people to buy it? Would you buy a car without those standards and pay the same price as those that do include the standards?

The reason for this is more than just nostalgia. Had there been a conscientious regard for quality and up to date standards, things would have been a lot better for everyone.
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