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 posted in I SPY: Treasure Hunt on Oct 18, 10 4:12 PM
I'll let this one pass me by...
 posted in The Institute - A Becky Brogan Adventure on Oct 18, 10 4:05 PM
I think I'll save my credits on this one...

Maybe as a DD.
 posted in Column of the Maya on Oct 18, 10 2:23 PM
Not for me...
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Sep 25, 10 12:41 PM
It's a definite Buy for me.
 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Sep 24, 10 5:17 PM
This game is a hoot... Even though it is a FROG, not my favorite, the game is fun to play. The art work and caricatures are exceptional.

Did I mention that it is a fun game?

 posted in Tri-Peaks 2: Quest for the Ruby Ring on Sep 23, 10 10:47 AM
I keep stopping by to see if the developer has updated Tri-Peaks 2 to be compatible with Win-7 64 bit.

Alas, it seems there isn't much interest in updating for the Win-7/64 market...
 posted in Mole Control on Sep 23, 10 10:43 AM
No, not for me...
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 10 9:04 AM
It's a buy for me...
 posted in Tornado: The secret of the magic cave on Sep 20, 10 11:22 AM
Not for me either...
 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Sep 1, 10 10:05 AM
I have made it through Mystery Madness twice! Neither time did Fairway Solitaire record the event and allow me to progress.

I am not sure about not being able to progress even though I beat the course twice. I'll try to beat it one more time before I start digging through the Fairway Solitaire files. It wouldn't do any good to take a scree-shot, I mean, who would I send it to? Maybe I could send it to my grand-kids to impress upon them that I'm tenacious and smart and though I've learned a lot my head didn't explode so keep trying and learning.

I still like the game even though it gets stupid about Mystery Madness!


Both times I beat Mystery Madness I maxed out the first hole with a X7 multiplier. I used 5 or 6 clubs to do it. After winning enough to be within $200.00 of the $24,000.00 the rest was easy...
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 10 11:48 AM
I don't even have to think about this one... Even though it is a CE, I don't want to wait till the normal version comes out.

I have been looking forward to this sequel for a long time!
 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Aug 30, 10 12:33 PM
Robilyn, I'm not sure what you meant by:

Robilyn wrote:It is that darn cursor that keeps me from buying this game. Without it, I would have loved it. But because of the cursor, it is a no buy for me.

If you meant flickering or invisible cursor then:

This advice might be too late for those that already deleted the demo but...

Try turning off all mouse pointer options like cursor shadow, pointer trails, custom cursors, (use Normal Select) Snap To, etc. This simple step has fixed all my BFG cursor problems.
 posted in Route 66 on Aug 28, 10 10:12 AM
Too simple for my taste...
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 7, 10 8:16 AM
The first Redrum made the hair stand up on the back of my neck more than once!

Color issue is pup-kiss as far as I am concerned. Based on the first game I will buy without hesitation... I doubt I will regret it.
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 31, 10 10:20 AM
I was feeling contrary and hoped I could fly in the face of the contempt felt for this game but I just couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't find anything that would contradict the general consensus.
 posted in Remedy on Jul 31, 10 9:03 AM
Well that does it for me...
 posted in Journalistic Investigations: Stolen Inheritance on Jul 31, 10 8:27 AM
I guess Yosemite1956c's Yikes!!!! pretty well summed it up.
 posted in Harlequin Presents ™: Hidden Object of Desire on Jul 30, 10 4:48 PM
Elementary Watson. Don't buy it for me.
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids on Jul 30, 10 4:44 PM
Negative waves, Moriarty... No buy here either.
 posted in Sinking Island on Jul 30, 10 4:38 PM
Primarily negative reviews. Not for me...
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