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 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Aug 28, 10 5:22 AM
basically this is the way to go to the cemetery from the house:
L, R, R, L, L, R (see a big dead tree), R,L, R, L (see yellow ribbon on the tree), L,R, L, L, R, R on the first turn (see a small tree stump), L, R, R, L, see cemetery.

To go back home:
R, L, L (See tree stump), R, L,L, R, R, L (see yellow ribbon on tree), R, R, L (see tree log), R (see dead tree), L, L, R, R, L, L, R, ,and walk straight to the house.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Aug 28, 10 5:18 AM
Jus t need to add something..
when you have done with the spigots, you will hear something opens up in the tunnel, go back to tunnel from the wall where you come from and see a light, go right and walk into it, and you will see many mosaics on the wall.
hope this helps.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Aug 28, 10 5:15 AM
These are what you should have:
2 worms (near house)
1 red bug
1 black bug
1 worm (on the woods)
1 green bug
1 worm (near the log in the woods)

1 glow worm (rocks on the woods)
2 glow worms (on big log on the woods)
2 crickets (on cemetery)

hope this helps!
 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Aug 28, 10 5:08 AM
Hope this is the answer to your Q:

bfgArnoStyx wrote:Hey Fishies,

After taking a look at the walkthrough, I found some helpful hints:

* Place the mirror you found in the dining room on the note.

* Move the mirror around until you can read the whole letter. Click on the mirror once the whole letter is legible.

* You will receive the Secret Note Evidence Card, once you decipher the letter.

And here is a <a href="">screenshot</a> for these steps.

Hope this helps!

 posted in Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone on Aug 28, 10 5:01 AM
I was on the same situation.
I find this post helpful, though.

lordkalvan wrote:Are you using the Beta version of the game? The official release version fixed that bug, but the version that was accidentally released a couple of weeks too early had it (I had gotten stuck there too).

I am still looking for a way to solve this problem..
 posted in Delaware St. John - The Curse of Midnight Manor on Aug 28, 10 2:31 AM
I was so intriqued with the title of the game (I was very new to BFG at that time) and downloaded the free demo at once. The atmosphere was quite spooky and I was scared with the singing girl ghost. But then I realized that this game wasn't par to what I expected. The scariness is just in the beginning and then it starts to be slowed down. What's with the ghost thing if what we are investigating are missing students?
Also I hate watching credits in the beginning of the game. Imagine have to sit down the cinema watching credits first before screening the real thing. I appreciate those who made this game but I prefer to read their names at the back (if I am satisfied with it) after I'm done.
 posted in PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent on Aug 28, 10 2:00 AM
I love their first installment but I dont know why I am not too keen with this one. Most probably because the game lags so much in my computer, which doesn't happen to other games that I downloaded from BFG. I have to wait for about 13 seconds every time I change/ switch places, I have to wait 12 more seconds to pick up an object. The only part of the game that does not lag is the movie scene. I need 3 minutes just to go from the second tower to the third tower because of the load. The lagging decreases 5 minutes before the game ends so it really bums me out. Maybe it's really because of my computer but since I can play other games' demos and full games without problem, I don't know what causes this. The lagging really take the fun out of the game.. It becomes annoying and frustrating rather than exciting.
 posted in Agatha Christie: Peril at End House on Jan 31, 10 8:53 PM
I like this game, so if you're an Agatha Christie fan, I think you should buy this game. The hidden objects are sometimes hard to find but they're challenging.. the graphics are good, even though some of the places are very repetitve and can be boring.
The length is average, it's not too short and it's not too long either.
 posted in Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box on Nov 9, 09 2:23 AM
Have only played the demo so not really sure if my opinion counts.. the game looks fine to me, is there another game in the series?
 posted in Reincarnations: Awakening on Nov 9, 09 2:21 AM
The demo is good, so I'm thinking of buying this game.. My opinion is that maybe it's going to be short, because there're only like 5 doors.. is that it??
If you have finished this game, what do you think of the length?
 posted in Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie on Nov 9, 09 2:18 AM
I only played the demo.. The concept was OK, I like abandoned houses, ghost towns themes, but this one is a bit lame with the skeleton hands pop out from graves then a woman screaming.. the tombstone puzzles are repetitious it's getting boring, I clicked many times but the pieces won't rotate. the graphic is not that clear either.. I pity my eyes.. I have to use walkthrough for the flies, they are so hard to spot..
This is not my favorite game, that's for sure..
 posted in Delaware St. John: The Town with No Name on Nov 8, 09 6:43 PM
I must sound very silly, but I really cannot move forward in the game.
Delaware was in the town already, I tried to open all doors, click on anything I could find, and all are locked. I cannot move further because of the big truck blocking the road. Is there anything I miss?
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