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 posted in The Last Express on Feb 8, 12 2:40 PM
To anyone that bought the game and feels stuck go to walkthroughs on the internet and download the walkthrough. It has really good tips on how to not get arrested over and over so you have to start all over again. It is not a step by step but nice to go back to if you are really stuck on what to do next. Hope this helps you like it did me. They call it just Last Express without the the.
 posted in The Last Express on Feb 5, 12 11:29 AM

For anyone who is feeling unsure about this game because of all the negitive reviews sign into BF and go to games you will love.If you have bought large file games before like egypt 2 you should find it under that section. It was for me and lets you download it before buying it. Hope that helps.
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