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hannah57 wrote:I just finished the demo and I liked it but I don't want to buy a game right now because I've bought allot of games lately. I have 5 free game coupons but I don't think I can use them on a CE. Oh well, better luck next time.
Been there. It's a bummer to have the free credits but you can't use them on the games you really want. Maybe we should start a crusade to get Big Fish to adjust their thinking about how we spend our fee credits. Worth a try!
In real life I'd get LeGrand. But Dupin needs to lay off the botox around the mouth and get some for those angry looking eyebrow furrows! Other than that he is, to use a term used elsewhere, yummy!
bbelle wrote:If my hubby ever knew how many games I buy he would croak. I just love the CEs. I can't resist them (unless a rpg or tm) but all the rest I have. Thanks ERS for another Dark Tales game. You are one of my favorite devs and do not miss any if I can help. This game is just wonderful. Please keep making the CEs.

And mine too! What happens on Big Fish stays on Big Fish! And I agree with you about this game.
I wanted to add a PS. The reviews on this game are all over the place, which doesn't mean the developers have failed, just that we all have different tastes. I love Thai food, but my husband can't stand it.
When the reviews are this mixed, just download the trial and see what YOU think!
For me, this is Thai food! Spicy and sweet, all at the same time.
After finishing the trial period I'm off to buy! Very nice game with just the right blend of very interesting and well crafted puzzles, adventure, and interactive HOS.

I've stopped wasting my money on games that don't satisfy, and "satisfy" in my world means a complex interaction of story (very important!), with interesting characters, fun puzzles that make me slow down just a bit (I'm not an engineer!), graphics, sound effects, a few well constructed HOS that also make me slow down just a bit, and enough to do that I know it will take a few days of coming back to do a little more, just like a good novel. This game has all of those elements, and I think the people who get to make their living creating great games like this are some of the smartest and luckiest people around!
My super fast 17 inch HD laptop is in the shop! I get it back tomorrow and I know the first game that's being downloaded on my new hard drive. I love this series! Can't wait to get started! And shadowfax used just the right word, "yummy"!
Does anyone remember hearing the music in this game elsewhere? It really reminds me of The Crop Circles Mystery music, which is one of my all time" just for fun games". I've played it many times and always leave the music on( which I usually don't do for other games) because it fits the game so well. Maybe I'll download it again and see if it IS the same music!
Just wanted to add thank you for asking the question! We all learned something by doing our own research. Maybe we should all apply for "fact checker" jobs at Big Fish!
Yes it sure is. But I still like this game, even though a little effort on fact checking would have been appreciated. Maybe being caught making such a silly mistake will cause some embarrassment for the developers!
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Despite it's gruesome story, this is a pleasant HOS game, with easy puzzles, soft background music and good graphics. And no angry witches! It certainly does't take after the Depp version of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, in that it's a much more casual trip for those of us who decide to visit that poor beleaguered town. All the elements are still there, but the visit is more subdued. I'm enjoying this game very much, and it does seem to have replay value.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 5, 13 12:59 AM
To the developers; Please read my comments on the "welcome To Grim Tales: The Stone Queens Collector's Edition" thread.

I tried to put in words the way I am beginning to "feel" about the way game development has been going lately, that is, bring on the angry witch! No thought necessary, just bring on another game that looks like all the rest and that seems to involve some form of the angry witch. Enough said. Thank you.
 posted in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper on Jan 5, 13 12:43 AM
I purchased this game as a CE and it is a delight! Give it a try as a trial, and you might want to give the CE a look, too. That's the best way to decide for yourself. I know when a game has been "special" to me when I take the time to put a screen saver from that game on my computer, and though I have moved on to other games, I still have a screen saver from the collectors edition of Detective Quest: The Crystal slipper on my screen!
 posted in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper on Jan 5, 13 12:37 AM
I just want to say I purchased this game as a CE and it was delightful. In fact my screensaver is still up on my computer from that game! Take a look at it as a trial, and you won't be disappointed. Maybe you'll take a look at the CE?
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 13 10:48 PM
I just want to make an observation. On television we get "phases", like a spate of reality shows, crime dramas, sit-coms, etc. The point being they all start looking alike and we know they just copy other producers success with copy-cat programming until someone truly creative comes along and gives us something we've never seen before.

Well, I'm beginning to become really tired of angry witches. Just how many games are left involving angry witches before developers get creative again and try something new?

When Dire Grove broke on the scene, it was so fresh and inventive I remember feeling stunned by the creative minds behind that game. The same with the Drawn series, and a few others.

But too quickly what was once refreshing and new becomes dated and trite with over use.

This game reflects that tendency to do the same thing that everybody else has done, and that's to bring out the angry witch. Again. One too many times for me.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 13 1:45 PM
Not impressed at all. Will wait to see how I feel about it as a SE.
 posted in Nightmare Realm: In the End... Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 13 8:28 PM
Hey! Just a shout out to Big Fish.
I have been a good customer of yours for a long time, and have purchased so many games I really have lost track (not sure if it's old age or just the sheer number of games!).
But I wanted to say "thank you" for giving us the opportunity to try out so many different kinds of games on one site! Amazing!
I just got around to taking part in the forums, and have discovered the great people, who, like me, just want to enjoy our hobby at a price we can afford.
And this game has turned out, like so many others, to be a game to be savored and enjoyed, just like a great novel.
For many of us, these games are very much like novels! Except we get to interact with the story in a most direct way, both through imagination and physical discourse.
So to all my fellow fishies, keep on playing and download those trials!

Thank you! Shawn Ripchick, Long Beach Ca.
 posted in Nightmare Realm: In the End... Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 13 8:14 PM
I just wanted to add a thank you to the developers for making the wallpapers available when the game begins. It makes no sense to put up cool wallpapers AFTER we have finished playing the game. Then it's only a memory! Maybe a good memory, but what the heck! I want the wallpaper to be the first thing I see when I turn my computer on, and change them as I play different games. Now THAT makes sense. Thank you.
 posted in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil on Jan 2, 13 2:21 AM
Yes, this is a lovely game and since I have quite a few free games coming to me I'll open the e-mail and use one.

Have a great, great New Year everyone!
 posted in Nightmare Realm: In the End... Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 13 12:37 PM
Okay, I'll buy this game. I went into my purchase summary and started counting. How many games do I own? I quit counting after I hit 100 and was just up to the D's. I honestly had forgotten the first Nightmare Realm! Too many games in-between, but after reviewing that one I realized how much I enjoyed playing it even though it did have a "dark" side. So with the New Year's sale and the great reviews, I'll commit.
And the graphics do remind me of the Drawn series, and I have each one of those fixed in my memory as something truly special.
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