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 posted in Ziro on Sep 27, 10 3:55 PM
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dbe97 wrote:like alot on here im stuck on caracas divided....there seems to be no way to do it....but i noticed some 1 asking for help with LOST SHEEP] here it is....i will refer to the dice by the munber of spots they have on starts with 1 2 and 3 in bottom box and 4 5 6in top box.....
slide 2 up followed by 3...conveyer will stop
slide down 3 to bottom box and move it to bottom right corner
move 1 next to it on bottom in middle
move 3 up to top right of bottom box
slide down 2 then 5 then 4 leaving 6 in bottom right of top box. conveyer stops
hope your still with me at this point
slide up 4 to top box then move it to its in the middle next to 6, blocking the entrance to the top box
slide up 5 to join 4
add 3 to 2....not other way it becomes another 5 and slide it up next to the first 5
slide up 1...which will then be opposite the 1 stuck to the magnet....slide it over and join them to make them vanish you must do next bit in this order...if you add the wrong dice together they dont add up the same....
add a 5 to the 6 making a 1...
add the 1 to the 4 to make a 5
add the fives together and
Thanks so much I knew what I needed to do but couldn't figure out how!
 posted in Ziro on Sep 24, 10 9:36 PM
dbe97 wrote:thanks banditrider and claudiaw. will try the patch, if i can find it and work out what it is and what u do with it lol....have used the addy u posted and am waiting for a reply. in the mean time here is how i completed CORNERED..........
ok, you start with four dice, 1 in top corner, 3 under it but a block between, and 2 near the magnet
and 6 in a box with to ways in coverd by blocks.
first thing first....the trick is to get 2 and 3 in the box with 6...(by joining them to make a 5 at the right moment) so
slide 3 down then 2 down(it will then slide over, repeled by the magnet)so 2 will be on right side of screen.
slide 3 left then up then right so its next to 2
slide 2 down and then left then up then right so its on the left side of 3
keep doing this tillthere in a position either side of the bottom this point drop the block(you can drop it earlier if you want to, you just have to go round it a bit.
move 3 under the gap and add 2....making 5
slide up into the box to join 6....
IMPORTANT..... now use the same method to postion a die over the bottom gap and drop the top block on to it (this is so u can leave via the top gap and come back in to the box without going straight through and out the other side)
now use the same method to slide 5 out of the top gap, then slide 1 over to it
add 1 to 5 to make 6 over the top gap
slide 6 down in to the box and join with other 6
if you followed that well done.....i kind of lost myself a bit lol
if not, let me know and i will try again
good luck and happy adding
Thanks so much!!!!!!! GOT IT!
 posted in Ziro on Sep 24, 10 9:11 PM
steve_t wrote:It appears that if you make a mistake, there is no "undo". You have to restart the level - and LOSE A LIFE, or am I missing something?
I know you can just exit to the main menu, then go back into the game, but that gets annoying really fast (especially the way I play).
At this rate (level 21 of 300) this game is going to around a lot longer than I will be.

I found that if you make a mistake you can exit and replay without loosing a life. I am playing the Skill levels too and I am stuck on #69 - Cornered. Will try the info I found earlier on this page. It does work though to exit before your time is up on a level and then play that level again. I found out quite by accident. Glad I stumbled on it, I am 61 and was afraid the game was going to outlive me too! Good luck!
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