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 posted in Beyond: Star Descendant on Dec 15, 16 8:01 PM
I run Windows Vista 32 and has the same issues that others had Not Enough Video Memory but I have just finished the Beyond Star Descendant game and it is working fine. You just cannot play the collectors game is all. I liked the game very much and was happy it worked. Hope you are too> jacki warren
 posted in Beyond: Star Descendant Collector's Edition on Dec 15, 16 7:55 PM
I have Windows VIsta 32 and i got the same error of Not Enough Video Memory HOWEVER I am and have played the entire game of Beyond Star Descendant but not the collectors game and its working perfectly throughout the entire game and actually I enjoyed it and its cheaper than the collectors game too!! This is for those who could not play the collector game. Jacki Warren
 posted in Beyond: Star Descendant Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 16 11:54 PM
I run Windows Vista 32 and had the same thing happen Not enough Video Memory but I took a chance and tried the Beyond Star Descendant NON COLLECTORS edition and its working so far perfectly well for me and yes there is a walkthrough. Of course I remind you I am running Windows Vista 32 and possibly others with that same game mode can also play the game. I rather enjoy it as well Sincerely Jacki W.
I agree that this is a great game. I am enjoying it right now. But it is keeping my interest so I must admit this is one of your good ones.
 posted in Dark Realm: Lord of the Winds Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 16 12:34 PM
I am running Windows Vista and have had a lot fewer issues than those with Windows 10 which I am not going to upgrade to for that reason. As with many of you this is the first time I have had Not enough Video Memory issue but I contacted the Customer or Tech Service and they of course gave me a free coupon for another collectors game and since I have already purchased everyone of the hidden object collectors games I asked for more suggestions. She kindly gave me several and none worked but I cannot sit here and blame THEM since we all have so many different systems and not as many technicians to deal with it all.If i were to get upset it would not be with them it would be with the people who need to hire more people to help all of us. With that being said these guys try their best and are always courteous and always try hard to keep us all happy but that is impossible with some people.Yes things are getting difficult with all the new systems etc but Big Fish happens to be the BEST game site out there and I can honestly tell you why. I got tired of all hassle etc and went out there in cyber world and found out for myself that the other game sites have the same games as Big Fsh but they put them out much much later than Big Fish. Right now even with all the issues BIG SITE is STILL THE BEST!! Now I will shut up. ha ha Jacki Warren
 posted in Invasion 2: Doomed on Jun 6, 16 4:33 PM
I am running Windows Vista and black screen when I try to play the first HOS. You can see the labels of what you are supposed to click on but you cannot see screen in order to do the hos at all. Funny cause I hit one by accident in the dark. I guess all of us are getting black screens no matter what we are running. So far it needs some serious help.
 posted in Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 16 11:16 PM
myshania wrote:I don't know if this will help anyone else But I deleted The Special Effects And now The game is playing just fine. Im on windows 7 and I see that its mostly Windows 10 That are having the most problem. I also Minimized the screen under properties When you right click on game icon on your screen on in your games. I don't know if that helped or not

I had the same problem and use Windows Vista but I deleted the check mark in special effects as you suggested and that made it work now. So thanks for the tip. Hope this helps others as well.
I have a problem with my guide on Chapter 4 because it disappeared completely. I can see the boxes etc but no words so if I get stuck no help. I have not had this happen ever. I have Windows Vista and usually have little to no problems with games. Only on occasion and certainly not this one with my strategy guide that is not working. Any suggestions?
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 16 5:13 PM
I thought it was a very short game. See how we all think differently? LOL but really for me it was very short and I was disappointed since I did enjoy the game even if it was short. I can only say try it first and then decide. Of course the trial is only two chapters i believe but it will at least let you know if you like the game. I did but then I have gotten every one of the puppetshow games. Good luck. Jacki
 posted in Parallels Cross on Jan 20, 16 8:39 AM
I had the same problem but what I always do is check the stuff that BigFish always asks us to check like updated video cards etc which is all on the help pages. Then if that does not work I send a DrFelix report and ALWAYS get a response in two to three days along with a FREEGAME code so I do not lose out on anything. Plus the Freegame is standard OR collectors. So instead of being upset over anything I am equipped with a new game and anyone that I choose. Good luck you guys. I am a happy camper. Jacki Warren
 posted in Ominous Objects: Trail of Time on Jan 18, 16 6:26 PM
Thank u so much! You do not know how many times I have purchased both the Collector and the SE of the same games. You saved me some money. I thank you very much indeed!!!
 posted in Ominous Objects: Trail of Time on Jan 17, 16 1:37 AM
I use Windows Vista and purchased the Collectors Ominous Object Game and when I approached the cave I was unable to go forth any more. SO I did like this game until THAT occured so I would like to ask if the game has been fixed yet and if so I would buy it. thanks Jax
 posted in Ominous Objects: Trail of Time Collector's Edition on Jan 4, 16 4:36 PM
Yes Meandy There are hundreds of us who get kicked off right when we try to go into the cave. I run Windows Vista and many of us cannot finish this game. The BigFish help will give you another FREEGAME if you write to them. Hope it all works out for you. Jacki
Me too It normally takes me a few days (i work too and do dog rescue) to finish a game but i finished this game in less than a day. that sucks ! I am so po'd about this and I suggest everyone takes Good years advice and donot buy this very short game. jax
 posted in Dark Canvas: A Murder Exposed Collector's Edition on Oct 4, 15 9:33 PM
I too cannot get the four to work with my dart. Its 19/5/4 right?? and the four refuses to work. This sucks,. I have attempted to do it like fifty times to no avail. I am going to toss the game since I cant play it to the end. I am sick of having to contact support so I am now counting how many games I have been forced to throw out and they have been all collectors games as well and if it begins to be a waste of my money I am leaving BF after being with them since like 2007 or 8. I have spend hundreds of dollars on these games and once I would say Big Fish was the best and they still might be as I havent tried the other sites but I will ,. if this does not stop. sorry but I have almost reached my limit
 posted in Demon Archive: The Adventure of Derek on May 25, 15 10:10 PM
I have windows vista also. i also got a black screen. this is going to sound strange but during the blackened screen i could hear the audio but all black. so i went up to the left hand corner of the screen and suddenly there was a little hand and i clicked enter and viola i got video too. now i have audio plus i can see the game. i hope it works for everyone else with black screen. jax
 posted in Demon Archive: The Adventure of Derek on May 25, 15 4:23 AM
As far as the small screen is concerned I had one also but it gave me an option at the beginning to change it. I did and now all I get is a black screen I can hear the audio but cannot see the game !
 posted in The Travels of Marco Polo on Mar 18, 15 6:15 PM
Where is the bailer? I cannot find one anywhere, thanks ahead of time for your help
 posted in Castle Secrets: Between Day and Night on Dec 31, 14 2:44 PM
 posted in Runaway Geisha on Dec 24, 14 9:16 PM
I am also having the same issues. I run Windows Vista and went right away to the help forum and filled out a ticket to ask for help from the staff. First of all I sent a detailed email to the staff explaining that I run windows vista 32 and my drivers are all up to date etc etc etc. Then i also let them know that there are several other customers who are having the same problem. I sent a Dr Felix report plus a DXDIAG report and when they wrote back they had not even bothered to read my email. How did I know this) because they suggested I send a dr felix report and to update my drivers which in my email I had stated that I had already done that. so second email i wrote them and they sent me a free game but I told them I wanted to really play THIS GAME. Then I had another email from them telling me to try something and it was something i could not do since the box they asked me to hit was faded so no one could touch it. next email i was asked to go into control panel and hit on the icon Appearances and Personalization then hit on Personalization. Windows Vista does NOT have an icon for appearences and personalization but it does have one for personalization so I tried that but it simply has nothing to do with what she was asking me to do,.Ok so now I am waiting for my next email that explained that I was frustrated that she had asked me for something that Windows Vista does not even have in the control panel. I asked her if she bothers to read our emails>? I have always and i mean always stood behind BigFish and have purchased a sinful amount of games but lately I have nothing to choose from and am thinking of leaving bigfish after alll these years. I have downloaded and redownloaded like six times and still get the black screen and asian music. nothing else
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