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 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on Feb 4, 12 1:08 PM
yeah there is a pumpkin in each scene every time.....
 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on Jan 11, 12 3:43 PM
is there a jack-0-lantern in every locale? every time?
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Jul 5, 10 6:55 AM

the ONLY game of any kind I can play over and over ... and over

it's always a bit different (at least to my less-than-photographic memory
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Jul 5, 10 6:52 AM
...if memory serves me, this is the potters wheel

ASAP move the piece directly over the double frozen tile... then play the rest of the layout until you build up two charges. Voila the piece falls down and NO bombs have been used. Get it off the board and then work on the piece to the left...
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Dec 9, 09 6:58 AM
Cathage level 2 .. you're talking bout the pottery turn table ...

the first thing I do is work the puzzle piece that's in the high left ... get that piece directly over the frozen piece that there no way to reach. Once you get the piece in place, work on any thing else until you have TWO amulet\s of power ... use each one as soon as you get it and two uses will unfreeze that tile and it'll drop down and you can take it from there.

hope this is understandably ... it's hard to describe
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Dec 8, 09 6:02 PM
guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil ... although I didn't do anythings and neither did anyone else .... but since I complained about the ambient sound control not working ... it's working.

Now, that I've said that, it'll probably turn itself back on the next time I open
Call of Atlantis....
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Dec 3, 09 7:03 AM
how do I get rid of it

sometimes it's on and sometimes it's off. If I exit and reopen the game it goes away (sometimes) but the next time I shut down and sign back on it's there again.

also, the volume control doesn't change a thing.

(the sound effect control and music controls work okay)
 posted in Atlantis Quest on Nov 28, 09 7:07 AM
gee, i just downloaded the free trial and found this game extremely boring .... if it gets harder and more interesting, i guess i just do not have the patience (or capacity to stay awake) to get past the first levels...
i'll deep six this one even before the trial runs out.
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Nov 10, 09 7:34 PM
there's a puzzle piece in the upper left ... manuever that piece directly over the isolated frozen piece .... then it takes two Amulets and the piece drops down...
( also, you could use two bombs and/or lighting bolts.)
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Oct 14, 09 8:24 AM
this is one level where I almost always use one or two swap tiles and I use 'em very early!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Jul 29, 09 2:06 PM
that's the Hyacinth bulb????
and the vertical row is on the right in my game. ....

most of the time, I keep playing until the amulet of power wipes out enough tiles to move the pieces down...
have you noticed that the amulet always hits the tile BELOW a puzzle piece??

sometimes I use one bomb ... or lightinging bolt depending on how many I have accumulated.

kkeep an eye on this column and take advantage of any Match Three moves that dome up.
 posted in Call of Atlantis on Jul 29, 09 1:58 PM
use a couple of bombs ... a couple of lightning bolts (or a combination) .... or if you're really lucky,
when you use the amulet thingy, it occasionally hits that tile ....
this is one of the reasons, you're cautioned to save the bombs, lighting and swap talisman.
good luck
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