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This game was so bad ...really not the game , But the way the game played was so much a Debbie Downer !!!!! That was bad !!!!
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 12:13 PM
I didn't think it was anything special !!!! Too many gems & junk ....
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Mar 17, 12 9:22 AM
[removed by moderator]
 posted in Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition on Mar 15, 12 8:28 AM
Quite Boring for Me
 posted in Flower of Immortality on Mar 14, 12 3:32 PM
Boring !!!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 12 5:46 PM
After finishing this one ... I have to pop in w/ my 2 cents ... This game had no rhyme or reason ...If it wasn't for that darn frog !!!! I would be playing this bad game that I got sucked in to ,,,, No sense at all !!!
 posted in Depths of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Feb 23, 12 2:14 PM
If you gave me this game for free , I wouldn't play it .... 15 min, of demo was enough for me ..... makes me uptight !!!! Not relaxing at all .....
 posted in Depths of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Feb 23, 12 8:06 AM
Sorry no buy here , I hate the pop up games !!!!
 posted in Film Fatale: Lights, Camera, Madness! on Feb 15, 12 1:48 PM
Camera , lights , failure !!!!
 posted in Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle on Feb 14, 12 8:01 AM
Sorry but the cursor took the J out of Joy for me anyway !!!!
 posted in Time Dreamer: Temporal Betrayal on Feb 7, 12 8:31 AM
 posted in Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls on Feb 4, 12 5:18 PM
I hated this game ....
 posted in Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls on Feb 4, 12 5:17 PM
I hated this game ....
 posted in Big City Adventure: London Story on Jan 29, 12 8:51 AM
Boring for me !!!
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 12 7:50 AM
Didn't do a thing for me , even if it's been dry in the pond , no buy here ,
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 22, 12 9:17 AM
Bored after 15 min, not my cup of tea !!!
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on Dec 21, 11 3:42 PM
I won't buy just to buy , it has to draw me in , Which I look forward to every Thanksgiving Eve .....But This one .....Didn't do it for ME !!!! I have played both (not bought ) & it didn't cut the cheese ( smile ) !!!!
 posted in The Secret Order: New Horizon on Dec 17, 11 8:34 AM
I played 10 min , & deleted ,,,sorry it didn't do a thing for me !!!!
To eaches own ... It's a no buy for myself !!!!! Glad everyone else are enjoying it .
 posted in Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection on Dec 7, 11 5:59 PM
Nice to see a (generic) game once in a while ....Like the old days ...Too many CE's , nice home grown surprise !!!
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