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 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride on Sep 5, 11 2:03 PM
lorialcorn2006 wrote:
bfgArnoStyx wrote:Hello everyone,

If you are experiencing a freeze or crash with the game, please refer to the following help article for some troubleshooting steps that might help:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

It sounds like a number of you are experiencing a freeze at the star puzzle. If you could please write in to Tech Support with this description and a Dr. Felix report, our reps can start gathering information and help you as best as they can to get this resolved.

Thank you!


Hi Big Fish this cant be a problem with our computers I played this game all the way through once to the end of the game and when I went to play it again thats when it stalled at the RIP puz . if this was a problem with our computers why would it play all the way through the first time . must be something on your end or something

I concur. I'm using a brand spanking new laptop, it's 6 weeks old. This is the first BFG problem of any sort I've had on it, nothing else that people have complained about has affected me, not even the game manager issues.

I sent a Dr. Felix report on Saturday, but I've yet to hear anything. I realize it's the long weekend, so I didn't really expect a reply, but I *was* hoping to buy this on sale this weekend. Oh well!
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy on Sep 5, 11 1:53 PM
As everybody else has said already, this is a steal of a daily deal. I bought it quite awhile back and loved it. It was just the right balance of everything for me.
 posted in Sacra Terra: Angelic Night on Sep 3, 11 8:12 PM
meowltd55 wrote:Hi there
I am looking for a mean & moody scary sort of game. will this one work for me? Or if you have any other suggestion I will so very much apprciate it.
Thanks again for any advice

I finished playing Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Collector's Edition this weekend, and I jumped out of my skin more than once. I've never had any game have that effect on me before, so perhaps you might want to give it a try!

I just finished Sacra Terra: Angelic Night, and I enjoyed it tremendously, but I didn't find it that scary. I do recommend it though, just on the merit that it was excellently done.
 posted in Sacra Terra: Angelic Night on Sep 3, 11 1:07 PM
Woofie53 wrote:Hi Gnashif It doesn't necessarily have to take awhile to fill up. In fact with many games, the Hints fills up in less than a minute or two minutes. It depends on the developer. That's great that it fills up so quickly. I like this game too.

In this particular game though, when you choose between easy and advanced, it actually tells you that the hint button recharges within a minute for the easier play, and two minutes for the harder one.

I'm glad that Gnashif mentioned this, because this prompted me to play the advanced game. I don't like sparkles, but I do like a fast charging hint button! Particularly when I'm playing the demo, I don't necessarily want to waste all my time looking through the junk pile hidden object scenes.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride on Sep 3, 11 12:10 PM
deelberger wrote:
sdannenb wrote:My game keeps freezing in the star puzzle (where you have to get the colored squares around the same colored pegs. The cursor just stops working. I have end tasked the game but when I restart it I am just back in the same mini game with the frozen cursor. Any suggestions?

Same issue here, which I didn't encounter when playing the CE. I am glad I decided to play the trial before I bought it. I finally thought BFG had gotten their issues resolved for the most part, but apparently, I was very wrong!!!

Me three. I was just about to buy this game, I was trying to decide if I wanted to pay the sale price, or use one of my freebie codes. So glad I hadn't made up my mind yet! I'll definitely be waiting till they fix this issue.
tictacsix wrote:As far as I am concerned, Enigmatis is so far the "Best Game of the Year". Its got it all... from great graphics, to sleuthing detective work , LONG playing scenes and of course the occasional bump in the night SURPRISE! Had head phones on and played in the dark. LOVED IT!!! Well worth the price of a CE.

Had to edit and include JACOB for being the "mastermind" behind this great game!!

You hit it bang on when you talked about things that go bump in the night!!! I've never jumped out of my skin so many times when playing a game as I did with this one. Scared the crap outta me, but that just means the game is excellent!
ArtifexMundi wrote:Hello Fishies,

Here at Artifex Mundi we'd like to thank you all very very much for all the positive (and negative too ) comments on Enigmatis game!

It is an absolutely amazing feeling to read that someone likes your game so much, it gives us even more motivation to perform even better next time. I hope you will enjoy Enigmatis and even if you don't, I do hope we will be able to bring you more better games in the future so that you are satisfied.

We are aware of the mistakes we made in this one (oh, at least of part of them ), and we look closely at any opinions you might share here and we try to draw conclusions for the future.

Seeing that people like what we have developed makes our work meaningful and is a really huge motivation boost for us.

Once more, thank you on behalf of entire Artifex Mundi team and especially on behalf of my brother Jacob, who was the mastermind behind this game!

Best regards,

Tomasz Grudzinski
Managing Director
Artifex Mundi

I have to say, I really enjoyed this game. I bought the CE, which is rather rare for me, but I just didn't want to wait for the SE to come out!

I loved that there were so many different locations. That is huge for me. I hate when a game only has a handful of locations and you have to go to them over and over. I felt like there was just the right amount of times that we needed to return to a location, and of course having the map was fabulous. These are little things that to me make a world of difference. I look forward to the sequel, as well as any other games that you produce.

My only negative comment is the occasional word that didn't quite match the object in a hidden object scene. There were very few in the main game, but I found that this increased in the bonus chapter. An example is the word "collier" when you meant to say "necklace". I knew right away what you were referring to, as I recognized the word from French. I can't think of any other words off the top of my head, but I did note a few of them throughout the bonus chapter.

If you're ever looking for somebody to check words for you, you know where to come!
I just finished the game, minus the bonus ending. It says "to be continued", but really I think that's just hinting that a sequel could be possible. I don't feel like anything is missing to the story. In hindsight, I could have waited for the SE.

Oh well... going to do the bonus chapter now.
 posted in Timeless: The Forgotten Town on Aug 7, 11 12:00 PM
_DD_ wrote:
LovetoMissLisa wrote:Note to Developers: We prefer and love voiceovers.

careful with that "we", pls... I don't mind voiceovers, but always prefer text (even in case of good voiceovers: additionally). Text is also the usual target for translations.

Nice game indeed.

I agree, sometimes when the "accents" are done so poorly it makes me cringe each time they speak, and I wish they had not done voiceovers. I.e. the most recent ND game, the voiceovers were horrible... which you wouldn't know unless you speak the language the accent is supposed to come from, but developpers shouldn't assume that gamers only speak English!

Off to try this game now, just had to put in my two cents about voiceovers (which for the most part I do enjoy.)
 posted in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge on Jul 31, 11 10:10 PM
scarletgunn wrote:I prefer reviews based on the whole game, not just the demo- i can play that myself.

anyway, thanks Cosmoscos! I hate Japanese number puzzles so your review helped me a lot.

good job!

Yes, ditto what scarletgunn said. I can play the demo myself, but I'd rather not waste an hour if others don't like it. Typically, if a game gets good reviews *and* has a demo, I'll demo it for about 5-10 minutes just to confirm my own opinion, and then buy.

As for Nancy Drew games, there are enough followers who have played every single game, and give us a heads up, I don't need a demo. I know which ND games I didn't enjoy as much, so if somebody compares it to one of those, that's my warning not to bother.

Thanks for your reviews everybody, they are invaluable!
 posted in Echoes of Sorrow on Mar 19, 11 4:31 AM
peglegann wrote:
GrammaKj wrote:Well I certainly enjoyed this game. It's been a long time since I played a game without consulting the walkthrough. I didn't finish it as quick as most but it's gratifying to be able to make it to the end. This game was a "diamond in the rough" IMO and I enjoy games by this developer very much. I give this game 5 's and I had just as much enjoyment as I do playing a CE.

Thanks BFG for 4+ hours of pure enjoyment.

Thank you. I was starting to be put off by the comments on how short the game is.
I was looking to see how many of the fast finishers had posted so in other games. I consider myself an experienced player but to think that this game only took someone less than 2 hours? If I like the game I try my best to enjoy it and not use the hints every few minutes. So as the graphics are good and it is not a straight H0 game I will put this on my list of, shall I or shan't I! LOL!

Have fun all, great reviews and comments, so I have nothing to add.

Hi pegleann. It's a good game, but it really is short. I didn't use the walkthrough, and as per my usual, I tend to just use the hint on the last item of the list though more often than not I didn't even need to, as the items were always super easy to find. I'm not a fast game player by any means, but I got through this really quickly. Perhaps it took closer to two hours, but still, I consider that to be a wee bit too short of a game for my liking.
 posted in Echoes of Sorrow on Mar 19, 11 4:28 AM
GameLvr30 wrote:The game only took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish and that was using no help. There are five areas to explore. The four around the statue (home, college, prison, church) and one after they are completed.

It was a fun game with an interesting storyline but very, very short.


I just wanted to give you all a better idea of length by telling you that when my 1 hour trial ended I was just entering the church.

This way you can judge how far you are at the end of the trial and see if how I play matches up with how you play. I also want to mention that I skipped no dialogue or puzzles so my time is based on the entire game experience.

Same here, it only took me about an hour and a half. That's a bit pricey for such a short game. I would definitely recommend it as a Daily Deal, but perhaps not for a full game credit.
 posted in The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure on Jan 23, 11 12:28 PM
I like that you have both word lists and silhouette lists to work from. Unfortunately, I find everything just a tad small for me. I like the scenes where it is a close up (i.e. the ones with the Egyptian tablets to be found) but those are too few for my liking.

Some of the items are hard to click on, you have to click two or three times in different areas of the item for it to work. That's a pain, you start second guessing yourself (Is that a wrench? No, maybe it's not a wrench... but it looks like a wrench!)

I like the story line, played the full 60 minutes of the demo, but it wasn't enough to convince me to buy. I'll wait for this to come up as a daily deal eventually. I do give it though.
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Salem on Dec 5, 10 6:18 PM
There were things I liked about this game, and things I didn't like. Here goes:

Items were not too difficult to find, i.e. not too small or dark
Good storyline
Journal had lots of historical info

Story was a bit disjointed at times
Was was the point of the last item found?
One of the items needed to be clicked on but the cursor didn't change. Made me start randomly clicking on everything, just to realize that was the only item like that
A little glitchy (but easy enough to resolve

I enjoyed the game, but I don't really feel it was worth the $6.99. It only took me two and a half hours to complete, so that's a bit pricey for the time I think.
 posted in Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle on Aug 22, 10 6:55 PM
kymbeee wrote:It has crashed twice on me now. Unfortunately it didn't crash when running the demo, only after I bought it... but then of course I bought it when I was only 8 minutes in, lol.

The second crash I lost all the progress I'd made through the last several scenes, that was ridiculously discouraging. Started it up again and it crashed again. Just uninstalled and reinstalled it (though I don't have much faith in that) so we'll see what happens now.

Uninstall/reinstall didn't work. The only solution I've found is to exit out the game entirely after every scene to ensure that it gets saved. So far the submarine mini-game (which doesn't work properly to begin with) is what seems to crash it.
 posted in Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle on Aug 22, 10 6:29 PM
It has crashed twice on me now. Unfortunately it didn't crash when running the demo, only after I bought it... but then of course I bought it when I was only 8 minutes in, lol.

The second crash I lost all the progress I'd made through the last several scenes, that was ridiculously discouraging. Started it up again and it crashed again. Just uninstalled and reinstalled it (though I don't have much faith in that) so we'll see what happens now.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Aug 2, 10 1:22 PM
Me again. I just read the following from the developer's website:

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy is the prequel to highly acclaimed Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera. Set five years earlier, it centers on a young woman travelling alone to the abandoned and condemned institution known as Ashburg Asylum.

So in a sense I was right that the storyline of Curse of the Opera is supposed to follow that of Asylum Conspiracy. I'm all the more disappointed, because as I said, the storylines are completely disjointed, and the only similarity is the names, and some small tidbits of info at the end of Asylum Conspiracy. I hate to be nitpicky, but the stories don't mesh. If anybody wants info, pm me, so that I don't put any spoilers here.
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Aug 2, 10 1:16 PM
dlb628 wrote:Just played it. I purchased it because I knew it was a precursor to the current Nightfall Mysteries game, and people in that game thread were raving about this game.

This was terrific. I loved the atmosphere and the storyline. I wish it had been a little less buggy (I had glitches in two places, which is really rare for me on any game). It was definitely a longer game, almost too long for my taste, but a lot of people who want to feel like they got the most bang for their buck will probably like that aspect. Plus, it is long, but interesting. You're not just looking in the same places for no reason, you're actually searching for things you need. The puzzles are challenging - I skipped a few. It definitely has a "Madame Fate" vibe, and that only made me love it more.

See, and I thought it was a sequel, without having read the forums for the Asylum game, because of what happens at the end of Asylum. That was very disappointing for me, as I was looking forward to finding out what happens next. Either way, the two don't fit together properly, regardless of which one comes first. Even as a prequel, it does not seg properly into Asylum at all. Boo.
 posted in Many Years Ago on Aug 3, 09 8:31 PM
One of my characters has gone missing. He went for a nap, and just never reappeared. When I scroll through the characters at the bottom, he's just not there. However, when I scroll through on the info screen, I can still see his character info. When I return to the game from the info screen, no character is highlighted at all.

I'm not very far in the game, I just finished building the spring. He disappeared after the well was built.

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