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 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Oct 31, 11 12:13 AM
I LOVED this game and would buy part 2. Hope to see it soon!!
 posted in A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets on Oct 31, 11 12:13 AM
I LOVED this game and would buy part 2. Hope to see it soon!!
 posted in Time Dreamer on Jul 27, 10 8:36 PM
I LOVE this game!!!!1 I just finished it. I never needed help from a walk through! Not too hard but not too easy either, just right!! I bought this as soon as the demo time was up!! Whatever you call it HOG or ADV it's GREAT!!! Deffinately worth the $
 posted in Fiction Fixers - Adventures in Wonderland on May 21, 10 12:56 AM
KDinMD43 wrote:

I updated direct x, uninstalled the game, rebooted my system and reinstalled the game, IT IS STILL STROBING AND I WANT TO SCREEAAAAM!

I'm gonna go find my dog, I need to lower my blood pressure with a pat and a big hug.


Well, it looks like we are all having the same problem. OK BFGs it's your turn to get a patch to fix this. I can play but have to wiggle mouse to clear the strobe every few minutes. Too bad 'cuz what I did play was really fun. I will buy this only when it's fixed.
 posted in Magic Maze on Mar 21, 10 11:25 PM
Cherubabies wrote:What a cool cat! I could sit here all day playing it! Not too hard either so it doesn't become "frustrating."

Thanks BIG FISH for another Great Game!

I agree!! Thanks BIG FISH !
 posted in Magic Maze on Mar 21, 10 11:19 PM
I am not good at shooting games so I am glad that this one is so called "easy". Not easy for me, just right. I just love this game!! It is taking me longer than 3 hrs. I've been playing for days. A level or 2 a day. Lots of fun.
 posted in Syberia on Mar 14, 10 1:39 PM
_ursalita_ wrote:I loved it! I bought it in CD form a few years ago and absolutely loved the story and the artwork. I haven't played #2 because I've heard it doesn't measure up to the first one.

Should I play it??

You should absolutely play Syberia2!! The only reason some are disappointed is because at the end it is, in my opinion, a little sad. but not terrible I just wanted it to end a little differently. Both "Syberias" are the best game of this type I've played!! In fact I can't find another game as WONDERFUL as these!! But I'm looking!!
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd on Feb 4, 10 6:36 PM
barregar wrote:Is it safe now to go there because my computer got a virus when I was last there and it cost me a lot to have it repaired. Now I am afraid to go there.

I go to gamezebo several times a day using their walkthroughs for several games and have never picked up any problems. I scan my comp. every night after playing games and surfing so I would know. You can check the security of sites thru Maybe this will help.
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls™ Sweeney Todd on Feb 4, 10 6:04 PM
I'm stuck in the same place! If I find out I'll post it for you. "Good Luck"
 posted in Elementals: The Magic Key on Nov 12, 09 8:04 PM
I am so glad that all of you are talking about this. I am not computer literate either! I tried everything!!! I did not know about PS1.4 whatever !! But at least now I can uninstall it for the umpteenth time and forget about it! Too bad 'cuz it's looks cool!
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