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 posted in Tradewinds Caravans on Mar 5, 10 8:32 PM
I'm playing as the mother. One of my tasks is to go to the library in Baghdad. Well I'm IN Baghdad and I see no red exclamation points and nothing that seems like a library. Help! Thx!
 posted in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design on Sep 25, 09 9:58 PM
Lumberjack Coffee Blend: Cuban coffee, maple syrup, cinnamon, and whiskey. What a way to start the day!

I know the priciest ingredients make the most profitable creations, but I can't bring myself to concoct anything I wouldn't want to eat or drink. So Saffron Wasabi Maple Syrup Truffles just won't happen in my test kitchen, lol!
 posted in Defender of the Crown on Sep 5, 09 1:45 PM
Maybe heroes live forever, but I die fast!!! This is the first game of this type I've played and I am LOST!!! How can anyone buy a catapult after the first round if your tax revenue is only 2 coins? What can I do if another lord asks for help and I'm thinking if I help he could be an ally but all I see as an option is to attack him. Sometimes I win a joust and get a little fame...I'm afraid to joust for land since I only have one piece but maybe I should risk it since with only one territory I soon get overrun by neighbors. Help! Pretend you're explaining the game to a total n00b, 'cuz I am SO lost and confused. Thx.

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