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 posted in Magic Gate: Faces of Darkness on Mar 2, 16 7:58 PM
The hint keeps showing an area to the right of the staircase but I can't find a piece of mirror there. Anybody know where the last piece of mirror is?
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 14 1:55 PM
I downloaded the latest fix. However, when I got to the end of the game (after having played it about 5 times) and getting all the picture pieces I clicked on Bonus and nothing happened other than it locked up my computer. Not sure paying the Collectors Edition is worth paying the extra money if it doesn't give you a bonus game at the end.
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 14, 14 11:15 PM
I had the same problem numerous folks have noted. I clicked on the Bonus and nothing happened. I think paying the higher price for a Collector's Edition game one expects to have something extra to play. The game itself was very good but I was extremely disappointed that there was no bonus game to play.
 posted in Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the Missing Princess on Jun 3, 13 10:27 PM
I loved this game. I had gotten so tired of the "dark themes" that so many of the games nowadays seem to have. The banter between Vida and the ferret was really entertaining to me. It did seem to be a bit sluggish between scenes but it was tolerable. Maybe a few less HOS might have been a bit better, but all in all I feel it was well worth my time and money. I loved the accents on the voiceovers.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Salvation Collector's Edition on May 31, 13 9:33 AM
I'm afraid I'm with the last two folks. Can't find the last gem to free Alura. Have gone to all the rooms (on the map) and don't see anything indicating I missed something. When I go into each room and click on the Hint button nothing happens.
 posted in The Revenge on Mar 26, 11 9:56 AM
I am near the end. Have put the magic book on the stand. Then saw the sparkling area (picture) on the left wall. Have clicked on the picture and now I see clickable pictures showing up on the magic book. What am I supposed to do with these?
Sure appreciate all your help.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Feb 20, 10 9:29 PM
From top left to right:
Daffodil - Orchid

Bottom left to right:
Carnation - Sunflower

Hope that helps.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 19, 09 10:20 AM
I am a HOG fan and absolutely loved this one. It was so different from most HOG that you find. Also, I have friends from Maine and the accents on the characters really jazzed it up. I feel it had just the right amount of challenge for me, not too hard and not too easy. The one thing I might have changed is having to find the typewriter keys every time. Maybe just once a level might have been better. Thanks for coming up with this new venue. Am looking forward to more "Murder She Wrote" adventures.
 posted in Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders on Nov 11, 09 11:33 AM
When I try to click on the "click to continue" at the bottom of the page It just ignores my clicking. I have to do the skip on the top and then I miss all the conversation. Is there something I am doing wrong?
 posted in Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor on Oct 7, 09 9:00 AM
As someone else said this game is great for HOG folks. I enjoyed the game, however, I felt the end was anti-climatic. I was expecting to fight some terrible monster and it never happened. The designers should definitely give more thought to their next ending.
 posted in Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies on Jan 10, 09 9:26 AM
I have Haunted Hotel I - the original - and in comparing 2 to this was extremely disappointed. For one thing the ambiance (spooky) that 1 had was missing, and I agree it was way too short. I downloaded the free download and decided I would buy it figuring there would be lots of levels afterwards. Not so! I don't think I spent two hours total to finish the gam. Shame on the programmers. I've always felt that you shoud enhance the original not go 350 degrees in the opposite direction.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Nov 4, 08 5:52 PM
I have played this game a number of times. Yep, enjoyed it that much. I started keeping track of where the lightening bolts were in each scene and how many I could accrue. At the end I had accrued 54. Wonder if I missed any?
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