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 posted in Artist Colony on Dec 15, 09 2:23 PM
I've only played the hour trial, but I am definitely buying this one! love it. There are so few good TM games, that when one comes along I'm super stoked. This has great graphics, great plot and I just think its going to be great fun watching my colony and artists devlop.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 16, 09 3:43 PM
Judging by all the reviews I thought this game was going to be a sure buy for me, but I guess I'm one of the odd ones out here. I have no problems with it (and did enjoy the show all those moons ago when my mom always watched, so I had to, too) but the game just didn't do anything for me. I'm not a huge HOG fan--they gotta be real intriguing to hook me--like Puppetville and such. So...this was a no brainer, no buy for me, but I'm sure many would enjoy it. Love ole Jessica!
 posted in Bettys Beer Bar on Oct 25, 09 8:57 PM
I tried this game out last year sometime on BFGs and really did not enjoy it! i seems like it was created about 15 years ago or something! I'm probably wrong, but nonetheless, the graphics appear that way--what can you expect for 8mb I guess.
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on Oct 15, 09 4:03 PM
beautiful, fun, intruiging game. Yes, I hate it when games end too quickly too, but for some reason I didn't mind in this one was it was so great and they've definitely left it open for a sequel which I'll likely buy. yes, graphics were fantastic. I got stuck in one spot (when looking out the window into the hidden back yard I didn't realize there was a thing to take there and couldn't figure out what I was missing for the longest time). Other than that it was simple, but totally enjoyable through and through and I didn't think it was nearly as spooky as Return to Ravenhearst. Want to try that new "Reincarnations: Awakenings" one now, too but everyone complaining soooo short. Oh well, lets see.

This game is worth the $6.99 in my humble opinion.
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Oct 15, 09 3:44 PM
I am a TM fan, but I don't think I'm being picky when I say this game was REALLY boring. I'm not quite sure why I even finished the demo--I guess I hoped it would improve. It was SO predictable--quite possibly the most predictable game I have ever played! It never got hard and you always knew what each customer wanted. At least if they changed that up it would have improved the overall game slightly.

The graphics, I thought, were amazing--crystal clear and very lifelike. The wood floors looked real. I think the graphics were the main reason i kept going. I liked that you could improve the shop, but that is about all I liked. There are definitely a lot of better TM games to spend my credits on. I generally don't like the fashion ones, but I did enjoy Vogue Tales. Didn't take long to complete, but was real cute and fun.
 posted in Lost City of Z: Special Edition on Oct 15, 09 2:47 PM
robertarobb wrote:I'm at the copter crash site and no matter howmany times I get hints I cannot for the life of me find the goggles or the magnet.. Anyone else having this problem?
Please help if possible

The goggles were the first thing I saw in that scene. Did you get all the vines cut? They are kinda right on the side of the plane as if they just fell out. Look like ski goggles. And the magnet is half in the water, slightly below the goggles.

i had great difficulty finding the ant to take a photo of a few levels before that. The radar hint was WAY off in showing me where to look--in fact that happened at least one other time, also. I finally found the ant, and it would not take the photo and i had to try at least a dozen times, even though I was putting the ant right in the center. And of course the annoying click message came up a LOT (after every two clicks that were in close succession)

I'm definitely not buying this game. Not horrible, but compared to a lot of FAR better HOG mysteries, why would I waste the money on this one?
 posted in Avenue Flo on Oct 14, 09 8:21 AM
I finally got it downloaded. Had to turn off my anti-virus to get it to load.

Anyway, I'm not going to buy it and here is why. For anyone who wants and fun and simple mystery/adventure, sure it is real cute. Since I'm used to the harder adventure ones and the large file games and such, this was a bit of a bore.

To those of you thinking you'd like to try the other Diner Dash games since you liked this, be warned they are very different. The Diner Dash: Dectective Agency that came out a few weeks ago was actually very enjoyable. I did buy it--so you'd think if I like it I'd like this--maybe i just needed one! However the other Diner Dash are true TM games (my favourite) but I really don't enjoy them mostly because of the dragging and dropping people into their spots. Just find it real boring.

Just my opinion for anyone looking for another point of view. It truly is a cute game, just not for me!
 posted in Avenue Flo on Oct 13, 09 4:29 PM
Oops, when I said it downloads for hours and then completes, I meant NEVER completes.
 posted in Avenue Flo on Oct 13, 09 4:27 PM
ME TOO! It won't download and this has never happened before. I have a brand new computer and my anti-virus has been giving me a lot of problems with BFG, but still, I did finally get the games downloading and uninstalling, but this was won't download. Every time I try, a download for Adobe Flash 10 pops up and I try to download it but it just keeks 'installing' for hours and then completes. sooooo annoying. Do I need that to play this? How come all other things that need Flash work--like other websites and such that require it? So frustrated. Really want to try this game. BTW, my anti-virus is Kaspersky in case any one else has the same problems with it.
 posted in Magic Farm on Oct 8, 09 11:02 PM
I got the original Magic Farm last year and LOOOVEd it. Recently downloaded the upgrade and tried it last night in hardcore mode. though it is the same game, there are a LOT of changes. Slightly different graphics, different pests and it is MUCH harder--or at least in hardcore mode. I like that mode, but man, just getting finished in the first farm is hard. My plants keep either dying cuz I run out of water (and can't afford to buy more or upgrade the well yet) or the pests get them. There are so many pests and it is hard to kill them in time when you've got like 5 at a time and a bunch of plants need watering and there just isn't time! It's crazy, though I am enjoying the challenge. Loved that the first game went on with tons more challenges even after the initial game of finding her parents is complete, so I assume this does the same. Still one of my favourite TM games ever!
 posted in Paradise Beach on Oct 7, 09 10:37 PM
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVe This game. I usually do not like the 'build' games, though I'm a big TM fan, but this one is addictive. I love that you can play at each beach as long as you like and go back any time, even though the level is over.

A lot of people are having problems with this game. I think this game needs a lot more ram and all than it states. I tried downloading it on my older laptop and it downloaded but would not play (as several others stated). Then last week I bought a new laptop (lucky me) and it plays this like a dream. No choppiness or slowed graphics whatsoever. I have 4 G RAM and a 512 dedicated graphics card, though I'm sure that isn't necessary to play the game, I think it helps a lot. There is so much going on that many computers just can't handle it.

It is really a learn as you go game, but that is okay since levels can last as long as you like and there are about 6 different beach resorts to create, with just a bit more of the island revealed to develop with each level (there are about 6 or 8 levels per island). With each island I learn a lot more and would love to go back later and improve on my earlier islands.

Hiring engineers is of utmost importance. Then I hire custodians and lifeguards cuz without them, things get pretty annoying--always trying to save drowning guests and pick up their garbage. Need to put garbage cans everywhere, but still custodians are very necessary.

The bottom right buttons that highlight your different employees and trash are very important. I leave the trash one on all the time.

I love the little story line that goes along on each island as well. Often after I finish each island I keep playing for another hour or so, just improving the resort and making more money.

the one thing I don't like is the grass you can plant. It looks awful so better just to leave the resort in the natural state.
 posted in Age Of Oracles: Tara`s Journey on Oct 7, 09 10:27 PM
for someone that loves HOG and strategy but wants it simple, this is great. I did not enjoy this as it was just too simple. Every level only took a few minutes to do all the HOGs and solve the puzzle. But graphics and voiceovers were great--lovely actually. A definite pass for anyone who wants any sort of challenge though.
 posted in Cake Mania Main Street on Oct 7, 09 10:22 PM
I loved the other Cake Mania trials, so I bought one (since they're all basically the same) and I loved it. Yet....this new one did nothing for me. In fact I found it quite boring. The upgrading other stores and having a different type of game in there is great and I thought I'd love it, but they were so boring--reminded me of those real simplified games for kids. Ugh! So I will not be buying this one, even though I loved Cake Mania 1, 2 and 3.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Aug 5, 09 8:26 PM
Agree with everyone--RR is one of the best TM's ever. I've been on Big Fish a long time and this is still my favourite. For anyone else who likes this one, the only other TM that comes close to as good as this (in my humble opinion) is Magic Farm. SUPER fun and if you have the old version (with 4 farms) you just uninstall and reinstall for the new version with 5 farms on Big Fish. I also really enjoyed Nanny Mania, Cake Mania and Youda Sushi. Farm Frenzy is okay, but I'm not as wild about as a lot of people.

I totally dislike the Diner Dash games or any games where you have to drag the people into positions! Although the newest Diner Dash: Detective Agency is really fun--totally different mystery HOG game.

Please get RR2 quick!!
 posted in DinerTown: Detective Agency on Aug 5, 09 7:59 PM
Yeah! Same problem. so annoying. Totally love this game--so cute, fun, change of pace. But what's with this scene. I went on without it, but haven't finished that level yet, so not sure if it lets you go on without finishing that set of 5 or not.
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