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 posted in Wandering Willows on Sep 7, 14 9:30 PM
Is there any way to buy this game anymore?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 9, 14 9:37 PM
My number is 29387. Have sent out a few invites to some numbers on the list. Add at will.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Sep 29, 13 11:22 PM
Videos on Youtube???? Wow now I have something else to try lol
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Sep 29, 13 11:15 PM
I am in the same boat and have been for most of the weekend. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. I started playing the mobile version over the weekend just to get my fix in
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Sep 29, 13 3:48 PM
I have been having connection problems all weekend. On the rare occasion I can get connected it only stays connected for a couple of minutes and then drops me. I have to try logging in again and again and get a time out message each time. I started playing the other free game that released a couple days ago bush whackers and have no problem connecting to that one so I know the issue is not on my end. I hope they get this issue addressed soon.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Sep 23, 13 11:13 PM
There is a sticky already on the forum if you look at the top of the list.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Sep 23, 13 12:26 AM
Ok silly question probably but I can't figure it out. I have seen a few people talk about the timers on the breeding structure and the incubator, but I can't figure out how you are seeing how much time till they are done. Can you please share how you see the timer? I have clicked on everything I can click on and no time info shows up. Lots of great info on the forum. This game is addictive. Thanks to everyone that has shared info.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 13 10:55 AM
I have done what tech support suggested but it did not help. My elephant games are all still lagging
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 13 8:39 AM
I have to agree something strange is going on. I started up Nutcracker after reading some of the other posts and it is lagging as well. It wasn't a couple weeks ago when I last played it. I am halfway through that game and it did not lag like this when I played it before. I sure hope there is a fix for this. i would love to get Bloody Mary at the sale price but not without knowing if there is a fix for this. I am going to try out some of my other games and see if they also do the same thing. I know I played Arizona Rose last night and it was acting odd (timer not working and the shells graphic not working). I am on level 9 on that game and it worked fine before installing Bloody Mary. I do have a Dr. Felix in to tech support so maybe they will figure it out soon.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 3, 13 12:02 PM
I have been having the same lag issue with this game. I have never had this happen with a big fish game before and this is a brand new computer that is only about 3 months old. Will try the uninstall/reinstall and see what happens. I turned off the special effects as well and it didn't help.

Update: I did reinstall the game and the lag wasn't any better. I disabled the custom cursor and that helped a little bit but the game is still very laggy.
 posted in Gardenscapes 2 on Apr 11, 13 8:45 AM
If it makes you feel any better I did the same thing kept clicking on the gloves and the dishes
 posted in Gardenscapes 2 on Apr 10, 13 9:26 PM
Yes I have heard that as well but have never seen the cat.
 posted in Gardenscapes 2 on Apr 10, 13 11:52 AM
I would love to know the answer to that question. I have all these games from this dev and all of the fishdom games as well. Do share
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 12 11:13 AM
I did exit the game. The problem occured an hour later when I reloaded the game. I always exit the game if I know or decide it will be more than a couple minutes that I need to be away from it. Always less problems when you exit and restart it. That is why I was suprised that it went to a black screen in the play area I don't know if it makes any difference but I did skip the intro that time because I had already seen it a few times and was wanting to get back into the game play Then I could not get the game to close without using the task manager. I did not get any error message about corrupt files before I got the black screen just loaded it up to a black screen and on reload it was like I had never played the game at all.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 12 1:28 AM
I played the demo just fine and ran out of time. Downloaded the full game and went back in and played for another hour or so. Exited the game. A couple of hours later I started the game again and clicked continue and the game screen was blank except for the inventory area which would pop up but was empty. It would not allow me to exit the game or get to the menu so I used task manager to close the game. Restarted it again and am back at the beginning of the game. Serious save issues are still plaguing the game which is a real shame it is a very good game so far. Will wait a few days to play it again until the save game issue is fixed.
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 14, 12 4:09 PM
I love this game. I love solitare games and have several so wasn't expecting anything much different. This is so fun. It is bright and colorful and has a different twist to it. If you like solitare games you should at least give it a try. Even if you think you don't like solitare games you should give it a try. I used up the hour trial in what felt like 10 minutes and had to go buy it. Great work on this one Victor and welcome to the pond. I played on relaxed mode cause I was in the mood not to be rushed and wanted to be able to look at the backgrounds while I was playing. Off to play some more.
 posted in Word U on Apr 13, 12 1:53 AM
I participated in the beta on this one. The lack of a submit button was something I mentioned in my beta feedback and I really hoped that they would have done something with the suggestion. The game has potential. It can be challenging and makes you think and look ahead to plan your letter swaps. It was quite frustrating however to have a long word all planned out and have the game take the smaller root word first. It does have a nice twist on the current word games out at the moment. Unfortunately I found the little quirks to be to much to allow the game to be really enjoyable. I do recommend that anyone who likes word games give the trial a chance. It might be your cup of tea but it just wasn't mine.
 posted in The Scruffs: Return of the Duke on Feb 20, 12 2:34 PM
What a nice treat for this to pop up in time for the current sale. I beta tested this game and it was fun and light hearted. I have been waiting for it to come out. I am off to buy
 posted in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper on Oct 4, 11 9:56 PM
I got to sample this one as a beta a couple of months ago and had forgotten it. They added the oddly enough to the title and at first I was't sure it was the same game. I found it to be fun and not too hard on the brain cells and I was dissappointed when the test time was at an end. Off to see how much I remember from the beta.
 posted in Sonya Collector's Edition on Aug 21, 11 1:38 AM
I did a beta on this several months ago and enjoyed it. I am glad to see it finally released. Was hoping it would be an SE and not a CE. I am d/l now and will see if it was as good as I remember from the beta.
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