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 posted in Virtual Families on Apr 19, 13 8:50 PM
Buddy_bOY wrote:My new generation hasnt had a husband yet and she is 32 i have had 10+ generations and my family have $139044682523.99 in cash and i am afraid to lose it all she has had no proposels yet, what do i do

she doesn't have to get married. One thing that can happen is adoption....okay this is a weird trick and don't ask me why it works....

Let the house become really messy and usually a kid shows up that you can adopt, no marriage has to take place at all.

My first family the wife didn't get married before she adopted her first child and THEN got can happen, hope this helps...
 posted in The Inquisitor on Jun 2, 10 8:34 PM

The key with these puzzles is to find where the blank spot is on the board. There is always one blank spot for maneuverability. In this case it is the bottom right hand square. Then start in the farthest side and do those pieces first and keep doing the ones farthest away until you are left with those in the bottom. Just do each section at a time and you'll find yourself done in no time! Hope this helps
 posted in My Beautiful Vacation on May 22, 10 5:25 PM
Are you trying to download the game or are you trying to play it? If your trying to download a game after purchasing it then you can just hit the download button that should be on top after purchasing it. However you can just hit my account and then once your in there hit my games and you should be able to see the game you purchased (sometimes it takes fifteen minutes for the website to recognize that you purchased it) and then just hit download next to your game.
Also check out the forum if you are stuck in your game, just go to forum and type in the name of your game and check out what other people have posted and post your question there to get a little more direct help. Hope this helps.

Sorry you go into my account and then hit purchase history and it will have a install now button next to your game. Hope this helps. If not contact BFG and they will help out.
 posted in The Heritage on May 22, 10 4:30 PM
I don't know but the anxiety is getting to me... the suspense......what will happen
 posted in The Heritage on May 22, 10 2:17 PM
It's all good. Software is a hard thing to get bugs out of sometimes and I have enjoyed myself at big fish games. I just became a one year anniversary fishie on May 11 and despite any gaming problems I have ever had Big Fish Games is the only one I'd pay to belong. And it's hard to make every game work with every system and sometimes bugs do exist no matter what, but I have confidence in the fishies that work hard behind the scenes to provide me with sweet gaming opportunities. Thanks so much!
 posted in The Heritage on May 22, 10 12:23 PM
Yippeee!!!!!!What else can I say? Yiiipppeeeee!!!!
 posted in The Heritage on May 22, 10 12:04 PM
AAAAAAAAAAGH. This game is engrossing and when i got to chapter five it spit me out!!!!AAAAAAGH!!! I want to play this game and it won't let me do anything but go back and start over. I hate playing games over . It is so fustrating and this game is so very nice and creepy. I am going to go cry and chew on my fins...I was all set to buy this can I buy this? I was just set to freak when I saw everyone else is having this problem.....sigh....good to know...I thought I was braindead or something.....(don't answer that) I hit the wrong button or something...oh well......good to know it isn't me.....
 posted in Aveyond: Lord of Twilight on May 19, 10 6:08 PM
I have played this game more than twice and keep having the same problem, I get the attraction points I need but one of them won't add on. I think it's the cave one ( where I buy the poem) and when I 've gone thru the rest of the game and just about finished she does not have the needed points and I have gone to all the right people. I have looked on walkthroughs and gone over the game again and still do not have the attraction point add to the total so I cannot go onto the next aveyond game to continue the story..aaaargh. Anyone else having this problem or am I just nuts...? ------probably do not need to answer that question....
 posted in Destiny Architect on May 14, 10 8:56 PM
Ok, I tried this game up until the final sixteen minutes of the one hour trial. Yikes, where to begin...Rotten story, not sure what it was about and got lost trying to follow it. Not even sure what it had to do with the actual plotline... not even sure how to explain the story even that's how confused I was by it. I played without the music so I cannot review that, but the little girl is waving her arms the whole time you are moving bricks into a design. She is off to the side and while you can ignore her it seems so ...annoying to see her off to the side in a rather jerky fashion moving the bricks with her arms.... Frankly I give this game a pass and since I am the first person to even review it here I can see why. I just thought it might be a hidden jem. But this is a hidden dud. Keep moving, not worth an hour of your time.
 posted in Ciao Bella on May 9, 10 8:54 PM
Hi, Okay I just finished the game. The objectives you have to finish are the one's in the PDA. Now I finally figured out that the only way to do this game was if I did one thing at a time and ate just before and just after everything I did in the game. Seriously. and if your family start hassling you in the game the only goals you still have to do are the one's in the PDA.. Just get all your levels up and you'll do fine in this game. Basically a day would be sleep, eat, makeup, eat, read, clean, eat, workout (swim, lift weights, swim) go eat at office, work, eat go home (are you getting the general idea... seriously the key is to eat after everything you do and this game suddenly becomes a lot easier. Also do not forget to beseech a lot in church. God gives you all kinds of things. Money the first time, bonuses really does pay to pray...(do not strike me down for that Lord) but this game does give all kinds of goodies if you hang out in the church beseeching every so often. It does not matter if you fail your uncle, just get your levels up and whatever his disapointment in you deletes in your points you will still pass the level. In this game as long as your levels are high you will succeed in passing the level as long as you meet your goals for Elio. Hope this helps.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on May 7, 10 4:46 PM
Not that I necessarily want a bunch of spooks running around in the game when I can't get the real ( did I just say real...?) people to do stuff- Like work, get food...throw those wretched non-working mothers (seriously who thought of this game? Does anyone know anyone who just carries around their baby all the time? Even if they can't do a major task(move a boulder!) but why can't they just do soooomething!
Okay, deep breath, only a game. Seriously... HOW do you get ghostly visitations so you can get the trophy?
 posted in Lamp of Aladdin on Apr 30, 10 12:30 PM
Love this game, I know the story of Aladdin by heart, I have read both the books and watched movies. I am still on pins and needles to finish the game. I know how it will end, and despite annoying voice over's ( Aladdin sounded a little pimply for me) the graphics and the music were wonderful. And as match three games go this is fun with a purpose. I like games with a story and can't wait to finish. Plus you get screensavers and wallpaper. I am very mercurial and change my screensavers and my wallpaper often. Nothing quite like some freebies!
 posted in Deadly Sin on Apr 27, 10 3:10 PM
I saw those lines and found them to be paths but there was one spot up top i could not get into and I backtracked all over....I guess i will keep trying. thanks!
 posted in Deadly Sin on Apr 27, 10 2:56 PM
I am having problems, is that section of the mausoleum supposed to be black. i wandered around in the black void and popped up in a few lit sections so I was wondering what happened to the lights?
 posted in Deadly Sin on Apr 27, 10 2:50 PM
Thanks so much! Kudos for new outfits! I can't wait to buy that game as well, I love these types of games. Nice to hear from the game designer's !
 posted in Deadly Sin on Apr 27, 10 2:33 PM
If you have played the Aveyond games (and loved them!) this is your cup of tea. And yes it is a different set of rules to use the keyboard instead of mouse but it is fun. I like these games, the only issue I have is the young lady's posterior hanging out of her very skimpy skirt , while the man has a coat on for crying out loud! (in the
battle scenes) come on, I get pnuemonia just looking at her! And I am thirty years old( probably young to some people ) and this outfit is ridiculous. I love these kind's of games but please Game Designer's, I really don't want to see most of her behind...unless ... we go equal and his rear is hanging out...hint, hint. (Although, judging from the amount of clothes he is wearing it will probably be a pasty white behind and then i'll want it covered up again...
 posted in Potion Bar on Apr 26, 10 11:28 AM
I finished the game and though it was rather short I thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes you can upgrade later on. There is all sorts of choices and you can go back and redo the game and make different choices in what you purchase. The story remains the same but it is fun just to replay it.
 posted in Artist Colony on Apr 12, 10 12:34 PM
It's been awhile since I played, but for the people all falling for each other this game does not have much depth. Everybody falls for each other, but it's supposed to be one giant swinging pile as far as I can see. I do not think anymore than the main characters have a relationship at the end, but it's just crushes for the rest. There is no true relationships, they just fall in and out of love. Kinda sad anyway. Please post if anyone has played more recently, I played over six months ago and it's been a million games since then. Wow, I sound so old and jaded. Off to get my prune juice....
 posted in I SPY Mystery on Apr 10, 10 7:22 AM
O.K. I will try to be fair and say that this game might be good for actual children and not just the young at heart...but the quality was gross. And I was happy to hear that so many people hated that little girl's voice so that I could post my own review which was that after ten seconds of hearing her voice I had violent thoughts towards her. I grew up with the I Spy books and loved them, I have tried two of the different games they have and hated them both. Too annoyingly babyish. And frankly maybe I am the only one but I hated it when people talked down to you when I was a child and these games have that feel. The pictures are poor, the game play is terrible because there are so many technical problems ( the mouse is slow and the picture blinks alot when you start it and the two games I have downloaded before have always had a red box where the logo was supposed to be). Frankly, if I was a child I would still give these a pass. Life is too short and MCF and those type games rule!
 posted in Potion Bar on Apr 9, 10 4:28 PM
Loved the game! It was short but it was sweet, not annoying, music was a moodsetter, and graphics were charming. Ended too quick, but wow it was fun. I could hardly wait to finish it, and I liked the charms merchant and will definitaly play again! And frankly when some people found the slurping sounds of the customers off putting, I thought it was funny, I mean, where else will you see a bunch of scary night creatures acting like they have juice boxes! Laughed, but this is just my opinion, and anyway you can always mute the noise, so this game was a real pleasure for me. Hope there is more in the series, the door puzzles were gorgeous!
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