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OK! This appears to be the place where the final solutions to this mediochre game are found.

Finishde the game. The credits have rolled. While I think the game is WAY overrated, I want to get me value from purchasing the CE by playing the bonus round. Can't do it.

Apparently there is something I missed during the game itself that won't activate the bonus material.

To say this angers me would be a horrible understatement. Is the game telling me I have to replay what I think is a horrible game in order to play bonus material I paid a premium for, even though the game, itself, has told me I've already finished the game?

Doesn't someone see some sense in this?
At the beginning the reviews started out as "5 out of 5 stars." Typical of many of the early reviewers. As we get to the later pages, reviews are are a bit more pointed.

Dire Grove this is NOT! He(ck), this isn't even Ravenhust.

The acting is horrible. The puzzles are simple. Let's start with that.

Then, after completing this miserable game, the bonus material says you have to find a hidden object to open a "morphing" part of the game. Like I enjoy pixel hunts for morphing objects that have no reward.

And then I find out that when I complete the game, (which is verified by the fact that the game tells me I have completed it,) and the credits start to roll, (which can't be turned off, which is another minor irritant,) I find out that I have missed something that won't allow me to play the bonus material.

Is there anything the developers of this game or BFG could possibly do to piss me off more?

I think not! Let's say the MCF franchise has lost its luster, and will not be an auto purchase ever again. Those of us who were expecting better really deserve a refund on this one.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride on May 3, 12 4:21 PM
I just recently purchased the game with a credit. The demo played just fine...although I played continually til the demo ended, and still had 17 minutes to spare of my allotted 60.

My problem is I can't quit the game. When I click on menu, the game is frozen at the menu screen. Clicking main menu does nothing and I have to use task manager to exit. Of course I lose some information and have to backtrack. Very irritating.
 posted in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Collector's Edition on May 1, 12 4:06 PM
Reviews seem to be all over the map.

Me, and here's another "based on the demo" reaction: Not close to being worth a "buy" unless another super-sale comes along. And then 'only' if the SE edition is available.

More of the same ERS. But there is no Joy in the Joyville series once she becomes the victim after three games as the villain. Not plausible.
 posted in Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty on Dec 13, 11 4:07 PM
I don't normally play straight hidden object games. In fact I think the last one I played was close to four years ago. But I do like Spin-Top games, and I felt a little worn out playing my usual fare. Sacre Terra was wonderful. The latest Drawn was a disappointment. I needed a change of pace. I think the graphics are superior to prior Spin-Top games. It's entertaining. Not great, but the kind of change of pace I needed.
 posted in Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty on Dec 13, 11 4:06 PM
I don't normally play straight hidden object games. In fact I think the last one I played was close to four years ago. But I do like Spin-Top games, and I felt a little worn out playing my usual fare. Sacre Terra was wonderful. The latest Drawn was a disappointment. I needed a change of pace. I think the graphics are superior to prior Spin-Top games. It's entertaining. Not great, but the kind of change of pace I needed.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 21, 11 6:51 PM
Much to my dismay, I am pulling the plug on my positive review of this game.

It has had continual, repeatable crashes at the end of the game. For me, rendering the game unable to be finished. CS has recognized the problem.

This is so sad. I really thought this was a winner.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 20, 11 12:06 PM
Have a repeating problem. When I give the gold coin to the wizard with the book the game crashes. I am not allowed to take the book. The hand icon remains on when I move the cursor about the screen. It requires a Ctrl-Alt-Del to exit the game. When I restart the game I am not even returned to the spot where the game crashed...nor even to the spot where I started prior to the first crash, but to the spot when I first went underground.

The same crash has occurred at the exact same spot three times. Ergo, I am unable to proceed. As far as I can tell, the game cannot be completed. Very frustrating.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 18, 11 7:45 PM
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 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 18, 11 4:22 PM
Sorry for those who feel the graphics of Shadows are sub-par. They are the primary reason I bought the game. They are bright, they are somber, they are animated. They are everything one would look for in a "standard" adventure game, but are missing in almost ever "casual" game. (ERS games being the exception. But, of late, graphics is about the only thing ERS has going for it.)

I said I would report back. Big surprise! Even though I played the CE demo, the SE dropped me right where the CE stopped. That was not what I expected, nor, particularly what I wanted to happen.

That said, the game seems to be progressing at a fairly rapid pace. (I'm playing in "easy" mode.) I entered the game where the demo ended, so I had 37 minutes invested up to that point. I played for about an hour and find myself at the Monkey Pond where I quit for the day.

I've not had to consult a WT, so I don't know how close to the end I am. Since I'm back on the clock for the next few days, I may not find out until Wednesday when I take game breaks between baking various pies for T-Day.

I will assume there might be an hour left. That would bring the total to 2.5 hours. Short by many standards. But considering what I consider to be superb graphics, delightful puzzles and a great interactive hint system...this was well worth the credit spent. And I would recommend Shadows to anyone who has a credit to spare.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows on Nov 18, 11 9:13 AM
I played the CE demo. While I loved it, it was quite short. When I finished, I still had 23 minutes left on the clock. I downloaded the SE today. I'll report back when I've got a better feel for overall game length.
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 11 6:32 PM
Lots of negative comments. Enjoyed the demo, but finished with 23 minutes left on the clock. Would tend to varify that this is a short game. Will wait for the SE. Which should come soon. Popularity of the CE is dropping like a rock in the illustrated book's creek.
ember89 wrote:perhaps ERS has fallen into formula gaming, but when you go somewhere for one thing and they have the best one thing and that's why you go there... why seek change?

I'm sure the original poster was referring to McDonald's. I don't think the comparison is valid. While the fries at one restaurant will taste pretty much the same as they will at every other McD restaurant, that doesn't mean they haven't changed over the years in an attempt to make them better. Do you think you could have ordered a breakfast burrito in 1985? Or a Quarter Pounder? Or a premium coffee? Have you ever taken a look at the McD menues in Europe or Asia?

The McDonald's of today looks nothing like it did at its inception, let alone what it looked like a year ago.

There are many chains that tried to emulate the McD success story, but because they never thought beyond the basic burge/fries/coke/shake menu package, they are now out of business

Why seek change? Because that's what expands your customer base. No matter how good the current state of affairs/product might be, if it doesn't change/improve the customer will eventually get bored with it, and stop buying it.

That is what is happening here! ERS may the best at what it does at this point in time. But it has not changed its "menu". In terms of games, years equate to months. ERS has not changed its basic platform in over two years. That's an eternity. People are getting tired of eating it. They, ERS, needs to start looking at upgrading their menu, or they will become another Henry's. (For those of you who aren't old enough to recognize the name, Henry's was one of those who tried to emulate McD, and failed.)
 posted in Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek on Oct 24, 11 3:35 PM
Very enjoyable game for me. I played at a very leisurely pace, and it took about 5 1/2 hours to finish in Easy mode. That's more than acceptable.

The hidden object scenes were only fair. I used the hint button more than I usually do, and was grateful for the speedy reload. On more than one occasion (read many) I could be heard muttering "You've got to be kidding me!!" when a hidden object was revealed. There were more than a few objects (again, read many) that I never would have found without the hint button.

Relating to the above, there was a nice variety in the objects. All were period appropriate, i.e., you weren't going to find a telephone in a game based in 18th century Europe. And, unlike most other games, once an object is found, it is no longer there when the screen is revisited. A very nice touch.

I had no trouble with the voice acting. I've posted on other fora my dislike for fake accents that rarely pulled off. ERS games is a particularly frequent offender. Voices here were straightforward. Yes, the voices did not mesh with the animation. It's a game! I've seen overdubs of foreign movies that have done a poorer job. Not a critical flaw by any stretch of the imagination.

The graphics were very good. Not excellent as others have commented. To rate excellent, the game would have to the same attention to detail as, for example, the DRAWN series. It is simply not up to those standards. Still there is nothing offensive that would cause one to say "I loved the game except for the graphics."

I played both the CE and SE demos before making a buying decision. It gave me a better feel for the pacing of the game.

The only quibble I have is that the movement throughout the game seemed a little disjointed. I would sit down and play for an hour. When I came back to the game I occasionally couldn't remember what I was doing at the time I quit. I had to do a little backtracking to catch up. I finally decided on the strategy of quitting just as I was about to enter a hidden object scene. That way, when I received the "key" object, I would have a faily good idea of where I was supposed to go next.

The hint button and the map totally eliminated the need for a walkthrough. I like that. More games should take a clue from this. Only improvement would have been to make the map interactive as it was in Urban Legends - The Maze

Well worth the $$. I recommend it.
TeamSD who never rates a game lower than A+ and she who rates this "Fine Swine" must be playing a different game.

Boring to the extreme. Convoluted plot. Backtracking with no interactive map. No character definition. HOGs that don't relate. Basically a mish-mash of everything Adventure Gamers don't like about "casual" adventure games.

Compared to a game such as Sacre Terra, this is an F-.

TeamSD wrote:Really really loved the first one and this one didn't make me disappointed either! Played for 30 mins and it's a BUY for me!

Graphics are great, top quality just like other games from ERS, music is stunning and puzzles are super fun! HOG scenes including some interactions as usual which is great and story is great too (even though i like the story of the first one more). The gameplay is just the best, i got hooked and just can't stop playing it!


Graphics: A*
Story: A
Music: A*
Puzzles: A
HOG Scenes: A
Fun: A*
Gameplay: A*
Overall: A*

My grades can be as high as A* or as low as F!
Once again, you have to be kidding. No way this is even a c+ other than graphics.
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice on Sep 11, 11 6:47 PM
I have run into this problem during two replays. I simply don't know where the 15th Ducat disappeared to.

I think you have nine or ten once the gate opens. You get two viewing the hog head. One more in the kitchen. One opening the pillow. And one after you cut the shrubs in the courtyard.

That should give you 15 Ducats. Go get your cat NOW!
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice on Sep 11, 11 6:36 PM
Use the scarf to tie the ladder together.
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice on Sep 11, 11 6:33 PM
Your thumping on the wrong object. Try thumping on the object at the lower right part of the screen.
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