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 posted in Cubis Kingdoms Collector's Edition on Feb 10, 18 11:41 PM
I also will be waiting for SE as I cannot see the value in paying for the CE. I've played Cubis since the first one came out way back. This one threw me as it adds cubes to the board as each turn is played which I haven't come across - or at least I cannot remember the previous games doing this - but at least it's not timed which I really dislike. (On the original Cubis I could "cheat" and add time to the levels which helped plus I could make levels of my own which I enjoyed doing.)
What an excellent idea; they have suffered a bit over the years.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Lethal Knowledge Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 17 7:49 PM
I have loved each Dead Reckoning from the first one however I LOATHE this one. First the cursor has a problem so I have to use their ghastly fat, large, enormous one until hopefully (perhaps) a fix comes in. Then to make matters worse I am ordered to do everything at the game's command instead of being able to look around each scene and decide FOR MYSELF what I'll do first. I don't have the best memory so always try and collect the collectible and/or morph first up then go on to pick up items then maybe do the HOP or I'll even collect an item where I know how to use it then back out and use it. Not so here starting with the café scene where I HAD to sit down with the two men as soon as I walked in and couldn't do anything else till the entire scene plus puzzles was finished. Thought that might have been it but no, upstairs in the bloke's office I had to go through all the ordering around again. What's up with the developer's? Where did they get the idea that they could boss we gamers around to the extent they have in this one? Please it would be so much appreciated if you don't do it again as there goes my money away from your business instead of to it. Thankfully I only wasted half the money I would normally have paid as soon as I saw a DR for sale as I got it as a two for one. My fault too for not trialling it first but DRs have always been very good before this so I didn't. Will be much more careful next time.
Get some charcoal from the nearby fireplace. When placed on the board the sketch is done.
 posted in Mystery P.I.: Stolen in San Francisco on Sep 19, 17 3:47 AM
Weird huh!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on May 1, 17 12:13 AM
Thank you for excellent explanation. This one ended up being one of my skipped games for that achievement.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on May 1, 17 12:10 AM
Agreed too. This last one was way too dark for me; did not enjoy it as much as many of the previous ones. First two Ravenhearsts and Fate's Carnival are my favourites.
 posted in Cadenza: Fame, Theft and Murder Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 17 12:55 AM
I did NOT appreciate not being able to back out of the "jigsaw puzzle" puzzle when I realised I hadn't done my collectibles in the outside area of amusement park. So irritated I pressed on and completed them only to find I had the map to take me to the next major location and I couldn't get out of that nor could I return to pick up my "records". Yes, I may be able to get them in the Extras at the end of the game but that is not the point. ALL puzzles should be able to be backed out of anytime before completing them if a player wants to.
Now I'll get off my soapbox and continue the game. Thank you for your patience (LOL).
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Dec 1, 16 8:18 PM
I absolutely agree with the annoying task thing; especially annoying when I'm trying to click on a Morph before I forget it's there and have to wait for the task bit to do its thing.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Dec 1, 16 8:10 PM
I'm Australian and I still call it SMS.
 posted in Grim Tales: Color of Fright Collector's Edition on Nov 9, 16 2:40 AM
Absolutely, I suffer from BPV (Benign Positional Vertigo) which some of these games affect. When I am fortunate to do a Beta test that's the first thing I mention if the game has it in. Have found it on the Main Screen on the latest one so hopefully it will be fixed when it comes out.
 posted in Final Cut: Fame Fatale Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 16 12:22 AM
Nope, same as you, no achievement no matter what I did.
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Feb 16, 16 3:55 PM
I played a few untimed levels and a couple of timed ones - the scores don't show up at the end of the round on either - and gained a trophy for "beating x amount of times". How do I get to know this myself without the scores showing as they did in the last game - not sure about the first one but think it still did as the same Trophies are listed.

I also could never see the final cart in the "collect the carts" levels. Playing untimed I stopped and checked each row for the elusive cart and it just wasn't there. How do people playing the timed levels know where to click to get this "cart" to the bottom speedily?
 posted in Gunspell on Dec 28, 15 3:23 AM
This is along the lines of the three wonderful but very complex and very long Puzzle Quest games . I'm enjoying this one as well as they're all a bit of a different Match 3 to the usual ones - though it could really do with a better Help section which lacks detailed explanations of a lot of parts of the game so I've wandered around wondering what to do next. The forum has been the biggest help so far and I thank everyone for their explanation efforts.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 8:53 PM
I only have one question - how come I managed to get the achievement for 10 in 10 seconds but not the one for 5 in 5?
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 8:50 PM
The morphs go from cat to a mouse or rat character from previous series (well some of them definitely) - there are 12 altogether and their location (marked in yellow) is only shown at the end of the Strategy Guide in with the puzzle piece collectibles (marked in green) section and not in the map unfortunately.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 15 8:44 PM
And a 62yr old as well - I loved it especially after just completing the two MCF Ravenhearsts and the darkness of them. I really needed something light and cheerful and the cute kitties suited me perfectly. I've enjoyed all the Christmas Stories and look forward to more in the future.
I just went into game that I started playing the other day and it's apparently lost my "Saved" data and I have to start all over again - has this happened to anyone else?
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Oct 25, 15 7:06 PM
Thank you for that - especially as I just did it again on level 59 and only because I left the last key until I'd got all the matches left on the board.
 posted in Claws & Feathers 2 on Oct 24, 15 5:44 PM
I must be thick as bricks as I cannot work out how I have achieved this in the occasional game whilst in others I have not - Level 59 is where it happens but what is it that I have done? It doesn't seem to be making matches on the same colour in a row to the total of 25 for gold as I've tried that and cannot even get silver. May someone out there please enlighten me, I would appreciate it very much.
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