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 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 12 4:59 PM
Any word when this will come out for the iPad?
 posted in Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal on Apr 7, 12 9:14 AM
I figured it out. I went back to the main menu screen (where you start, change player etc) and clicked on the telekinesis button. It then gave me the option to go to the next level. I think it's just a little glitch they need to fix. Love the game though.
 posted in Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal on Apr 3, 12 5:51 PM
When I click on the hero plant it says I have completed 100% of the chapter. Brunhilda is just standing there. Nothing is happening so what is the problem?
 posted in Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal on Apr 1, 12 3:20 PM
Ive gotten all the way through the dragons lair and found the goggles. I had to unlock at that point and when I came back I can't seem to do anything. There is no card with instructions and I've tapped everywhere ( I'm on the iPad version) but nothing happens. Am I missing something or what to do?
 posted in Hexus on Jan 2, 12 8:30 PM
I cant either and I'm getting pretty frustrated. Somebody mentioned in an earlier post that you could do it in increments, though that didn't make sense since it was by itself, and it didn't work. 11 is the most I can figure out how to do. I feel like I finally figured this game out (the lack of directions was really frustrating in the beginning) but this doesn't make sense. I tried all the bombs and whatnot, but nothing works.
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Nov 13, 10 8:24 PM
sparkle76 wrote:spoiler:

there is a sneaky orange bottle behind the fire hydrant in front of the laundry

also a sneaky blue balloon on the blue roof of darla's cafe

hope this helps

Thanks! I couldn't find that last bottle anywhere.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 8, 10 6:46 PM
TxConnie wrote:Okay-- finally did it. Barely, but I did it.
here is what I did

1. Quickly gather all supplies and cut down one tree
2. Immediately build hunter tent
3. Continue to chop wood and gather food.
4. When you can, build farm
5. Work your way down the screen
6. When you can, upgrade and get another worker
7. when you can, upgrade farm
8 Use the bonus that gives extra supplies when you can - every time you can get gold and food and leave wood for last
9 When you have enough to build bridge on right of screen and work your way to the second farm
10 When your wood is low, pick pink flowers
11. Work your way down to bottom left, through the flowers so you have more gold renewing
12 upgrade to 3 workers
13. When all bridges are buillt and all obstacle that require wood are gone, then stop gathering wood you are just wasting time.
14 Gather flowers with all three guys unless you need to gather gold.

Hooray! It worked. I finally got my rainbow!!!!!
 posted in Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour on Dec 27, 09 6:40 PM
I love the game, but after I play for 15-20 minutes, the screen starts to get all pixelized at the top and gets worse if I keep playing. Has anyone else had that problem and is there a fix coming out for it?
 posted in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal on Nov 15, 09 6:28 PM
I am stuck. I have items left from the first two Keys, but when I click on Hint, the shaman tells me I am done. I can't get the trail open, but I'm sure I need to find more objects in the cave. I am done in the hut. Is there something wrong with my game or am I missing something?
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