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The other one is on Level B10, a rubber chicken by the man-eating plant.
 posted in All My Gods on Sep 1, 16 1:42 PM
I was going wiggy trying to figure out how to give the merchants more than 20,000 gold and you had the solution in another (locked) thread. Thanks!
 posted in Runefall on Aug 4, 15 11:58 AM
I've reached the level after they free Winifred from the cave using dynamite. When I try to start the level I get an access code error and the game quits. This has happened twice. Is there any way to make this stop, or should I just give up on the game?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 4, 15 11:10 AM
I just had another thought about this — I have the unfinished "fix the plane" quest open. Will I ever get another quest? (I don't mess with the daily auction quests at all, since I find the auction process more annoying than it's worth. To say nothing of the price gouging that goes on...)
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 4, 15 11:06 AM
Thanks, Bluex. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet then...
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 4, 15 5:13 AM
Thanks for your helpful responses! I've scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, and I have lovely blue sky, but still am left with the rag and an incomplete plane. I guess I'll just have to quit for a while and hope that an update fixes my problem.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 3, 15 4:38 AM
I've got all the pieces placed in the plane, and am left with the cloth. I've scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the windshield, up and down, side to side, and on the diagonal. Still nothing happens, and I'm at 10 out of 11 items done to fix the plane.

Help! Am I doing something wrong, or is this a glitch?

I can fly the plane to other countries, but without the 7 fuel awarded for fixing the plane that will become VERY expensive...
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call Collector's Edition on Dec 11, 14 8:38 AM
It seemed to take me forever to get this to download too, so there may just be a change in how they're sending things? I'm a bit of a Luddite so all I can say is that you're not alone!
 posted in 9 Elefants on Sep 16, 14 5:07 AM
Amen, Tammytheo.
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to India on Sep 11, 14 7:29 AM
twinsoniclab wrote:You most certainly CAN turn the music and sounds down, or even completely off! Don't click on the yellow buttons, click where you want them to move.

THANK YOU! I didn't try that.
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to India on Sep 11, 14 7:27 AM
Rhysdux wrote:You can't turn off the sound or music, either. I tried. It is permanently stuck on. I hate listening to music when I'm trying to concentrate on something. That was enough to make me give up on the demo.

I couldn't turn down the music either. I find this VERY annoying, since I rather enjoy having the sounds on but the music got very old very fast. Apparently other people could adjust the sounds but I couldn't. I may get this using a coupon, but not being able to adjust the sound levels is a big vote against it.
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Sep 8, 14 10:27 AM
Thanks for giving us another charming game! My number one "wish list" item would be the ability to collect rent/feed people by simply mousing over the circle instead of having to click. For someone with arthritis in their hands that can turn into a lot of clicks. Special thanks for the enjoyable music. I generally am driven mad by the repetitive nature of the music in games, but I left the music on for the entire time while i finished the demo. Great job!
 posted in Kingdom Tales 2 on Sep 8, 14 10:23 AM
I just finished the demo, playing in relaxed mode, and reached level 10. So for really advanced players the game may not be long enough, but when I start trying to get stars I'm sure I'll be at it for days!

I just LOVE that you have unlimited workers! And this is just about the only game in the hundreds that I have where I'm willing to leave the music on. It's very pleasant, and isn't as repetitive as most games. That's a BIG plus for me.

This is a definite buy for me!
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 3, 14 5:52 AM
I certainly haven't. The prices are insane!
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 26, 14 6:11 AM
mellowfuzz wrote:I don't know about you, but I don't think I would like using wool towels and t-shirts. What better place to grow cotton than North Carolina?

Well, maybe down here in Georgia...! But I do agree with you. Cotton shirts are nice in the summertime too.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 21, 14 8:50 AM
I never could get the painting out of the Christmas Alley scene. I got so frustrated that I sent screen caps and game files to BoomZap and they said it was a glitch that would be fixed for me in the next update. I'll probably be dead by the time that comes out...
 posted in Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land on Aug 21, 14 8:39 AM
maziemom wrote:I enjoyed the demo of this game, but don't quite understand the scoring. On some boards, I got three stars without difficulty, but only got one star on other boards. This in spite of clearing the board quickly and attaining the objectives. I don't understand what else you have to do to score and gain stars. Unfortunately there was no help feature in the menu.

I had exactly the same issue with the timer. There was one board that I tried 3 times and could only get one star on, despite having beaten the time given. Then there were other boards where I was sure I wasn't going to get 3 stars and I did. The timer is wonky...
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 10, 14 4:30 AM
I've got a few of those by my barn. I think that when the rocks are in the "footprint" of the house you can't move them. This doesn't affect the rest of the rocks, grass and stumps around the farm. You can still remove those as usual.
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 7, 14 6:27 AM
You can let the boxes sit until you have finished making what you need, then the whole lot can be picked up at once. That saves on energy. Just keep track of what you've made so you don't wind up making more than you need!
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 6, 14 4:52 AM
From what I've read here I agree with Sjaani. I think I'll pass on this update too and keep Cupid around. He's been VERY good to me!
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