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 posted in Twilight School on Dec 17, 12 10:47 AM
Much love for BF, the only site that actually listens to complaints I got the game fix, thank you. The game is still pretty sucky, but at least it works now
 posted in Twilight School on Dec 11, 12 11:25 PM
I was in hard mode when it messed up, but I'm glad it worked for you Sillly Smiley. I was really only so-so about the game before it messed up so, I'm just going to trashcan it.
 posted in Twilight School on Dec 11, 12 3:32 AM
I'm stuck on a hidden object scene. It says "paper scrap", when I use the hint button it glows on what looks like a satchel and when I click on it nothing happens. I tried clicking all over the area and just ended up with the spider webs for random clicking. Does anyone have any suggestions?
 posted in Syberia II on Sep 15, 12 5:45 AM
Great games, agreed! I hope Miss Kate Walker goes and rounds up those Youkals that went the way of drink and hauls them to Syberia to tend the mammoths.
 posted in Syberia - Part 2 on Sep 15, 12 5:28 AM
sorry, thought you were asking about Syberia II whoops
 posted in Amerzone: Part 1 on Jan 19, 12 4:46 AM
The game is very short. You don't actually get to Amerzone. The entire game is just getting out of the hanger. I feel a little cheated. By looking at the original Amerzone walkthrough, it looks like the chapters in the original have been broken down into individual games. At 7 dollars a "part", for a game with at least six chapters, playing this entire game looks pricey.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Nov 13, 11 12:26 PM
Dire Grove is the reason I keep up my Big Fish account. I love this game. I play it about once a month just because it's what I love in a game. I could bore you to death with all of the reasons I love it. Even if this is not your type of game, give it a try.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 20, 10 7:19 AM

You have to have all six parts of the letter, and when you put them together you have to fit them into the shaded area on the table. I hope it helps, good luck
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 21, 09 8:41 PM
Annoying. The little icons in no way represent the product. No legend describing what the *grrr* the little pictures are supposed to mean. I'm left with a tutorial that tells me to combine a few icons. Sadly, I don't know how to make make-up. The game not only won't tell me the formula, but I get to decypher icons that have no connection to reality. A simple legend would he[p, or here's a thought, just lable the dang things with actual words. I bought it... hope you are smarter than me.
 posted in Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmoor Manor on Oct 5, 09 8:13 PM
I love the HER Nancy Drew Games. They can give you days of fun if you can resist those tempting walkthroughs at gameboomer As a Drew fan that has only crumbled to using the walkthroughs twice, because I love the challenge, I liked Moonlake, Venice and Blackmore. They can be seriously annoying, if they were easy they would bore us. Last Train to Blue Moon was kinda easy, but I really liked it, and Icicie Creek drove me batty... and I loved it Liked the Dracula Origins as well, happy hunting
 posted in Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek on Aug 15, 09 6:13 PM
I have lit up the eyes on the other animals, I have won using the pig piece 15 times and I can't get the eyes to light up on the racoon. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
-sorry, I'm an idiot, I didn't realize I needed to finish the game in each corner. Never mind
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