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 posted in Build-a-lot World on Dec 12, 14 3:00 PM
I did it! forgot about the banks, doh!
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Dec 10, 14 4:25 PM
I can't seem to get three stars on this level. please help!
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Dec 9, 14 8:40 PM
jenikat please tell me how on earth you got the world goal?!
no matter how hard I try one always gets away! Any tips or strategies would be much appreciated
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries on Jul 17, 13 11:33 AM
How do I get the value added (appraise 50 houses) award? I swear I've appraised at least a thousand!!
 posted in 300 Dwarves on May 9, 13 3:10 PM
completed the 12 levels with three gold bars. went to battles, beat 2 with 3 gold bars, is that all or am I missing something?
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 8, 13 3:47 PM
phew! awesome game! gold on all levels woot!
 posted in Build-a-lot: On Vacation on Sep 12, 11 12:22 PM
What? no bonus levels???
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Aug 16, 09 5:29 PM
I think what is meant by this is that in total you should have only 8 apartments. You will have to buy the one that is existing. It's a power supply problem. I passed the level but cannot get "speedy". good luck! to try again
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