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 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 11, 16 5:02 PM
Gaaaah! Just got the count with 5 minutes to spare before the day ended! I finished the 3-part Castle Explorer, taking my sweet time, and totally forgot we had to do 4 parts!! So there I was thinking, I"ll change my avatar to the count now, went to the mini-challenge to claim the reward and realized with shock, I don't have it yet!! and scrambled like mad to do the new quest -- and made it!! Phew!! Mini heart-attack right there, just now!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 10, 16 5:45 PM
Three Days of the Castle Explorer - requires 350 airship wheels, so that's 2 trips and going to the Transformer Magus 3 times!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 3, 16 8:35 AM
You're welcome Sue! Congrats on finally getting that diamond!

Here's another avatar tip: the mermaid seems to have a higher drop rate for inventory items in HO scenes! Maybe it's because mermaids like collecting objects -- "look at this stuff, isn't it neat, wouldn't you think my collection's complete"
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 2, 16 8:53 PM
Try switching to the samurai avatar! I I finally got my diamond with the samurai. He seems to like shiny things like coins, shards and diamonds. The samurai only gives me coins and shards when I do the HOs with him.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 22, 16 10:12 AM
- Spinning the fortune wheel 4 times in a row and getting the same exact item each time
- Airship wanting the same item 6 times in a row despite my sending it away empty again and again
- The amount of diamonds I once had was six hundred sixty six, and when I checked my shards it was the same number Gaaah! My game is cursed!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 1, 16 5:06 PM
Got my mermaid too!

These gave me silver chests:

Cook Bunny
Christmas Gnome

all at the Castle Gates (where the airship tower is).

Can't go wrong with the seasonal / holiday pets!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 16 6:06 PM
dlsed wrote:
how did it reduce value of gold or shards?

Because some sell those crystal balls & wands for gold, or disenchant them for shards. So for this challenge, it's a toss-up between saving time (and boredom) or getting a bit more gold / shards.

As for me, I chose to save time!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 30, 16 6:02 PM
The less friends you have, the more likely you'll see yourself in the top HO score rankings! So with the 200+ friends that I have, I consider myself lucky to be in the Top 5 of any HO at all!

I once had a Midnight Castle friend who unfriended me because she liked being #1 in all her HO rankings.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 26, 16 5:10 PM
Thanks gohill! Good to know since I've stored up a number of those lightning flashes too (thanks to friends). I"ll probably turn on Nightmare mode just so I can use a flash on it!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 26, 16 4:33 AM
What I'm also wondering about is this: If you enter a silhouetted or mirrored HO, use the lightning flash, then exit the HO without completing it, will it count for the Hint challenge? Or do you have to finish the HO scene for it to count?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 26, 16 4:26 AM
I confess I got a wee bit too excited about the update the new areas and beautiful new HOs, that I may have clicked too fast to read the story! Can anyone fill me in on what happened to Lydia?

=== SPOILER ===

Here's what I understood (please correct me if I'm wrong):

Lydia is a little girl, the niece of Valerie. Both her parents died (did the story say how?) and she became an orphan. The pain was too great for her to bear, so she visited the Mystery Chamber and made a wish to forget her sadness. Instead, she was magically whisked off to Atlantis where she was stranded and alone. (A shipwrecked doctor lived there before her, but it appears he died in a tsunami.)

The Keeper of the Castle thinks the Mystery Chamber made a mistake. The Lord Chamberlain, on the other hand, thinks Lydia was sent to Atlantis as punishment for something terrible she did. Regardless, Valerie is on a mission to get her toys, books, help or whatever.

Now I'm wondering what was it that Lydia did. Is she evil? Did she murder her parents? Maybe she's just a little girl whose practice spells went tragically wrong?

Did I miss other details or story dialogue?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 22, 16 5:47 PM
Got my samurai avatar!

First, I depleted my current medallion supply. It was a hard decision to part with the 400+ medallions I had stored up from the past months. But I figured, what else do we use medallions for but to craft pet food anyway. Gotta do it sometime, right?

So painful as it was, I crafted away till I was down to zero medallions. My only consolation there was that it helps towards the Food Frenzy achievement.

Then with all the pet food that I just crafted, I fed the critters. I netted 20 medallions from the rusty chests, and lotsa diamonds from the silver / gold chests.

My DQ today is Helping Hand, and I'm not doing that. No medallions from there.

Last option was to buy the remaining 30 medallions with diamonds. And that was it! And that gave me more pet food for tomorrow's challenge.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 15, 16 6:31 PM
I've turned off my night mode, and never want to do another one again!

But back when I was working to get the Night Prowler achievement, I must have gotten the hang of it - because I actually completed one night mode HO at multiplier 22x, without it going down to 1x! I couldn't believe it myself! I never took note of the score, though. And it was probably some easy HO like Skulls.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 8, 16 5:28 PM
Got 4 wooden chests today from:

Snow Griffin
Winged Cat
Cook bunny
Jack in the Box

Guess I'll just feed the Snow Griffin again later when he wakes up, for my 5th wooden chest.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 20, 16 4:32 AM
Perhaps the avatars come with special abilities? I play on iOS, so I've only won the vampiress & vampire so far. But I've noticed that my luck has improved greatly while using the vampire avatar. The vampiress, not so much. The vampire, though, won me several eggs on the wheel and lots of double-sixes on the dice. In fact, with the vampire, I've gotten more eggs & double-sixes in the past 4 days alone than the past 3 months combined.

There was a thread over here that talked about lucky avatars, and I was one of those who thought it was just a matter of coincidence. But the vampire avatar has made me a believer!

Maybe the centaur avatar IS the great prize they promised. I'm crossing my fingers that its special ability is giving inventory items from HOs! Any observations from PC players sporting the horns and goatee yet?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 15, 16 8:04 AM
The only way to make tomorrow come sooner is to go to bed earlier.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 13, 16 2:32 AM
My spring room is open and prepped for visitors!
Add me please!
dvdiva SE i450760
(Enlarged font size to minimize eyestrain)
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Jan 13, 16 6:47 PM
Thanks bfgPanthalassa!
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Jan 12, 16 5:35 PM
The fastest time I was able to achieve with picking up both secrets was 1:27. Just 2 seconds shy of the 1:25 expert mark. So close!

I agree, I don't think they had anyone test this level on Hard mode. I must have tried a hundred times with different strategies. When the devs created the various modes, they must have just slashed off the same amount of seconds for all levels universally, without testing each level separately per mode. I hope Real Ore fixes this bug Real Quick!
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Jan 11, 16 3:15 AM
Thanks marebito! Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with this! I think I'll just leave it as is, and go on to the next TM game!
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