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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 1, 17 8:10 AM
I was SUPER EXCITED to see a new Time Management game from the "Roads of Rome" series offered today. I am a Time Management games fan... and I own all the previous games from this series and love them.

But my excitement turned to concern when I saw that there were NO reviews or other threads where Time Management game lovers were expressing excitement over the game. There were only posts about technical issues fishies were having with it.

I hope the developers are able to work out all the "bugs" in this game, for it seems that new T.M. games show up on the Big Fish Games website so seldom. I'd like to buy it... but only if it isn't full of technical problems.

PLEASE do repairs on it SOON so that fans of this series can buy and enjoy playing it without the hassle of technical issues.


 posted in Mystery Loss on Aug 21, 17 8:11 AM
miss_marigold11 wrote:No relaxed mode... will not buy.

Same here, miss_marigold11. I love good match-3 games, but I play for relaxation... so I avoid games with NO relaxed mode like the plague. Therefore, I won't be buying this one, either.

For those who enjoy racing against the clock, enjoy!


 posted in Runefall on Jul 29, 17 11:39 AM
i tried a bit of this Match-3 game. I think I would enjoy it very much were it not a game where the screen seems to be in motion much of the time. I tend to avoid games that have that "feature", for I prefer Match-3 games that have stationary screens.

For those who don't mind screens with so much motion, enjoy!

 posted in Runefall on Jul 29, 17 9:19 AM
deadhead76 wrote:Can anybody suggest other match-3 games as challenging as Runefall? I tried the new version they put out Silver Tale, but it seems to just want me to buy stuff. Once I buy the game I don't feel I should have to buy anything else.


A few weeks ago I purchased the "Silver Tale" game you mentioned and I'm more than half way through it for the 2nd time. It is my very favorite match-3 game and I own many other match-3's.

As I've worked my way through "Silver Tale" it has been necessary to accumulate various things in order to move on, but no actual cash is needed to play it once you buy the game itself with a coupon or real money.

Hope this helps.


 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 4, 17 11:41 AM
I saw SilverBranch's post regarding this game... and I, too, would be interested in knowing the number of levels it contains.

From spending some time in the DEMO, I felt it appeared that there may be several mosaic levels available for each country. If that is the case, it will probably be a buy for me... for it is relaxing to play and each puzzle is a beautiful work of art. However, if it contains only 25 puzzles, I plan to save my money/coupon for a game with more content.

Developer? Someone who has completed the game? Please post the total number of levels for us.

Happy gaming all!


 posted in Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures on Jun 15, 17 9:46 AM
Hello fishies,

I just downloaded the demo of this game and played a few levels. It is colorful and has many of the usual features. However, for some reason the game VERY quickly moves forward on some of the screens that appear to have helpful tips and instructions regarding gameplay.

I use the words "some of the screens appear to have helpful tips and instructions" because they flash by so quickly that it is impossible for me to read what is there. I don't consider myself to be a slow reader by any means, but I can hardly see the first few words on those screens before they are gone and the next part of the game appears. I'd be very surprised if anyone trying the game would have time to read the tips or instructions on them. Perhaps it is just my computer's operating system. (I am operating with a Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit system) but, if it is like this for everyone, you'll probably need lots of luck figuring out the fine points of the game.

I wanted to like this game and perhaps purchase it, but without being able to learn the tips and instructions, I feel I might not have the information I need to play it all the way to the end.

Unless there is some way to fix this technical issue, I will pass on adding this game to my collection.

Happy gaming to those who don't have the problem, or who don't feel the need for the tips and instructions.

 posted in Gizmos: Interstellar Voyage on May 30, 17 12:04 PM
I love nonogram games and have many in my game collection, so I was excited to see "Gizmos: Interstellar Voyage" offered today.

Unfortunately, this game does not work properly on my computer. When trying to work the first puzzle, I could immediately tell that something was wrong. When I'd place my curser in the center of the column I wanted to fill in, it would interact with the column to the left instead of the one I was indicating. The cursor's interaction with all other things in the game worked the same way. (For instance, I needed to click about a half inch to the right of the exit button to go out of the game.) I'm using a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system.

This kind of technical problem spoils the fun of the game for me... so I won't be purchasing this one.

For fishies who are not experiencing this glitch or those who are experiencing it but it doesn't bother them, happy gaming!

 posted in Silver Tale on May 29, 17 12:16 PM
I absolutely love this interesting, complex and challenging game. It adds a unique and delightful difference to Match-3 gameplay.

BUT[b] I thoroughly dislike one part of the game and wish the developers had not included it. That part is the cave levels. I find them to be boring and annoying. Yes, they do give a "change of pace" to the game, but it is not a change of pace I enjoy. In fact, I'd rather do without a change of pace completely than to have those levels for variety.

Of course, I realize that we fishies have different likes and dislikes in gameplay... so the cave levels may be the favorite part of the game for some of you. So, as always, try the demo before purchasing to see if it is the kind of game you enjoy.

I do want to add here that I'm very happy I purchased this game even though I don't like the cave levels... for the developers have done a great job in creating a new twist to the Match-3 genre. Good job developers!!!

 posted in Griddlers: Tropical Delight on May 17, 17 7:30 AM
I agree with Pennmom36's review on the game page where she stated that griddlers should be created in a manner that the players can solve the puzzles by LOGIC.

I love working griddlers or nonograms or whatever name you prefer to call them. But, since "Griddlers" Tropical Delight" is a game where it is necessary for the players to guess or use clues to complete the puzzle pictures, I won't be adding this one to my game collection.

For those fishies who don't mind having to guess or use hints for games like this, happy gaming ! ! !

 posted in Magic Cards Solitaire 2: The Fountain of Life on May 11, 17 8:55 AM
I downloaded the demo of this game to give it a try but it will not open for me. I've tried a few times clicking on the word "PLAY" next to the game title on my Game Manager.and the screen makes a flash, but nothing else happens. I have also tried clicking on the desktop icon for the game. Nothing happens.

Other BFG game icons on my desktop open without problem when I click on them... and the "PLAY" buttons next to other demos on my Game Manager and other games I own on the Game Manager open just fine. So I know it is a problem with the desktop icon and the PLAY button for this specific game and NOT a problem with my computer.

This sounds like a great solitaire game so I'd love to be able to try it... but unless they fix the technical issues with the game, it won't be possible. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME SOON SO EVERYONE WHO WISHES TO TRY IT WILL BE ABLE TO DO SO.


 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 21: On the Movie Set on May 9, 17 10:04 AM
Just sampled the demo of this game and found it to be exceptional. I love working nonograms and own many of the Fantasy Mosaics games. They are among the very best nonogram games out there.

But one of the main reasons I decided to enter a post about this game, was to comment on how absolutely beautiful I found the music to be. It was so relaxing and melodic that it added to my enjoyment.

When I entered the forum to submit this post, I had not yet read the posts in this thread... so was very surprised to see that Valkara didn't like the music at all and found it to be very annoying. This proves once again how varied the preferences of the fishies in the pond are. (And wouldn't it be boring if we were all exactly alike ! ! !) So try the demo to decide for yourself if this is a game you would enjoy.

Happy gaming, all ! ! !


 posted in Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret on Apr 26, 17 9:01 AM
I bought this game back in 2015 and love it. My favorite genre of games back then was HOG's.

Since then, I've mainly played Time Management games, Match 3 games, Mosaic games, Jigsaw Puzzle games and Strategy games. But, for some reason, Hidden Object games with a "mirror theme" especially appeal to me... so, even though HOG's are no longer my favorite kind, I like this one so much that I played it again recently. I suspect it is one that I will also replay in years to come.

Even if HOG's are not your favorite kind, give this one a try. You might surprise yourself and discover you love it.

Happy gaming, all!


 posted in Spring Mosaics on Apr 24, 17 8:06 AM
Thanks Valdy and Cottoncandy2 for your posts pointing out that this game is one that requires guessing (or the use of a lot of hints). I love mosaic games, but not when I discover they can't be solved by logic.

I consider a TRUE mosaic game to be one where it is possible to solve EVERY puzzle by LOGIC. Since this is not one where that is possible, it is also a "no buy" for me.

 posted in Roads of Rome on Apr 20, 17 9:23 AM
I love this "Roads of Rome" building game... but I really HATE the "match the colored stones" minigame at the end of each of the 4 episodes!

The necessity of all that "quick-clicking" to collect enough stones of the indicated color before any column of stones reaches the top of the playing area is very hard on the fingers. The minigame is annoying to play. I don't find it to be fun at all. It must be painful and next to impossible for those who have arthritis... or for folks not blessed with quick reflexes.

Developers: I own all 4 of your Roads of Rome games and wish you would release more in the series. BUT, if you do... PLEASE create a minigame that is less annoying and more fun. The "match the colored stones" minigame takes away from my enjoyment of this game instead of providing a pleasant change of pace at the end of each episode.

I realize that the Big Fish pond is large and that the fishies swimming in the pond don't all have the same preference in games... So, for fishies who like the "match the colored stones" minigame, enjoy!!

 posted in Penguin Rescue on Apr 13, 17 8:54 AM
Wow! I was thinking this might be a fun game to purchase... but I'm going to hold off on it to see if the developers will correct this problem and issue an update that allows buyers to play again under new profiles. I want to be able to replay the games I buy as often as I wish.

No update, no buy for me ! ! !

 posted in Incredible Zoo on Mar 28, 17 8:57 AM
For those who enjoy racing against the timer in games, happy gaming. However, I don't enjoy playing that way.

Sooooo.... when I saw posts saying the developers set this game up so that no matter what mode a player chooses he/she must beat the timer in order to move to the next level, I knew it would be a waste of my time to even download and try the demo. I buy and play games for relaxation... and it isn't relaxing to me to have to frantically hurry through levels before the time runs out.

Then there is the issue of value. In games where a player is not allowed to move to the next level until he/she finishes a level before the timer runs out, there is no guarantee that the player won't find it to be impossible to finish some level along the way and, as a result, not be able to play the game to the very end. THIS player, likes to get the full value from game purchases... so from strictly the value standpoint, this is also a "no buy" for me.

 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 23, 17 11:54 AM
Hi Fishies,

I enjoyed the portion I tried of the demo and was very pleased to see that it can be played timed or untimed.

The graphics are colorful and attractive and I also appreciate that you can chain tasks.

This is definitely a game I plan to purchase. I give it 5 thumbs up!!

Great job developers ! ! !

 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 15, 17 8:55 AM
Penny1942 wrote:I'll have to think about this one. Cute game but, I simply do not understand why developers do not add in the relaxed mode in this type of game. It would draw in so many more gamers, many of which have a problem clicking with speed and dexterity in order to get thru the level before the timer runs down, yes, you can finish the level after it runs out but you don't get the gold stars. In addition the timer can be very irritating if you are struggling to get everything done so they opt out of buying.

Hello BFG fishies,

I agree completely with Penny1942's post where she says: "I simply do not understand why developers do not add in the relaxed mode in this type of game. It would draw in so many more gamers, many of which have a problem clicking with speed and dexterity in order to get thru the level before the timer runs down,"

I have become a very big fan of good time-management games. But NOT because I enjoy racing against the clock!! I play them because I enjoy the challenge of successfully completing the levels. I tend to avoid most of the ones that make you start a level over if you don't finish before the time expires. I prefer the ones that offer an untimed version.

I may give this one a try... but since there is no untimed version offered, I may decide not to waste my money/coupon on it.

 posted in Spellarium on Mar 8, 17 9:52 AM
greenshade wrote:I have 1 - 5 of the Laruaville games and am CONSTANTLY replaying 1 - 4 because each one is so unique in it's challenges and different kinds of bombs, fire, ice, stone, etc.

However have only played #5 once because there was so little challenge.. way too many bombs !

Spellarium plays almost exactly like #5. Please oh please, developer go back to your unique gameplay and challenge in these match 3 games.

I totally agree with Greenshade. I love this developer's Laruaville Match-3 games. (I own four of them.) I also love their "Cursed House 3" Match-3 game and have it in my collection. I feel those games are among the very best Match-3 games I've ever played.

I also purchased their Match-3 game "Floria" and enjoyed it, but not quite as much as the previously mentioned 5 games they developed. It was fun and unique but not quite as challenging.

On the strength of my enjoyment of those games, I quickly purchased 'Spellarium". I have been enjoying it, but feel the same way that Greenshade did about it. All the extra bombs in the game seem to take away the delightful challenge that I had loved in some of the Laruaville games and the "Cursed House 3" game. Instead of taking challenge "to the next level", the "Spellarium" game seemed to remove a level of challenge.

Soooooo..... I also beg FRHgames: PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE go back to the "drawing board" before releasing any more Match-3 games and create the new ones with the wonderfully unique and challenging gameplay that Laruaville 2, 3 and 4 offered. The new style of bomb you introduced in "Spellarium" actually simplifies the game for me instead of adding to the challenge. Please don't becaome another "run-of-the-mill" Match-3 games developer. Instead, go back to being a "trailblazer" by offering new and unique CHALLENGES in your upcoming Match-3's.


 posted in My Island Kingdom on Jan 24, 17 10:00 AM
Hello Shannonlemmo,

I saw your post in the forum and have a suggestion for you. If you go through the steps to delete the "save data" file for this game, it will wipe out your previous user profile and all game progress. The game will once again be like it was when you first entered it.

You could do this over and over each time you wish to replay the game. It would take a few minutes to go through the steps each time, but you'd get more use from the game.

If you don't know how to do this, contact a BFG Customer Support Rep and request the steps.

Hope this idea helps.


P.S. Edited to insert a word I accidently left out.
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