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 posted in Farm Frenzy 3 on Mar 12, 10 3:52 PM
Are you kidding me?! The game went to a black screen, I reloaded it, and half my game progress is gone!! I was almost done with the game!!! Has this happened to anyone, and is there a way to retrieve the lost info?
 posted in Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love on Feb 15, 10 3:54 PM
For 5-4 I would suggest
Sunny Reverie
Chocolate Dreams
Pie in the Sky

Oasis Mirage
Lost Island Punch
Twinkle Star
 posted in Beach Party Craze on Aug 27, 09 9:24 AM
It took me forever to get expert on this level too. I finally figured out that the longer I waited to advertise any of the booths, the better I did. I think I was about halfway through my time before I advertised any booths.

First I upgraded (any) booth to level 2. I upgraded 2 booths to level two before ordering any restock. Then after ordering restock I upgraded the last booth to level 2. Then I upgraded booths to level 3, ordering restock as needed.

As soon as all booths were upgraded fully I hired help and upgraded them both all the way.

Then I upgraded the car all the way to the helicopter a nd upgraded the storage as well.

As for advertising, once I was about halfway through my time I advertised 2 at a time (toys and souvenirs.) I waited a bit more after those had expired before checking what I was behond on. I advertised just that booth. Then, when there was only about a minute or minute and a half I advertised 2 at a time again (whatever I was behind on) to get the last items sold.

I had about 10 seconds left on the clock when I finished.

Good luck!
 posted in Beach Party Craze on Aug 17, 09 8:29 AM
It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. The only ones on this level who will rent the lifesavers are the guy with the red trunks and the girl with long brown hair and blue bathing suit.

I built the flotation building (swiming gear) first, added the lifesavers, and advertised it as soon as I had those people on the beach.

Then build the banana building and upgrade fully.

Keep advertising the swimming gear when you see the right people on the beach until you have rented at least 5 of them.

Advertise the banana building after you have rented 5 lifesavers.

Build the bar and disco last, you can even wait until the last minute to do this.

You should have enough money to hire help too. I did this to get the beach cleaned up faster and to leave me open for the rental buildings.

Good luck!
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