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 posted in Sacra Terra: Angelic Night Collector's Edition on Jul 31, 11 10:07 PM
I did one better!! I downloaded it from the people who made it - [removed by moderator]!

Sure it cost me about 6 t0 7 bucks more BUT I did not have to deal with the new GM!

The game played fine getting it directly from [removed by moderator]!
 posted in F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition on Jul 14, 11 7:28 AM
TeamSD wrote:This game developed by Vogat (Gravely Silent, Reincarnations, Dark Ritual etc....). So where is Unsolved Mystery Club 2 CE?

Seems I don't have any of those games in my history of buying games and after trying this one, I know why.

Downloaded this game and all I got from it was sound and a blank screen. That may explain why I have none of their other games in my history.
 posted in Sandra Fleming Chronicles: Crystal Skulls on Jun 26, 11 7:41 AM
Well at least you all got something to come up! Nothing comes up at all on my screen. Same as yesterday's game.
stevieferr wrote:had a message from Deadriver so they are out there somewhere probably too engrossed in the first decent game this week lol

Decent game?

Stupid thing will not even come up for play!
And I am not the only one it will not work for either!
 posted in Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock on May 14, 11 7:00 AM
Well I see the same issue with this version as with the CE version.

NO text shows!
 posted in Dark Ritual on Apr 26, 11 10:02 PM
If I have to go through all that [removed by moderator] to get a game working then it is not worth my time or money.
 posted in Dark Ritual on Apr 26, 11 6:03 AM
Yeah, all I get is a blank screen.
 posted in The Curse of the Thirty Denarii on Mar 29, 11 6:31 AM
CasualGran wrote:A bit of googling can learn a lot. Last year october these HdO games have been on sale somewhere for ridiculously low prices. It doesn't take very much thinking than to realize how it must be with these games now on BF. Buying these low quality products must have cost practically nothing, so selling them for 6,99 each isn't bad at all. To BF of course, to us Big Fish Clubmembers it's almost an insult.

I've been pushing myself to demo this TGT, just to see how bad things were. Well, buy the original comicbooks, if you're interested in this Blake Mortimer character, but don't waste money playing this HdO gameversion. Even the DD price wiould be 2,99 too much, that's my opinion.

Furthermore, something WolfenRaindancer wrote yesterday, has had quite some impact on me. I quote:

......And I have recently been informed that we in the forum are really not listened to, as we are a very minor part of the BF group, 5% per Paul. What speaks to BF is our money, so if a game is not bought by many, then, supposedly, they won't offer similar ones. Must be a lot of silent HdO purchasers out there as we in the forum speak loudly and clearly about our dislike of them. And this isn't a new subject. Over the past few years, some of us have spoken of our dislike of these games on BF, as well as other forums, so it is quite clear they really are not listening......

This has been sobering my initial review-enthousiasm greatly, I must say.It was instantly clear to me that, concerning Big Fish Games, I must have been more eager to believe in fairytales than I realized...

I knew that before she even posted it! That is the main reason I do not post here. But if you really want to get their attention more? Send emails! Not stating that they will listen any better but they open emails faster then they probably read the forums! Just a suggestion.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition on Feb 10, 11 7:37 AM
Just lovely how on the very first scene it locks up on me. Tried 3 times!

Wait for a game and then cannot even get into the first scene!
 posted in Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel on Jan 29, 11 6:02 AM
Game bugs out just as it is loading the game!
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 21, 11 5:44 AM
I Beta tested this game and found that I liked it quite a bit.

Although the hints are a little to get used to in finding out how to find them, I had very little trouble with the game itself.
And yet another game that goes to the load up screen and then nothing!

This is becoming an old habit for BFGs lately! This is another game I will never even get to play the demo of.

The quality of the games that have came out lately are really starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth. I LOVE CEs but if I cannot even get to play the demos anymore then why bother with buying those that I can.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Dec 25, 10 6:14 AM
What a great game, NOT!

D/Led fine, installed. Clicked to start it and it went through the load up screen and then it did not!

Just what I wanted for Christmas, nothing. Thank you.
 posted in Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor on Dec 24, 10 7:12 AM
All I get when it is finished d/l is a blank screen when I click on it to play the game.

Might explain why I did not have the other version of it still in my computer at all.
 posted in Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny on Dec 16, 10 6:22 AM
"Everyone" has their own thing that they are paranoid about and each is different.

Those same warning lables are placed on all game console games out there. Know how many adutls actually read or pay attention to them?

Posting a warning is the proper thing to do in case someone younger would start to play this game or any like it.

Wherein this is part of real life most can understand that. But people not wishing to play such a game does not mean that they are hiding from "what takes place on the street". They know it is there and just wish to not have to see it and possibly would not be able to tolerate it any better seeing it as reality anymore then seeing it on any screen.
 posted in Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones on Dec 12, 10 7:10 AM
Downloaded it and what a waste of time!

Graphics look great but the cursor moves so slow that I cannot do anything.
Anyone like playing in slow motion? Because that is exactly what you will be doing IF you get past the first openings of it anytime within the hour free play.
 posted in Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones on Dec 12, 10 6:50 AM
I have not downloaded this game yet but I am going to try the demo.

But I have said this before and this time I am going to ask this question of everyone!
Does anyone out there know how to adjust the brightness and contrast on their monitor?!! Or even through their graphics card?

So many complain about it being so dark and still have not figured out how to use the controls you have to adjust their screens. On my graphics card I adjust the gamma way up then play with the contrast and brightness on the monitor so that I can see what is going on.
 posted in Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles on Dec 11, 10 6:21 AM
I know the reason I did not purchase this game before!

Same thing happened with the CE, downloads fine and installs BUT cannot get past the first image of the black tiger and the sign in page.

Nice to see that they did not fix or address this issue at all the first time!
 posted in Jane Lucky on Nov 28, 10 12:02 PM
I was one who purchased this game. As I said before it was fun!!!

Did not think it would be as long as it was and that surprised me also. Those that take the time to read or listen to everything will find it longer. I very seldom listen to the people talking or read things. And have ran into a few games where you "had" to do either one or the other.

The bubbles that show what you need to get! Hold the mouse button over them and it will enlarge them so that you can more clearly see what it is you are after. I got about 3 to 4 hours of play taking my time and NOT reading anything. That should give you some idea.

It is a relaxing game!!! Fun also! For those who are looking for an easy starter game or just to have something to do to pass time on a Sunday or any other day this one is just perfect.
 posted in Jane Lucky on Nov 28, 10 9:14 AM
I found the game rather enjoyable! Nice break from the games we have been seeing.

Relaxing and easy play. Nice break from the harder, more involved games.

Sorry to see so many that refuse to take a quiet time by playing an easy simple game.
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