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 posted in Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales on Jul 7, 13 6:18 AM
How do you get the last coveted lots to come up? Mine don't come for sale until the "timer" is almost run out!!! I complete everything before the blue ribbon runs out then just sit here collecting gold until the last two coveted lots come up for way can I win a blue ribbon
 posted in Country Harvest on Aug 20, 10 8:55 PM
Downloaded the "fix" and no my installation fails every time...I've followed the online help, done everything it said...still "failed installation" I can't play at all and I purchased the game...tried reinstalling from account, that doesn't work either...fix it or refund, I don't care which
 posted in Pathfinders: Lost at Sea on Mar 6, 10 10:26 PM
Well, I guess 3rd time is a charm...I logged out of the game completely, got a cup of tea and ta da, the puzzle locked in place...took me three times logging out, but it worked

Hope you have the same success
 posted in Pathfinders: Lost at Sea on Mar 6, 10 9:58 PM
Having the same problem...I've been at the dragon puzzle for over an hour...I've reloaded, restarted, rerotated...nothing seems to work and everything is alligned.

Waaaa...I want to go to bed and can't till I'm done
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 29, 09 9:38 AM
How is that possible...I think there's a problem here :/ Took the pod to an island, followed the arrow and boom...I'm done :/ Glad I didn't buy it, lol
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