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 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on May 19, 13 4:07 PM
Thank you so much for the details. That helps me a lot. Also, thanks for answering so quickly.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on May 19, 13 2:57 PM
How do I go about "collecting" money in this game? Sometimes it asks that you collect money in a particular chapter. I have no idea what they are talking about. Then, later on in the game, it has the money listed up at the top (actually, it is a picture) but I have no idea what earns the money and what makes it fluctuate. So far those are my questions. I hope some one can help.
 posted in Unexpected Journey on Apr 23, 10 12:56 PM
I don't know why the critics, either. I am, however, stuck on the one that opens the gates. It has like glow-in-the-dark characters on the map and on the rocks. Supposedly, I am supposed to click on them in some certain order, or something. Does anyone know what I should be doing?

 posted in The White House on Jan 13, 10 1:45 PM
sinshack wrote:For those who get stuck on the lawn - go to the Journal and chose a new location from the map!

This was a real "Duh" for me - I uninstalled the game and replayed it from the start, and noted the pop-up about using the journal to go to new locations on the map. Since we didn't have to do that in any other part of the game, I completely forgot about it!

I'm posting this in the other forum on this subject, so more people who are having the problem can see it.

Julie S.

Thanks, Sinshack! After your fishy post, everything fell into place. I hadn't realized I needed to find the articles in the rooms AGAIN before it would allow me to collect the mirrors from each place.

As far as glitches, I had none... I also have Vista and I DO know what folks mean about it 'finding' things. I did not ever get Word Jong (I think it was) to play for me! But, the fine folks at Big Fish credited me with the purchase and I was able to purchase a different game. I still wish I could play it, but I am thankful for the awesome service from Big Fish!
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Jun 4, 09 11:02 AM
Beetle Bug 2 -- Hard Level -- Level 81

Is this the solution for this level? I think not, because some of the things mentioned do not exist in this level. Please, though, if you DO have info on the one I mention above, please help!

 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Feb 5, 09 6:22 PM
I was looking at the game again, and realized that there are 2 level 76's. The other one is not so bad -- Just go through the portal hole, and then, starting at the lower left corner, hit the arrow that sends everything to the right. Go straight up with Beetle Bug -- this gets the ones on the left side. Then, hit the down arrow when you get to the top. Do the same for the top right and bottom right. There may be one left to kill, but that is easy enough. If this is the one you meant, then I am sorry I gave you the wrong instructions before!

 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Feb 5, 09 6:05 PM
I have even tried to find a way to contact the maker of the game, and I haven't been successful. Has anyone else tried this avenue? This is just ridiculous! I think it HAS to be winnable. I just don't know how! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

 posted in Supercow on Jan 4, 09 6:40 AM
I think this is the level where you have to find all the enemies, right? If so, I thought I'd NEVER find the exit. I actually HAD found the exit, but I had not found all the enemies. I did not realize this for some time. Then, when I DID go back and do it again and did find all the enemies before I got to that place, lo and behold! It WAS the exit!

 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Nov 20, 08 12:39 PM
mertcol wrote:hi please can anyone tell me how to start level 91 im stuck on it, thanks

I just saw this post. If you still need help, this is how I do it:
I clear all the blocks out over the monsters and jewels. Then, I remove one of the jewels on one end, over a monster, (Or whatever you want to call them.) At any rate, this allows the monster to move, and I then swoop in and quickly run across under the monsters and then allow the jewels to fall on as many as possible to eliminate them. This leaves only about 3. Then, the green blob will get them. Fairly quickly, too. Hope this helps you.
 posted in Beetle Bug 2 on Nov 20, 08 12:33 PM
I need help for the Beetle Bug 2 hard, level 81. I have done all levels of BB2, except this one. This seems to be a problem for others, as well. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it greatly!
 posted in Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle on Oct 4, 08 4:42 AM
I had the craziest thought -- maybe because I have had hardly any sleep. But, anyway, this IS the BERMUDA TRIANGLE game -- isn't the Bermuda Triangle where so many things just 'drop out of sight never to be seen again????? Just HAD to say that!
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