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 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 17 2:15 PM
Why do all the other new games I play/demo not behave in this jerky manner? Can everyone have outdated video drivers?
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 13, 17 11:12 AM
lizzanne77 wrote:since the beginning of this game its all jerky am i the only one have problems with this game its all slow and jerky i hope they fix the game please let me no if any of the fishey here having the same problem i just bought the game i hope its not a mistake i love emilys games

You're not the only one with the jerky game play issues. It's not any better on the developer's game site either. I refuse to play it--too frustrating and I wouldn't hold my breath that it'll get fixed either.
 posted in Rescue Team 7 on Jul 16, 17 8:15 AM
This was my first game purchase in the Rescue Team series. I enjoyed it very much and thought I'd demo the prequels. Sadly, for me, it's just another "If you've played one, you've played them all."
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Apr 20, 17 3:42 AM
Glitchy, herky-jerky game (Windows 7) that has an older era time-management feel to it. Had to find the precise spot to click in order to "pick up" or "deliver" an item or nothing happened. Very annoying to be cruising along a realize that kiwi piece you know you dipped in the chocolate fountain didn't take.
 posted in Sky Crew on Jan 25, 17 5:17 AM
Might be a fun game if the perspective were like other TM games where you see the entire play area and there is actually a character to direct. The back and forth from behind a cart is tedious. The ability to deliver more than one item at a time to the passengers would be nice too unless I just missed the instruction on how to do that.
 posted in Secret Investigations on Dec 26, 16 2:59 AM
What decade did they resurrect this game from? BF is really scrapping the bottom of the proverbial barrel some days just to offer a New Game Every Day.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 16 2:02 PM
So to unlock all of the items in the train station levels, you have to serve X number of luggage and newspapers to unlock their upgrades. Well, if nobody ever orders the stupid things, you can't serve them!! I have played those levels half a dozen times each to the point that I'm totally sick of the whole game.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Christmas Carol Collector's Edition on Dec 17, 16 7:34 AM
Cookyville wrote:

It would be nice to have a game with Emily & Patrick- leaving Paige with Granny

Amen to that. Wouldn't break my heart if Paige was given the opportunity to go to a boarding school in Switzerland until she's 17. But I'd leave Patrick out of the next game too. What does the guy do while Emily is running around like a chicken with her head cut off all the time? Planting bulbs? How about a girls only European Vacation storyline where Emily doesn't have to work constantly? (Yes, I realize that's the whole premise, but Geez.) They can segue to Snuggleford on a few levels where the menfolk have to run things and fend for themselves.
 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 on Nov 17, 16 11:59 AM
I actually feel a bit gypped with this one. Seems short and there's really nothing new. Music is the same. Mini-games are basically the same. I should've just re-played the previous games in this series for my nature and hidden object fix.
 posted in Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 16 7:52 AM
Glad I only paid $7.99. I don't know why I was expecting something different from the usual hidden adventure game where the alleged professional investigator arrives on the scene without any of the usual tools necessary to rescue people, pick locks, break glass panes, turn rusty valves, and climb up and down to those just out of reach areas. I find a screw driver or crowbar, use it once, and then apparently toss it away because there couldn't possibly be another situation where they might come in handy again? Yeesh.
 posted in Travel Riddles: Trip to France on Sep 19, 16 3:02 AM
Not sure what ancient vault they resurrected this game from.
The menu items I finally discovered in order to get the last trophy were the upgraded surf board on the island, the white flower in Emily's Garden, and the wine basket under the counter at the winery. It took lots of replays to finally unlock the last surfboard.
I wonder if you not only have to "unlock" the items but "serve" them at least once too?
julesyhedgehog wrote:Did you purchase the lighthouse at Marco's Fish Market (4th location)?


The lighthouse is the one I missed.
Now I'm trying to win the trophy for buying all the menu options. It's tough to do when after replaying a level, you still need to purchase 28 more nautical items in order to unlock the anchor. Very exasperating. There's another similar level where you must serve 35 of a seldom requested item in order to unlock the next item.
Complete the farm level and then on the Map click Paige riding the pig.
Would've been nice if this CE game had been released during the Labor Day BOGO sale. Extra Punch day rarely benefits me.
I really enjoyed the first Incredible Dracula. The characters were funny and the dialog clever. Based on the demo: Except for a new set of ghouls to vanquish, I don't really see much in the way of game play that's different. Players collect the same items from the same buildings, chop up the same logs, stone monoliths, and clumps of grass, fill in the same pot holes. Did they have to use BloodDonald's again? Why not a Bat-fil-A? Looking for the "stickers" and "statues" doesn't really add much to the adventure except that it's something to do while the workers run around gathering things. That said, I'll probably cave in and buy it anyway if a really good sale comes along and today's Half-Off the retail price isn't it. Or, I'll wait for the SE and use a credit.
tookat wrote:I am happy to stay loyal to BFG too....
But so disappointed that the half-off sale comes out to half off retail again...$9.99
Ouch, I have to wait.

pace pace pace

Yep. Not much of a sale for loyal BF Game Club members when non-members pay the same price. We can't even apply a game credit and pay the difference.
 posted in Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition on Aug 23, 16 3:33 AM
I demoed this one on the developer's site and it had issues such as levels you could not win with any strategy. I don't know if they were ever fixed after all the complaints.Frustrating game play all around. Can not imagine what makes it worthy of a Collector's Edition price. I'll wait for the new Delicious – Emily's Message in a Bottle.
RainbowElf wrote:I found this game rather dull, I switched off mentally a few times, because it was the same "cookie cutter" game we have seen so many times before.
Pick up this take it to another room use it, then another room to find another object then back to the first room again to use that etc. When a game has a lot of travelling it always feels like a way to pad out the game.

Screwdrivers, oil, zips, crowbars etc I found it not very worthy of a CE and it seems very short going on the SG.

Maybe another series that needs to call it a day.

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