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 posted in 9: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 11 7:06 AM
Coronagold wrote:After the Dark Parables CE, this one was a "study in OWS brown". And the mind-numbing identical mini-puzzles were annoying at best. My favorite feature, the Skip button. Voice talent brought to you by the Scarsdale Junior High Glee Club.

Just wondering which game you played.
Dark Parable was a real let down after the first two games, but never mind, this is a question of taste.

But 9 has, in part, original puzzle and in first hand logic puzzle. If someone's favorite feature for this kind of puzzles is the skip button... in my opinion this says more about the player than the game.
I wondering if anyone found Extra-Content (Bonus play or anything else).

And what is with this morphing objects in the diary? Just a gag for my sore eyes or do they mean any?
MargieB wrote:
noo16 wrote:I have put this into the nurse behind the desk and nothing happens? According to the guide this should work.


• Zoom into the eye chart.

• Using the 5 sets of numbers found on the toe tags (circled in red), and their positions (from 1 to 5) look for the matching numbers on the eye chart.

• The first number on the tag represents the numbers on the side of the eye chart ( 10 through 4) , the second number represent where on the chart the number is (row).

• If a number is on the last line (number 4), you have to put the MAGNIFYING GLASS on it to see all the letters.

For example: if your number is 5'4 - Locate the number 5 on the right side of the eye chart and then write down the 4th letter in that row.

• The solution is random but the most commonly used solutions are: FEELY, LEFTY, FLOOD.

• Once you have your solution, walk down to return to the reception area.

• Click on the window.

• Zoom into the pad; enter the code from the eye chart that is unique to your game. The solution could be FEELY, LEFTY, or FLOOD.

• Go into the nursery on the right.


This, my dear Maggie, is a real help! Thanks a lot
In opposition to what ever this SG supposed to be... maybe the "psychologic thriller" the text on the game page is refering to?
wheelie27 wrote:I am Stuck too I am following the Strategy guide and its Not Helping when I crossed the Bridge and clicked on the BIG rock it says that the Huge rock is wedged between two Little rocks and have no clue what to do next Please Help me

This is not the rock the SG pointing too...
You will need to go to the lighthouse (straight ahead when you stand at the swing, not to the right over the bridge), use the can opener to remove one stone (YES, a can opener ^^) the key will get lost, but the stone goes into your inventory.
Go to the swing and use the stone at the steel rod on the other side, where the little bird is sitting on.
Now go back to the house right side of the bridge and have a close look at the door. The rod will be the helping tool there.

Later on you will find something to retrieve the key between the lighthouse stones.
I can see all 6 acts, being in the second one.
No you are not... and you will find out much more often by going on, that the strategy guide isn't helpful, no explainings for the puzzle at all, no help where to go and what to do....

This is not a hard game... this is simply bad done.
Did you already open the red gift in front of the door and got the key?

The tokens need to be clicked at the according words at the top and they have to be clicked on them exactly.
You will see a green glowing around them, when they are back in your inventory and you did right.

Replace the now buttons at the door and click one of them.
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 1:43 AM
I guess, people will have a hard time remembering how that game went - as most of them played it four years ago when it was launched.

If you wanna know ... just look around in the internet - you might find some reviews in archives
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 1:41 AM
To make Virtual City 2 a silent launch and this one a TGT is kind of ...
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 1:24 AM
shadowfax44 wrote:

Maybe I am tired or something... but you lost me Gamesetter. What?

The game is called: "this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!" in the advertising text.

In 2007 nobody called games "Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure" - so it seems... this was the very first and after that they did not use this expression till 2010 when it started (again ) with the "big" Hidden Object Games!

Sorry for the bad english
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 12:52 AM
Streifenbarbe wrote:Hi jkuci,
Vampireville was a good joke, but you can't compare it to Mysteryville which is far more primitive!

Heyyyyyyyy, don't be unfair...
At least it seems to be the first hidden-object-puzzle-adventure of the casual game history - just wondering why they did not keep that special genre after 2007 but came back with it in 2010 *laughing tears*
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 12:39 AM
Robilyn wrote:You have got to be kidding me. This game is about 5 years old. Come on BFG, you are better then that.

First publishing was August 2007!!
Maybe BFG has Oldie but Goldie Day?
The game on the German page is exact a year younger!!
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 5:45 AM
bfgRhone wrote:Hi everyone,

It looks like many of you are experiencing download trouble with today's TGT. If you could please run a <a href="">Dr. Felix</a> report and then send that over to our <a href="">Tech Support</a> team, that would really help us investigate this.



How more often, if I may ask?
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 1:55 AM
crawle1960 wrote:My d/l was at the top where it should be. I gave up with bfg and I am d/l the game off another site and wey hey !!! 10 mins and i am at 30% so proves it is bfg itself.

Which other side are you downloading from if I may ask?
All bfg exclusives are only offered on pages which do redirect to BFG and their game manager.
I'm very curios - as I'm so sick of being told, that it is all the user's pc/internet connection while the problem is only with bgf but with no other portal, no other game manger/game center or what ever they call on other portals.

Maybe you could pm me? As there is no naming of other sides allowed here?

 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 11 7:17 AM
They must be kidding.... 2,5 hours playing time including the bonus chapter which is in between. Maybe three for some players or slow readers are there are a lot of text and dialouge. A lot of running forth and back.

The graphics are ... if you like to have more less all in blue... at least they are different.

The best of the game are some less puzzles which are a bit more challenging, but mostly puzzles are on a low niveau.

We have seen a hole bunch of games with better graphics, better story, better puzzles and much more playing time. This is rediculous

 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 17, 11 11:42 AM
Valdy wrote:
dobbiemijnboekje wrote:
Valdy wrote:

I also use Win7 (64-bit), and had no problems with the demo.
Me too, and no problems. I bought the game and can play.

Hey Dobbiemijnboekje... (gosh, what a name)

Do you also have 64-bit? Because 64-bit handles large amounts of RAM more effectively than 32-bit, so peeps with 32-bit computer could have problems with some games.

Ok, then please explain, why Beta and Demo runs fine?
Why some people with 64-bit do have the same problem?
Why there is ever and ever again aceess violation problems?
Why do people nowhere else have this problems, just downloading at BFG?

It is the game manager I suppose or what ever, but the problem is most likely at BFG not the peoples pc (at least as long all drivers are up to date and I suppose most of the regular users finally know about updating drivers.)
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 17, 11 1:01 AM
Hmmm... Where is a CE Version?
For me only an SE version is available.
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 17, 11 1:00 AM
I get the main menu, but as soon as I press "Play" I get an error an the screen is black.

Access Violation at 0x004AD6B2
tried to read from (0x000000F4) program terminated
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 3, 11 1:46 AM

- Collect gold and the wood on the left, build the well.
- Collect the goods on the way to the top and repair the second well.
- Use the "additional worker" and collect the products.
- Build the snake charmer's tent and let him scare away the snakes.
- Collect products and use the "1/2 prize" bonus to build the bridge to the saw mill.
- Build the market.
- Use the "additional worker" and collect products.
- Build the farm.
- Use the "1/2 prize" bonus and build the bridge in front of the farm at the bottom.
- Ugrade the farm.
- Collect the good, make the way free to reach the farm and repair it.
- Upgrade the hut.
- Use the "additional worker" and repair ways, remove sand heaps, collect products.
- Use the "1/2 prize" bonus and build the remaining two bridges.
- Repair the farm, collect goods, build ways, repair the last ways.
- Use the "additional worker" for all this.
- Try to work it out, that you can use the "additional worker" once again at the end to collect the roses and the coin.

 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 3, 11 1:36 AM

- Build the new saw mill.
- Collect gold, wood and food from the top.
- Upgrade the saw mill.
- Repair the way to the lower part of the scene.
- Collect gold and food, but do not touch the wood.
- Remove the sand heap in direction saw mill.
- Repair the street.
- Use the "+1" bonus, collect the wood first and then the rest.
- Build the warehouse but do not wait, continue working.
- Build the market.
- Use "additional worker" bonus.
- Repair the way up to farm and sawmill on the right side.
- Build the first part on the street to the saw mill.
- Remove the sand heap on the upper street.
- Build the second part of the street to the saw mill.
- Use again "additional worker" bonus.
- Collect products, repair farm and saw mill, build the last part of the street.
- Upgrade the hut.
- Repair the well.
- Repair the street to the saw mill left side of the hut.
- Collect the products.
- From now on use the "Stop Time" bonus always as soon as it is active.
- Finish repairing the way to the saw mill left side of the hut and get the coin.
- Take care that you collect the renewing products as soon as they appear.
- Build the way to the bridge lower left side, but focus on the way to well and saw mill top right.
- Repair the saw mill left side of the hut.
- Repair the well.
- Upgrade the ware house.
- While one worker removes the sand heap on the top left, repairs the saw mill and collects the products, the other worker needs to focus working on the way to the bridge at the bottom.
- Repair the brigde.
- Collect the products.
- At the bottom work to the farm first and repair ist.
- On top work to the roch.
- At the bottom work to the well and repair ist.
- Upgrade the market.
- Remove the sand heaps on the top.
- Upgrade the hut.
- Work at the bottom to the next farm and repair it.
- Do not forget to collect renewing products and using the "Stop Time" bonus.
- Work to the treasure on the top left side and bridge on the right side.
- Build the workshop.
- Collect both treasures and build the bridge to the exit.

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