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 posted in Virtual Families on Sep 4, 09 4:29 PM
Thank you soooooo much! I don't want to read cheats, but have been so frustrated with not knowing why the house "DIDN't" have an extinguisher somewhere...(hahaha....ooopppss....embarrassed). You answered every question I had with this 1 reply! I really appreciate how detailed you were. This will make playing much more fun now!
 posted in Virtual Families on Sep 4, 09 3:56 PM
The fastest way to make your little friends happy is to buy them house upgrades like new sheets or a birdhouse and don't keep rejecting the proposals because they will stop coming eventually.... In the next generation when your litlle people have passed on, you can try and marry rich or whatever. Buy your little person a new outfit from the store and try buying a grocery item from each category at the same time and then give all four bags to your little friend at the same time. Other than buying them an upgrade for the house or groceries, you should marry your little person soon before it's too late! No one likes to be alone....

Hope this helps.....
 posted in Create A Mall on Aug 22, 09 11:27 PM
phoebe222, you ROCK!!!! I fought and fought and fought (hahaha, bit dramatic, but true) on this level and I would restart the level everytime I got close to completion (at 40+ DAYS) because you know that you only get the expert points if you don't get the expert score the first time. Anyways, after realizing that I was starting to hate this game that I had previously LOVED, I remembered there are forums for problems/questions like this (I just joined 6 days ago, so its not like I sat here for two months...hahaha). Anyways, you're advice was brilliant!!!!! I thought I had to use the arcade, etc...if it was offered. Your advice allowed me to beat this nemesis level (haha) the second time I retried it after reading your listed post! Excellent help!!! Thank you so much!! I am now loving this game again and am enjoying it more now that I understand better the purpose of the populartity points and how to get them. I'm writing this to thank you for your help, but also to let others know to TAKE YOUR ADVICE, because IT WORKS!!!!

BTW: I substituted a 2nd bookstore for the toy shop and it worked great and cost less....just letting you know because you suggested that option as possibly working and it did!


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