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 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour on Jan 2, 17 2:35 PM
you need the "to" code also, which is just above it -I think it was D0
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 11, 16 7:18 AM
I have exactly the same issue (except still have all the original portals) and have so many sleeping quests that I never get more than 2 quests at a time (making coin collecting difficult!). Support thinks I may have an issue with the portals, but don't know what, so it's possible that you may have an issue ( but as Sophie's mom says, it is slow going, so hard to tell!)
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 8, 16 12:21 PM
yes, that's me - got your new one and will delete your old one; will do the same with all the other ones that are constantly sitting there as helped as will assume they're no longer there!
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 6, 16 12:54 AM
sorry, don't think I've come across that yet
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 6, 16 12:53 AM
Hey Oldboyracer- since you say you keep a list of who's sent, can I ask if you don't "collect" a gift until you're ready to return? Reason I ask is you're one of my friends (I'm 183456) and I haven't sent you a gift in a long time, but ever since then, you've been marked off as "helped" on my friends list. I was assuming it was a glitch or that you're no longer playing, but now you've said that, maybe you and a few others aren't collecting?
 posted in Wanderland on Jun 3, 16 5:01 PM
I've been stuck for ages in exactly the same place as you Surrly, but I also have a pink gem key that I've been carrying around longer - anyone know what that is?
 posted in Wanderland on May 27, 16 1:59 AM
I remember getting a lot of those quests at the same time... what I found was that the mirror curse is a lot more rare than the other two curses. At that level I was mainly getting the fog curse drop from the hunters hut. You've probably seen that the curses only drop during night/night timed mode in the hunters hut. What I found was that it was generally only every 2/3 goes of night/night timed mode that a curse dropped, ergo it took several days (if not a week) to get the mirror curse... sorry, perseverance is the key! I second Dif's suggestion to request small mirror curse from friends. In the meantime, play other scenes too to stock up on items for the ship / collections
 posted in Wanderland on May 22, 16 11:09 AM
I too have been carrying around the kettle for about 20 levels! There's a "sleeping" quest that needs to heat the water to defrost the old lady in the frozen town portal. None of my portal quests have "woken up" in weeks and I am also carrying around a gem key that I've had since level 5 (on 37 now ) and no idea what to do with that! No idea what triggers the sleeping quests to wake - guess you have to get past a certain regular quest, but I've personally done loads in the last few weeks and nothing's woken.
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 23, 16 4:24 AM
Thanks all - am beginning to think I may have a glitch tho?
I downloaded Wanderland last year but never played it until this week - played for hours and couldn't use up my energy for trying! Kept levelling up and there was some other glitch that I can't remember now. When I came out I hit the update button (that certainly sorted out using up the energy lol) and the game changed a lot...I now have 2 quests that need the mirror curse (no luck getting that so far!) and all the portal related quests are sleeping, even though I have an item it wants me to use, but can't use it until I complete one of the sleeping tasks.
With regards to opening scenes, this last one was "temple key" and it had a picture of the statue, which I have in my inventory. It didn't indicate I needed multiple ones of it, again there was no find button, it just had a price tag in gold on it and the only button available was "buy and unlock". However, when I went to open the passage to the temple, that one did have find buttons, but opening new HOG scenes I haven't had any find buttons, only the buy & unlock.
What do you reckon- glitch from updating from very old version or not?
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 17, 16 7:08 AM
no, there's no "find" button on those ones, which is why I was wondering as everything else does! I've tried looking on the list of open scenes for what you can get, but I wasn't sure if those lists include the items you can only find in certain modes
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 16, 16 4:22 PM
wow, nice of you new to this game. ID 183456.
Am looking for tar and perfume sprayer in my wish list if you've still got any left, please.

Any one else, please feel free to add me and I'll try and gift (as I said, I'm new, so don't have much in my inventory lol)
 posted in Wanderland on Apr 16, 16 1:17 PM
Sorry, newbie question and can't find the answer on the threads or on the tip page!
When you open a new hidden object scene, it asks you for an item, which you can buy for gold to open the scene. Do you have to pay the gold, or can you find those items in other HOG scenes or elsewhere?
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 29, 14 5:27 PM
I've never actually checked it exactly, but basically the XP/silver you get for a premium scene should be 30% more than you'd get for the other scenes in that chapter. Say for example you completed the normal mode in 15 seconds on e.g. 4.1 and then you completed 4.4 in 15 seconds, the silver and XP you'd get for the same sort of score would be 30% more.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 24, 14 5:00 PM
Both these appeared with the update prior to last week. As edogawaranpo said, once the timer runs out, items are still clickable for a few more seconds (I don't know if they're counted in the score though). When you're in the score screen, you can click on each section of the screen and it gives you an explanation of what that box contains.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 24, 14 9:10 AM
LMAO Eli. I just got a vision of a person sitting at their computer going "no, stop **** you, I don't want the update" whilst manically clicking on the trashcan
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 24, 14 9:07 AM
Ah, but then they'd have to write two codes - one to take off 30% and one to add on 30%. They might spontaneously combust if they had to do that much!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 23, 14 7:44 AM
Sorry, got to say it...I was right apple players get the correct banners...PC users get the old wrong banner. No further comment....
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 22, 14 6:22 PM
It'd be interesting to see what the apple players have. Last time we had incorrect dates/times, the apple players had a different banner to the PC players- the PC players having a recycled banner with the wrong dates/times and the apple players having a new and correctly time stamped banner.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 22, 14 6:15 PM
Seconded. That would be helpful!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Nov 22, 14 6:11 PM
If I remember correctly, their happy hours run the same as their fan appreciation weeks (i.e. mon-thurs). 20th Oct was a Monday, so whatever time they specified for 20th Oct is prob the time they're going to run it this Monday (24th). People were complaining they didn't give enough advanced notice for the happy hours, so they obviously decided to notify us two days before, but yet again just recycled a previous banner and forgot to change the dates.
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