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 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 on Mar 14, 18 9:53 PM
i'm playing a second time thru, chose different bonuses, and some levels are much simpler, some are much harder. . . so, Yes, it depends on selection
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 on Feb 27, 18 1:04 AM
So sometimes you make them disappear (invisiblity spell). You can still see them, but they are see-thru for a while.

If the gremlin kicks them, they go into a prison until you send your witch to rescue them - on these levels, there will be a mountain/hill shaped place, if there is a hat over it, one of your men is trapped inside and you'll need enough mana for the witch to save them
 posted in New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 4 on Feb 27, 18 1:00 AM
I've found on a lot of levels, it doesn't pay to upgrade everything, I believe I upgraded the foundry (gold) twice, the barracks to level 2, and everything else just once.

You have to get all 3 swords, take back the castle (I believe 600 mana, then 500 gold), then use the Defeat Enemy powerup
 posted in Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition on Sep 6, 17 3:01 AM
What sets the CE version apart from the SE? What makes it worth 2x the price? I was hoping for extra levels or something, but after playing the main game all the way thru, didn't see any CE bonus
 posted in Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition on Sep 6, 17 2:58 AM
So the "stop time" bonus was it for the CE? Wish I'd know that.

Was there anything else besides this? I played it all hoping there were extra levels at the end or something.

I too enjoyed Royal Envoy (and Campgrounds) CE, the extra levels after the main game made it worth it.
 posted in Rescue Team 7 Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 17 3:16 PM
OK, it's not only me! I've tried leaving generator on constantly, and turning it off at daybreak and restarting every night. . nothing is working.

As soon as I filled the last pothole, it crossed out "fill the pit", so guessing pit=pothole? No clue why is usually says to "repair the road" and this time "fill the pit"
Get down to building the kitchen as quick as possible, then the route to the gold on the left, and the button to access the re-growing tree in the upper right.

Do not demolish the snowballs in the bottom left, the bridge to the lower right, or the lower right button until you know you have supplies to defuse the bomb - repairing roads cause by bombs blowing up will eat up your time.

 posted in Country Tales on Apr 13, 17 5:55 AM
it requires upgrading the workers. You'll have to play nearly half the game to get the workers advanced enough, then go back and play the earlier levels.
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Mar 31, 17 5:01 PM
Using Windows 7.

Used about 30 minutes of my trial when the game froze. Played the trials of 2 & 3 w/o issue, decided to buy all three at once, hoping that when I activated the full versions, it would work ok.

I have not been able to get the original game to work. It freezes at the main screen. I deleted it from the game manager and reinstalled it to no avail.

Any suggestions?
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 29, 17 9:35 AM
I finally found a solution to 46 on YouTube - guy that apparently just plays games for a living. Was able to finish 46 with a second to spare. . . even he couldn't get 36 done in gold time. His best was clearly in silver time, not even close.
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 28, 17 5:26 PM
Got gold on all but 36 and 46. I see that many others are having difficulty on 36, so it must be a killer. But I've not seen any discussion on 46 - was it really that easy for the rest of you? I am feeling really stupid right now. What's the secret?
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 28, 17 4:09 PM
Thank you! I was spending too much time building things!
I found I had to upgrade the gold mine to Level 2, but otherwise your instructions worked perfectly with plenty of time to spare. No need to build the stone quarry!
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 26, 17 6:37 PM
OK, you guys are great. . . now can you go back and give tips for 19 and 26???
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 26, 17 6:36 PM
close, but still not able to get all 3 stars. Anyone else w/ tips?
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 26, 17 9:26 AM
Figured it out!

Don't bother going for the wood or the stones. Use the Bonus Resources when ever it comes up
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 26, 17 8:38 AM
Tips for gold on this level?
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Nov 29, 16 1:40 AM
I am unable to find one sticker. . . have replayed all the bonus levels, but still missing the 3rd from last (left side, between fireman & doctor I think) What level is it found on?
 posted in Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition on May 25, 16 3:15 PM
There is a 9th. The one I had the hardest find finding was hiding behind the crystal stand just to the left of the lower bridge.
 posted in Pirate Chronicles Collector's Edition on May 25, 16 12:40 PM
What threw me off initially, is that to start the game, you fire a shot at any window. But after that, shooting at a closed window wastes cannons. Wait till they open and avoid the skins.
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