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 posted in Spooky Bonus on Oct 7, 15 9:58 AM
Excellent descriptions thanks SynthpopAddict! I should really add tool tips to those powerups for when you hover over them.

Some more notes:

- The "pencil" is supposed to be a wooden stake (like from vampire movies)
- The stake, hammer, broom remove 1 tile at first, then 5 tiles in a cross (at level 2) and then 9 tiles in a square (at level 3)
- The lightning removes more tiles at higher upgrade levels.
- The Crystal Ball can also be powered up but the tarot card cannot.
- There are two sizes of pumpkin (and other "bonuses" that appear on the board). Normal is for match-4 and large is for a match-5 or more.
- Silver cross works in a cross shape like a + sign. Small cross for match-4 and large for match-5 or more.
- Flaming torches work in an X cross shape. Match-5 will give you fireworks instead which destroy a greater range.
- Holy Water is powerful as it's + sign cross shape combined with an X sign cross shape, so basically 8 directions. Again there are match-4 and match-5 versions.
- Later on if you get the Grey Alien house decoration then all powerups generated are the large versions even if you only get a match-4, so it's pretty cool.

 posted in Spooky Bonus on Jul 3, 15 7:29 AM
No, initially we don't think the new game will be on BFG (but maybe will later if they take it as a CE). There are various business reasons why that's the case and we'll probably make a blog post about the new game soon(ish) and maybe mention those reasons too.

I'm glad you liked Spooky Bonus. Part of me wants to keep on making games like that and Regency Solitaire because so many people liked them but sadly it just may not be viable for us any more.
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Jul 1, 15 10:29 AM
Hi Mac_too

Yes there's a limit to how many wildcards you can collect of 11.

On Chapter 20 the best hand to get a long run is hand 10, though you might be able to on hand 7 too. Good luck!
 posted in Spooky Bonus on Jul 1, 15 10:24 AM
Glad to hear you all like the game so much! We are proud of it and tried to make it as fun as possible to play all year round.

Also congrats to Larissa_Jane on finishing it and seeing the message at the end :-) We enjoy interacting with nice people, it encourages us to keep making games for you.
 posted in Spooky Bonus on Jul 1, 15 10:22 AM
Hi Larissa_Jane, sorry for the slow reply. It's great to hear you enjoyed Regency Solitaire too.

We do enjoy Star Trek, but sadly sci-fi themed games don't sell very well on BFG, so even if we'd like to make one, we have to think about the business case. After all, we make these games to put food on the table.

We are indeed releasing a new game later this year (December-ish). It will be a bit different from our previous games and aimed at a different audience than BFG customers. Best thing to do is to sign up to our newsletter via our site (if you haven't already) and "Like" our Facebook page so you can see it progress.
 posted in Regency Solitaire on May 25, 15 5:28 PM
@headwounds Sorry to hear that. I know how to fix your issue. Find my email on the Internet (I'm not allowed to post it here) and I'll tell you how.
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Apr 28, 15 8:06 AM
Hi tantejoan. You click a wild card any time you like to place it on the foundation, in the same way that you do for a joker. Then you simply treat it as normal card with the number on it. So if you use a 5 wildcard, then you can play a 4 or a 6 from the tableau on it. Good luck!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Apr 17, 15 7:22 AM
@cabanaeast18 Hi there! Many thanks for your kind words about the game (and about Spooky Bonus). We're so glad you liked it and noticed the effort we put into all the details :-)
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Apr 10, 15 8:57 AM
Hi Eggnoggin! Ah that noise you here is because you bought one (or more) powerups that sometimes remove a card at the start of a level (to help you out). For example:

Window and Curtains:
This new window will let in more light and the curtains are the height of fashion.

Effect: Removes one playable card at the start of each hand.

A south-facing conservatory allows one to enjoy the English weather, no matter what season.

Effect: 50% chance of removing a bow at the start of each hand automatically.

Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you like the game. Please leave a review and star rating on the main page if you haven't already, thanks!
 posted in Spring Bonus on Apr 3, 15 7:48 AM
Thanks for your kind comments on the game! We're glad you like Spring Bonus and our other bonus games so much :-)

I made this game because I love the Spring! I love seeing the flowers and feeling the sun coming back after a long winter.

Happy Easter!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Mar 13, 15 2:37 PM
Congrats Larissa_Jane You have done very well as that last chapter is hard for the very reasons you have spotted. It would be impossible if we didn't let you keep wildcards from replays. Well hopefully you've left a nice review on the game page :-) Keep an eye out for our next game later in the year.

Also congrats rockey69. We're glad you enjoyed it so much, thanks for playing and please leave a review on the game page if you haven't already, thanks!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Mar 12, 15 7:14 AM
Just thought I'd pop in to explain about the update from 1.03 to 1.05 a bit more.

BFG said "This update lowers the difficulty for later levels within the game." That's not quite right...

What we did was kept all the goals the same in Normal and Hard mode BUT in Normal mode if you fail the goals it now says "Oops! You didn't complete the goals for this chapter. Do you want to retry this chapter or continue to the next one?".

This is because some people were enjoying the story but became frustrated when the chapter goals got too hard for them, and so now those people can skip ahead and still enjoy the story. Players who want to beat the goals can simply retry. Hard mode still requires you to beat the goals.

I hope that clears it up :-)

 posted in Regency Solitaire on Mar 10, 15 9:38 AM
Glad you figured out how. Yes it's a wonderful wallpaper!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Mar 3, 15 4:19 AM
Hi MSJMOM. Well I assume you already have the ballroom item that starts the multiplier at 1.5x, so you need to get the multiplier up to 4x which automatically changes to 5x. This means you need to go up 2.5 (from 1.5 to 4).

Also you probably have the ballroom item that starts the combos at 5. So once you start a combo, you've already got 0.1x multiplier and each card gives you another 0.1x multiplier. So once you have reached 5 you need a further 24 cards. So adding those two together means you need 29 cards. Phew I hope my maths is right there.

Basically find a hand that has a good number of starting cards in easy positions and make sure you have lots of wildcards and charged up powerups. Good luck!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Feb 26, 15 3:48 AM
Hi there! There are 20 chapters. The first few have less than 10 hands, and chapters 4 to 20 have 10 hands. Also the game gets harder as you go along so you'll have to replay some hands later on. Once you've beat the game in Normal mode you can try out Hard mode if you fancy a tough challenge. Enjoy!
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Feb 22, 15 11:24 AM
You are welcome! Glad you got there in the end :-)

Well the Regency era is in the Georgian era, but I guess you may mean earlier? (before 1800) In which case, watch this space ;-)
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Feb 22, 15 11:17 AM
OK thanks for that info, it's very helpful. We are looking into it.
 posted in Regency Solitaire on Feb 21, 15 2:52 PM
Hi rayvyn2k, sorry to hear you are stuck. So chapter 2 has 3 different hands. The cupid statuette is on hand 3 on the left hand side under some cards. When you remove the cards you'll get the statuette. Didn't that work for you?
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