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 posted in Lost Fortunes on Jul 6, 09 5:41 PM
hello Flounder:

I was trying to do the 60 minute try out for this game and it wouldn't maximize from my task bar. I closed the game and saw that although I wasn't actually playing it, the timer on the 60 minutes was counting down. I was curious so I bought the game and still have the same problem. On my other computer and on any other games on this computer, I have no problems, but on my laptop I do. I have tried to install it a couple of times to no avail. Any suggestions????
 posted in Lost Fortunes on Jul 6, 09 5:34 PM
my game won't maximize from task bar.....any suggestions? I tried right clicking on it and minimizing and then restoring and it still doesn't work. It does however start and stop as if I have been playing.
 posted in Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus on Oct 3, 08 5:23 PM
kind of annoyed me that everything seemed to be in slow motion!
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