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 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Nov 25, 17 1:59 AM
Following a breakdown in another game,I had a voucher and used it to get this game.
I now wish I had tried it in advance.
The game was childish and after sending this I shall be consigning to the litter bin.
Also thought the graphics were pathetic - like something out of a child's fairy book.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Mutiny of the Heart Collector's Edition on May 11, 17 8:48 AM
A god game but spoilt for me by the lack of a reset button for the games.I generally try games before buying to make sure they have this facility.I try and play the games with recourse only to the strategy guide if necessary.At least with a reset button you do have the opportunity to work it out for yourself
 posted in New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia on Jun 28, 16 4:02 AM
Have just completed the complete New York Mysteries.These are the best games I have ever fairies,dragons or silly furry creatures getting things for you.Also,the hidden object games were different and better.....does anyone know of simmilar games to this?
Having paid for this junk I decided to try and get to the end of it,,but enough is enough,I just wish I had tried it before buying it and having wasted money on it..I am pulling the plug on this pathetic game.
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Cannot get the wolf to appear!!!Have placed the eye in the right hand socket of the previously blindfolded owl then pressed the eye-nothing happens! HELP!
 posted in Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween on Nov 24, 14 4:29 AM
Thanks.....I did as you said and made sure I got the colour right in all the was better to make a note of each room.....also there is one torch in the throne room ...........................Now on to the kid in the house!
 posted in Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween on Nov 22, 14 1:56 AM
I am as perplexed and exasperated with this part of the game.I have all but given up there is no walkthrough available.....surely somebody out there can help us!!!!I am surprised that nobody has stepped forward to help us!
What a rubbish game! I wish I had tried it instead of buying it outright.I am getting fed up of games with twee fairies ,handsome princes and gentle maidens...also why I am getting so many games without reset buttons?I like to try the puzzles myself and without the reset button this cannot be done.In future I shall try every game so I don,t get any more crap fairy stories!
I am unable to activate the brain in the puzzle with the robot.I am pressing the diodes as per the strategy guide!!!!No luck so far!!Any suggestions ????
Othherwise a great game!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands on Nov 5, 11 11:06 AM
HELP!!I am well and truly stuck..I have the diving helmet and want to get to the suit to put it on and leave the level.I am stuck in three rooms. The first has two ladies portraits on the left the only way forward takes me to where the skeleton is by a door in the lower left the only way forward is through the door by it.This takes me into a room with a central pillar and two recesses with figures in them on the right..I just cannot how to get out of this and I would appreciate any help!!!!!
This is the second BF game where I find the strategy guide so irksome.Every time you go to it you have to start at page 1and work forward I am fed up already and I have my last reference at page10!!!This game is not half as good as Redemption Cemetery: Childrens' Plight which crashed 10 times and then went it going -crashed just before the end of the game!!!is there any way of dealing with this strategy guide problem?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 28, 11 6:58 AM
Ok I cracked it myself! Once you put the ladder against the tree you get the hidden object scene! Easy when you know how!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 28, 11 2:28 AM
I am having the same problem ..I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game...looks like |Big Fish have let me down again...can anybody give a sensible answer?
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on May 24, 11 1:29 AM
What a crap game1 I still ddo not know why I bothered with it.
 posted in Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper on May 9, 11 2:21 AM
Finished the game-what a waste of time! This wasby far the most disappointing game I have purchased from Big Fish.....the linking shot (always the same) got on my nerves.....this was a dead loss ....
Help I cannot get out of the church..I understand that I have to click on the poster on the left hand side and then click on the altar......tried it-but nothing!!!!!!!
It didn't work for me either..I have no idea what to do next I get invited to play the bonus adventure.hit the button and then......NOTHING!!!
 posted in Vault Cracker on Jul 19, 10 1:56 AM
This was,for me,the most disappointing game that I hasve ever had from Big Fish.What was the point of all the dressing up bits?The graphics were clear but the hidden object games and puzzles were too easy.The game was also very folks, you can guess that I felt cheated!
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