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 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Oct 24, 09 5:46 AM
i bought this game a couple of months ago and could not play it, as all i was getting was white lines where the words was suppose to be, iv recently bought a new PC with a better graphics card and the game is working perfectly now, i strongly recomend that people try the trial version first, just incase anybody has the same problem...
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Sep 17, 09 12:14 PM
well done BF really great game, recommend it 2 any1.. x
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Aug 29, 09 11:06 AM
likame51 wrote:I downloaded this game and it seems to be missing something. The pages are black with big white bars where I suspect dialogue or directions should be. Has anyone else had a problem with this download??? Know a solution to this???

iv got the same with this game but all other games that i download are perfect..
i tried unstalling and reinstalling but that didnt work, i thought it might have something to do with my graphics card. ie not powerful enough, but i may be wrong!!!
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