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 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Feb 10, 15 8:45 AM
Though it's unfair to compare the game to the original - I'm going to. The first game played merry malice with the player with dead souls insisting they're not, and keeping you guessing, as well. You had to learn about the characters from their actions and words, and the more you learned, the creepier things got. They engaged the player in their world.

This one? I still don't have any idea why little sis was crying to Mummy about 'don't you see?!'. No twists, no mind games, just "go rescue your kid ". The ghosts flat out say "Hi! I'm totes a ghost. Welcome to (an anachronistic nightmare of) 1965! BTW, be a dear and free me from my torment?"

Marching into the school, Mum tells us that her father died there. ...Which leads us to believe her Dad was a high school student, going to the prom, while presumably his girlfriend or teen bride was home caring for baby. Later, you gather that Dad was working at the cosmetic plant which though it was able to create this nasty psycho gas... is really pretty tame now.

Point being, there are no secrets that you unravel, there is no disaster to face or avert, it's just ... Run around and free souls. There wasn't any sense of time running out or of realizing you'd been duped. I couldn't even tell you why the bad guy dude was doing the bad guy schtick. It's not like he was denying being dead and oh hai, I need a date for the prom.

THAT said, mega kudos on the HOGs. They were interesting and clever. The puzzles could have been better, and I still haven't figured out the math for the roller coaster ride, but I suck at math anyhow.

As always, beautiful scenes, great voice acting - though the animated live actors were a bit jarring to my eyes. But it was more like another Redemption Cemetery game than a Phantasmat.

 posted in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 12 2:18 PM
Is there a fix for the white screen? I'm on 10.5.8 and nada. Someone posted about deleting a file and the video works? What file is this?

My updates are up to date (for everything else beside the OS ), I uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled, and still White Screen.

 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition on Aug 19, 12 10:20 PM
I just got this for Mac, and decided to get it based on the Haunted Manor: Queen of the Dead/damned (I don't remember now).

And was simply confused. It had very little if at all to do with the previous game, save that now both sisters are servants to this Lord of Mirrors.

On its own, the story line was fine (but really, seriously? a PIZZA?), it just wasn't much in the manner of a sequel.

The sudden flurry of ihogs at the end? Meh.

Stan's graphic could use some work, too, he looks more like a tired thirty year old than a bright teen.

As it's own story, it's a lovely game, the music is a bit overpowering here and there; as a sequel? It's not, really.
 posted in Twisted Lands: Insomniac on Feb 11, 12 6:08 PM
Spoilnating: The best I can figure is that Angel discovered the photo of Mark and his sister. Not knowing who the "other woman" is, she is infuriated and kills him. In close proximation of the plague island, Mark ends up running through the madness of the ending of the island. We still don't know if the mayor's illegitimate daughter is Angel's ancestor or what.

So after Mark seems trapped in realizing he's dead, we move onto Angel. Angel frees many trapped souls while trying to figure out what's going on, and this sucks her into the haunted plague island. She then faces that she's killed her beloved and he forgives her, and kaboom.

So she steals a busload of kids... Which is nice, were the kids having visit the asylum day? O.o;

Still so many splinters in the story! The fog trees, the mines, the evil cult and how and why Mark got sucked into it at all... yeesh. Part three, the explainanating would be awesome.

The puzzles were great! Moar puzzles, less HOGs would be awesome. Music was terrific, the atmosphere wasn't as spooky as the first.
 posted in Silent Scream: The Dancer on Jun 3, 11 11:57 AM
Deliciously stylish and noir. Totally reminiscent of the '60s dull color and black and white noir-horror, specifically one movie which I won't name because it'd be a total spoiler. The grim 1960s city setting was excellent.

Completely threw me on the story line. Completely. I was all "Wait, what??!" at the end, though the game does put subtle clues all throughout. You don't interact with them in general, but the clues are there.

Scary? I yipped and yelped several times when the boo gotchas came up! But it didn't need those - the story itself was enough to shorten your nerves. And it is told well. The story being almost an afterthought is too common, and this one seems to have the story first.

The music -- too loud, but really fitting for the game. I just turned it down.

The voice actor - I know most people are saying how flat and emotionless the lead is, but all things considered, she's perfectly in genre, and I'm sure if you ask the game developers, they'll smile and tell you she's supposed to sound like that.

The voices for the thugs...? Not so good. But they worked.

The art is beautiful. Just beautiful.

Oh yes and there was a game in there, too. The hidden object scenes weren't too difficult. The puzzles weren't either, but that blasted pipeworks - I couldn't figure out the intent of it. Bah. I love pipework puzzles, too.

Not a difficult game, but it's worth it for the story. A little too much running around, but eh. It's not my shoe leather being worn out.

What I LOVED was that you could not pick up anything until you knew what you were going to do with it!

That always bugs me in games. "Oh look, a large and angry goose, I shall just pick it up and carry it with me in the off chance I shall need a large and angry goose." And then of course, you do need it, and what wonderful foresight you had in picking it up. o.O; I can see picking up things like crowbars and knifes, you can always use those. But not the odder things.

I did notice the lead character's shoes changed in the course of the movie, that was amusing.

Really a different and edgy game. I loved it.
Gah. I was really hoping to get more than a few hours out of this one, but... yup, about two hours or so. That's including the extended content.

I was rather confused to find Lyra had just "managed to return home". Finding her way home would have been excellent in either the book of air or water. I'm not looking for padding for the game, but there is a lot there that can be expanded and explored, particularly since a lot of the scenes are being re-used.

The reusing of the scenes from earlier games is something I like, personally, but very little is actually revisited and worked with. If you recall the first game, it could sometimes take three or four puzzles solved to get into an area, until you were ready to throttle Lilith seven ways till Sunday.

Really, if the Dream Chronicles games are going to be cut down this short, then just announce it. Personally, however, knowing they've got all their content handy, there shouldn't be a big problem adding areas and puzzles to work through.

The forums used to discuss the story, now it's all "oh geez, this is short." More story please. I mean, here's Lilith with her half fairy son, and who's dad? She sure dropped Fidget easily for the chance to pop out a half-fae chosen child!

It's been a while since I played it, but didn't Merrow actually betray Lyra's mom at one point? But now he's off mourning his dearest friend, her granddad? That was peculiar.

More story, if you please. More game. Don't forget the story for the game.

Graphics - stunningly beautiful, as always. Music ... well, transitions would be good, otherwise very nice. Repetitive puzzles... not so good. But no sound memorizing puzzles, THANK YOU. I hate those. Playing both sides of the coin, as both Lyra and her mom? EXCELLENT.

I'm kind of cringing at paying 15 dollars for it, but I've been fascinated by the story since it started. Just be up front if it's going to be a short game. Trust me! We'll wait longer for a longer, more detailed game, with more exposition and insight into this entire power play.

Bonus adventure was almost as long as the main game, but was heavy on hidden object scenes, bleah, and had way too many repeat the sequence games for my taste (I hate 'em!).

The story takes you on a little unexpected side trip to the mysterious island that you see but never get to. (If you ask me, that all was intended to be in game, but it was cut out to either shorten/tighten up the main game; or was cut out to be an 'extra'. Either way, the "oh wow net!" bit in the main game is pretty abrupt.)

(Highlight in case it's spoiler-ish)
Basically, you're just trying to get back off the island, but it does add a bit more information for the series, and introduces the next game in a natural manner.

I haven't checked the rest of the goodies, though I imagine the wallpapers are the standard sizes.
Did you use the telegraph machine in the main office? You have to run that puzzle, which will then tell you to go to the front gates, and trigger the search scene.
 posted in Fishdom 2 on Apr 15, 11 10:45 AM
The fish will go to the feeder and eat by themselves.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Apr 12, 11 1:33 AM
Well, I liked the story, though it was told in a rather disjointed manner. It almost seemed like the developers weren't sure where they were going with it, but it didn't fall apart. It did fall prey to the "all the vital information comes in a fairly large rush at the end" syndrome, though.

There were a lot of hidden object scenes and not so many puzzles, which is a bummer for me. The images were lovely, they were fairly careful to place things that seemed appropriate for an area (since one of the clues hinges on something being oddly out of place), and the animations were very neat.

BUT. Some of the objects were hellishly tiny and difficult at best for me to see, and I've got a very large screen here. Other objects had rather oddball names. Sure, I know "clothes peg" is an old term for "clothes pin", but does everyone? More than once I was clicking anything in sheer annoyance. At least it doesn't seem to penalize for that.

Putting the timer onto the "scenes" was hair pullingly annoying. I take a lot of time with hidden object scenes, and the time limit was a real pain.

A lot more thought could have been put into the game and story, particularly in telling the story and bringing out the characters. I liked the comic book style interludes. The "clue cards" was sort of a waste of time, and though you get the idea that you can control your fate with this one, it still steams you down the single path.

It was a pretty long game to play, pretty to look at, and fairly interesting, overall. I liked it, but I probably won't play it again.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Apr 12, 11 1:15 AM
Keep turning it and turning it.
 posted in Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets on Apr 12, 11 1:14 AM
They're in the big rune stone to the right. They're just <-- type drawings, save for one which is an actual arrow at the base of the tree.
 posted in Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story on Apr 8, 11 12:19 AM
I gave it to the girl, mainly because of the beginning part where the "ghosts for dummies" goes on about helping a spirit move on, but also, there's a sort of a toss off clue, the "how to make an auto crash" spell. You first think of your car, which suddenly croaked, but then you find the kid's parents died in a car crash. Which makes me wonder.

Why would the girl need a spell to cack the car? She wouldn't, she's a ghost. She'd fritz it out and then want you there to help get her doll back instead of throwing things at you. But the guy's clearly having trouble dealing with the girl, he would kill the car to get help.

The old guys wife doted on the girl, but he clearly didn't like her, and probably even less as she bonded with her. The kid seemed to be mischievous but nothing horrible or dangerous, pretty tame for a kid who didn't seem to see her parents much and then had them both die in a terrible accident.

So if the girl threw her doll into the water, blamed the old guy, and then ran in after it, his wife wouldn't even be out there, she's phobic of water. And knows the girl can swim well. But the water's cold, she starts freezing up. SO maybe the old guy's trying to 'help' wife through the phobia and voila. She automatically runs after the girl.

If the guy immediately pulled the release, both should be alive. (Though the reports give convulsions and heart failure as probable causes, the deaths are by drowning.) I think he waited a while. Possibly realizing he was stuck with a kid he hates at least until she's 18 and probably more because his wife loves her.

Plus the very idea of "banishing" a ghost is just awful to me, particularly when throughout the house there are "friendly" ways to deal with them.

BUT, since we see she didn't move on in the end, despite having her doll and the old guy in trouble, then there's obviously more that isn't immediately obvious. She's also by her nanny's grave, whose death she feels she caused.

And, there's also the people that wrote the story's beliefs - they may feel the old guy's banishing the ghost is the proper thing to do!
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