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 posted in Relic Rescue on Aug 5, 14 7:01 AM
Gamblebug, At the top of This Page, across from the thread title, is a box that says "Find your game forum". Directly under that is "Newest Forum: Hoyle Illusions" with a picture. Click on the Hoyle Illusions link to find the forum for today's game.

Hope that helps and doesn't change by the time you see it.
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on May 28, 14 8:43 AM
**steps silently out of the shadows** Ha. Nice. I laughed. **slips quietly back into the darkness**
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 10, 14 9:56 AM
One more comment. The rats aren't on a timer, per se, but go to uninfected houses. Once all the houses are glowing green the level is over. I may try again later, concentrating on keeping ONE or two houses free while I get the farm and druid up.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 9, 14 2:46 PM
The level can be skipped. On the map, the next playable level is in the upper left, near the picture of the coins.

Glad I found the bypass. I am enjoying this game but just can't manage the clicky-clicky parts.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 9, 14 2:33 PM
Stuck on rats too. I'm on "normal" and doing good, all gold so far. But... Rats!! These buggers are fast, move from multiple places to various places in unpredictable patterns. Any tricks or cheats? Otherwise I have paid for less than half a game.
 posted in Banana Bugs on Feb 16, 13 10:41 PM
I have had an issue with the parrot as well. If you clear the last bug but also get the parrot bonus at the same time the parrot tries to activate. However, all you get is a "too close" error since there are no bugs. The only fix is to go back to the main menu and then back into the level. Starting a level over after after having won it is very frustrating.

Very addictive and fun game.
 posted in Time Dreamer on Oct 25, 11 9:35 AM
Does anybody know if this will play on a netbook? I cannot change the screen resolution for many games and they will error or not open. This sounds like a really good game and I am downloading it now. However, I really have to get some sleep and may not get a chance to test it out before midnight and the DD goes away.


Update: This loaded really fast and I was able to test. Looks like it works! Yippee! Purchasing.
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