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 posted in Aveyond: Gates of Night on Aug 21, 09 12:58 PM
LOL congratulations and welcome to the pond!
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Hi casper56 and welcome to the pond! Here's what I was able to find regarding the Challenge Campaign Level 9 and I have also PM'd you a link to a screen shot of important locations alright?

Level 9 - Goals: 6 painted houses, 1 Public Pool, +85 appeal, 1 fancy shop

1. Demolish your Duplex.
2. Build Solar Tower.
3. Build a Craftsman.
4. Buy an A-Frame.
5. Start to paint and upgrade your houses.
6. Buy another A-Frame.
7. Build a Condo.
8. All your houses should be painted and upgraded with 3 stars and energy savers.
9. Build a Duplex.
10. Buy a Duplex. Now you have the required six houses. Continue until all of them are fully upgraded and painted. Try to finish those improvements within one income circle so that you do not lose any rent.
11. Build a Garden Center and landscape six houses.
12. Demolish the Garden Center.
13. Build a Bakery.
14. Build a Business Center.
15. Make your Bakery fancy.
16. Demolish the Business Center.
17. Build a Public Pool.
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Hi cutnnails and DonnaLightbody and welcome to the pond!

I'm sorry that you're upset over the temporary absence of Big Fish Slots (It was my favorite game and I miss it terribly too )

But BFG has promised that it will be on soon, although I know that is vague and probably offers little to no comfort, I suppose it's all they're able to tell us right now so we just have to wait..(And believe ME, being told I'm going to have to wait for anything, is like telling me I have to show up at the Presidential Inauguration in nothing but my birthday suit! )

Why don't you stick around and join all of us for a swim while you're waiting?
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Alright here it is...

12. Exit Lounge. Find Golf Cart parked by the entrance with sign that battery needs to be filled.

13. See Shed locked with a key padlock. Nancy VO that Gibsons may have the key at the front desk.

14. Return to Lounge and get shed key from George.

15. Open shed with key.

16. Find Shovel inside. Notice locked Sail Bin.

17. Take the Water Filler from a shelf and read instructions of use.

18. Place Water Filler on batteries and try to fill correctly.

19. Return to Lounge and see a Fruit Bowl has appeared.

20. Pick up a Guava from the bowl.

21. Give a Guava and receive Coucou Hints.

22. Battery Fill - open valves to individual batteries

I also have a chart detailing the valve process, but couldn't get it to copy correctly...If you need it though just let me know and I will be happy to just type it out long hand for you ok?

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Hi gnewburn! Give me just a moment and I'll have something for you alright?
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And several other steps after that until you get to these steps?

Return Pulley to Pulley Line and string rope through pulleys (as listed in riddle book where A is upper left pulley, B is lower right, C is lower left and D is upper right): B A D B C D.

Obtain Dial5 from underneath.

Look at Medallion to find see location of next item. Drive to Shark Cove.

If you would like the missing steps that I did not list just let me know ok?
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Hi gren and welcome to the pond! Okay have you already done these things?

Bat Caves with the specific bat and Astrolabe Sightings.

Need sighting Rod for Astrolabe Sightings. See Coucou's metal perch and ask to have it. Coucou demands fruit.

Give Coucou a Guava and get new perch requirements from Coucou for a Perch Trade.

Find new driftwood for perch at Shark Cove (3 possible), Sangre Beach (2 possible) or Blue Hole (1 possible)
Give perch to Coucou, but it's the wrong one. Continue bringing in perches until Coucou agrees to trade - get Rod in return.

Make Detector from Flying Friends exhibit. Get a Bat Detector. Notice it's missing a battery.

Find audio frequency of bat described in El Toro's journal is 16 kmhz at Flying Friends.

You need battery for Bat Detector. Ask Johnny if he has one.

Go Sailing to retrieve Johnny's Beacon. Get Battery in return.

Place [Battery in Bat Detector.

Driving to Bat Caves and start Climbing. Avoid obstacles being hurled down by monkeys.

Use Bat Detector for Echolocation at each cave until correct frequency 16 is found.

Enter further into Cave.

Find Jade Glyph in wall. Press glyph which triggers a Cave In.

See a mirror that can rotate, now lit from hole in the rock blocking the entrance. Turn Mirror Light mirrors until light beam illuminates hidden nook where P gets Dial6 and the Symbol Guide.
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Hi goatldy02 and welcome to the pond...I sent you a PM with a link to a screenshot giving the solution to the maze puzzle, I did the same thing and it turned out I had been able to get there but hadn't taken the correct way to get the door to open...aaaaaha! LOL
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Hi sherry150 and welcome to the pond! Here you go....

* Click on the LEFT door and a marble puzzle will appear.
* Place the 4 red marbles on the empty slots.
* Your goal is to move all the yellow marbles to the top positions and the blue marbles to the bottom.
* The red marbles have to be in the middle.
* Use the levers on the side to move the balls around.
* The lever on the left controls the top circle.
* The lever on the right controls the bottom circle.
* Go Into the Toy store area once the puzzle is completed.
* You can choose to skip this puzzle if you wish.

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Hi GraciesDD welcome to the pond, here ya go....

Shanghai, Scene 21, Inside the Pharmacy

* Talk to the doctor.
* Look along the top shelf on the left for ammonia. When you find it, take the stone from inventory and use it there.
The ammonia bottle will fall to the ground. It looks very different on the ground, just a tiny green speck. You need to pick it up.
 posted in Mushroom Age on Aug 17, 09 8:15 PM
Hi vivian101 and welcome to the pond I sent you a PM with a link to a screen shot of the finished mirror puzzle that you're having trouble with... Good Luck!
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Hi lineck I sent you a PM with a link to a Youtube video walk through for this specific puzzle...hope it does the trick...
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Hi beth41193 and welcome to the pond..I don't know for sure that this will help but I think it's what you're needing...let me know if it isn't though alright?

Proceed forward, turn to the right, and enter through the door. You'll find yourself in another set of hallways, but the ghost is here to help you again. Click on her writing on the wall to reveal the next set of directions.
Forward, Left, Left, Right, Forward: Exit the close-up of the wall and proceed forward x5. Turn left and go forward x3. Turn left yet again and go forward another x3. Turn right and proceed forward x6. The ghost will appear again, this time guiding you to the left door. Go forward, left, and enter.

* Another set of halls! Click on the ghost to read her directions.

* Left, Right, Forward, Forward, Right, Right, Left, Forward: Exit the close-up of the wall and proceed forward x2 to the intersection. Turn left, proceed forward 3x. Turn right, walk forward x9. Turn right and walk forward x3, take a left and go forward x6. The ghost will appear in front of the door on the left. Go forward once more and turn to the left, open the door to find yourself in the familiar stairwell.
* Proceed down the stairs and forward once into the Lobby.
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Sorry for the long delay in responding..I got lost LOL

Okay, well then...

As soon as the statue is finished you will be able to see a white pearl appear. I can't remember where it appeared, I think it was by the broken statue. All I remember is a villager taking it to the waterfall.
Drop a Master Builder over the pearl and they will take it to the waterfall, the pearl will turn blue.
The pearl will be taken to the lab by the Master Builder once you drop them on the blue pearl. The Master Builder will take it to the lab and polish it.
Have the chief take the pearl from the lab and they will take it over to the giant clam that is out on the ocean.
The clam will take the blue pearl and the chief will then take the key and take it to the door. The key looks like a big black pearl.
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# This next step is strange. Click on the counterweight that you put back into inventory, and this time hook it to the reflection of the chain. It will work, and open the case for the silver crescent.
# Collect the silver crescent.
* There is a broken mirror on the base of the big case towards the back.
* Click on it, and a zoom scene will open up.
* Click on the white tape in the center of the broken mirror, and the tape will fold back, revealing a mirror shard.
* Click on the mirror shard to collect it.
* Go to the Great Mirror. You can use the button on the map or the footprints to the right of the scene.

Okay here are the verbal hints and I am pm'ing you the links for some actual screenshots showing you the locations of all the mirror shards and the crescent moon, ok? I hope it works for you.
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Hi kaupapa and welcome to the pond!

Well, this one took me a while because I wasn't paying close attention to the coordinates. You have to make sure that the number that appears on the left is either positive or negative. If it has a negative sign make sure that the coordinate on the map says negative or you will be looking for a while. The coordinate on the right make sure if it says North or South. For the longest time I thought the "s" was a number
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Hi Nanaboopof15 and welcome to the pond!

I, too, have never heard of this game...What genre is it may I ask?
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Well, my friend I would say you have earned your bragging rights! LOL I'm stuck on the one after waverly village, whatever that monstrosity is named, and CANNOT, for the life of me, get past it..

It is nice to know, though, that it is not my gross inadequacy rendering me unable to make a sequence ...I too have had games where I literally use maybe 3-4 cards and the rest of the time is spent listening to the soothing sound of my mouse clicking on the draw pile LOL

Thanks for the reassurance that this devil game CAN, in fact, be defeated.
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Hi keely1, I'm so glad you were able to finish it..Is it really hard, because I'm really interested in the game but hate hate hate large file games!(don't really need anything to make me feel dumber than I already am LOL)
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Hi wwsqxq and welcome to the pond!

If you could tell me which investigation you are referring too, I'm almost positive I'll be able to help you...or at least um, like the last step you took before you got stuck?

Go to:   
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