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 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 23, 10 5:58 PM
i have unistalled reinstalled unistalled latest and it just takes me back to the point in the gazebo where i can't do anything.
tried bedroom window and cannot back out of this game to go any where else
have been waiting days for updates and done this on this game
and as i have said
have reloaded this game so many times
sorry for the caps but iam so sick of tryingthis game to work
will be passing this back to BF
not my problem or BF but the developers
I want my money back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Mystery P.I.: Stolen in San Francisco on Sep 17, 10 8:35 PM
is it just me or this game is easy than all the mystery games.

are we getting used to all the objects in all the past games same old things showing up all the time,
but .................stil love all these games have them all and wil just play over and over again
ps love the unlimited
just gets you used to al objects in all their games
love them so much ta xx
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 17, 10 7:59 PM
you seem to be the expert
so why do we get all this crap with really good games
BF are the best and i have loads of games
but just recently they seem to puting out bad games
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 17, 10 7:54 PM
i agree have been with BF years and the last three games i have to wait for updates to play
BF should check their games first before we give away our cash
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 17, 10 9:22 AM
Like many others I was stuck at the gazebo/fishing lake with box Now I cannot get back to finish the puzzle.
Have clicked on map but that doesn't work either
Spend more time checking tech issues than playing the game at the mo!

Hope this gets fixed soon
 posted in Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest on Sep 15, 10 6:04 PM
thanx BF for sorting all the probs with this game!

I like this one and so many probs, but thanx for fixing it!

love you xx
 posted in Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest on Sep 14, 10 7:11 PM
just tried about everything on this game and found you cant do a damn thing
tried to reinstall new player,
stood on my head and tried to sing to the damn thing -----------but nothing lets hope BF come up with a solution or i want my money back
 posted in Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest on Sep 14, 10 7:03 PM
there are so many problems with this game i am stuck at the miners cave like so many others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the game sticks and BF help on download freezing etc does not work it is a programe error
we cant all be wrong
you must either sort it
or give us a game credit
I am getting sick and tired of bad games that do not load or play
have been with BF for long time but tired of games that have not been checked
hate the hassle of trying to get refund on a game that should be good

sorry but thanx
 posted in Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest on Sep 14, 10 5:37 AM
Am having the same problem tried to close scene and come back but still stuck with this close up, can use tools but nothing else works
Seems like this is a common problem of the game
I hope BF get it sorted because I was enjoying the game
 posted in Mystic Gateways: The Celestial Quest on Sep 13, 10 6:18 AM
I am having the same problem at the miners cave, bought the game as the hour demo ran without any hitches----------now this!
Just have to wait for BF to fix as there seems to be soooooooooooo many probs with this game.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Sep 1, 10 4:51 PM
i have tried not just here but on another site to download this game and it just will not happen

i am not a dwark but can any one help

all other BFG load and I have loads of them no probs at all but this one is really bugging me and i want to play
thanx for any help
 posted in Robin's Quest: A Legend Born on Aug 24, 10 5:27 PM
just tried this and love it as im new would love to knoe other games like thats if your allowed to !
thanx bfg love the game
just agree with everyone

19.99 for a game that in a few weeks will be 6.99 and we get walk throughs as well
just keep the games to 6.99 and i think we agree we dont need all the extra stuff for 13.00 just keep it simple give us the games at a price we like xx
Agree with all
why do we need CE we all wait for 6.99 after trial period
just give good games at good prices
i will not buy this until its at BF 6.99 price
played game for 15 mins and had a doubt that it wasnot going to be good as fiirst but kept on playing with that price in the back of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will wait i think for for non ce and just buy at normal price.
but good game hard graphics slow change of screens

missed this one bye from down in the dumps me xx
I so agree
hi me never sure i am saying right thing as newbee but i would not pay ce for this but loved there previous game
i agree and will wait for non ce also thought first game better than this
besstan wrote:enjoyed the first one but wait till it 6 99 to buy this one tried it and loved it thanks but not worth 19 99 so will wait besstan
 posted in Romancing the Seven Wonders: Great Pyramids on Jun 30, 10 5:02 PM
hydrogibbon wrote:OMG this game could have been just the type I like if I could see anything. It's blurry and the ****'s are so tiny you can lose points even if you find it because they're so small you can't click on them. I really think it's a shame the graphics are so bad because if not for that this would have been a buy for me.

My two cents say

so agree and why so fuzzy and blurry no one after the demo would even buy it ! would they ?
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