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 posted in Jane's Realty 2 on Oct 17, 10 11:20 PM
This one site has 4 Jane games in a package for $14.95. I got it. Jane 2 Realty is not in it. Jane Realty is.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Oct 11, 10 2:22 AM
For some reason I am not seeing the games forums anymore under the buy and try buttons.
 posted in Youda Survivor on Oct 10, 10 1:34 AM
I like the game. It looks like to me you have to stay alive and complete the tasks and to do that you have to make sure you have good hydration and energy and complete the tasks. A perfect game. I am somewhat disappointed in the new Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Oct 10, 10 1:02 AM
Where is the forum for Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing? Thank you.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 9, 10 3:44 AM
dandunte wrote: I also love the Fishdoms but I was disappointed with this one because all they did was merge them. Nothing that new, the fishes, goodies same old tired stuff. Come on game developers give us something wonderful, different aquariums(like the ones in the background for the games), different types of fish other than the ones we have been using. Spice it up please, I would love to buy it, but I won't because all I have to do is reload one of the other ones and have basically the same thing.

It was a good deal for people who didn't have them. I had Frosty and Spooky, but I traded them in and got other games in their place because I didn't get them long before I got this deal. It wasn't on Bigfish.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 8, 10 12:09 AM
dandello wrote:
Mapsman wrote:I hate Match 3, but I thought I had a Fishdom that was a hidden object instead. Is my memory faulty? This one is a no buy even though I love the concept of a holiday-decorated tank.

There is a hidden odyseey fishdom. I have that too and love it and I normally don't like HOGs!

Me neither, but I have that game too and you are right it is a great game.
 posted in Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea on Oct 8, 10 12:06 AM
Definitely a game to get. I purchased this game for $19.95 on the company's site. It is a 3 in one. Spooky. Harvest, and Frosty. I don't regret buying it. I bought it once for myself. Then they were having a deal. You could get Fishdom 2 Premium and this game. So I bought it again along with Fishdom 2 Premium and I e-mailed someone a copy of Fishdom Under The Sea.

Playrix did not have a problem with that being I bought it twice. Playrix games are good and Playrix is a good company. I can't wait till Rustic Manor comes out this fall.
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Oct 4, 10 6:00 AM
Imo the Ranch Rush series needs a relaxed mode.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Oct 1, 10 3:46 AM
I bought this game from another site for $9.95. I was thinking this game would be better than the other Farm Frenzy's, but I like the other ones better.
 posted in Fishdom 2 on Sep 25, 10 6:25 AM
There is only 3 with the regular edition. In this game you would just buy one of the tanks over.

In this game you have the ability to buy as many tanks as you want, but they are the same three tanks you started the game with. You will be buying them over and over again and filling it up to the gold cup.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 24, 10 5:19 AM
I finished the game.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 23, 10 11:30 PM
Thanks, I am on level 44.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 23, 10 9:49 PM
I finally did it. I am on level 41 now. Thanks for the link.
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 23, 10 8:08 PM
I am on level 37. It is a hard level and I noticed something. Heart bonuses. Does anyone know what we get heart bonuses for because I been getting a lot of them, but I still can't beat this level. Thank you.

 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Sep 18, 10 3:56 PM
I hope it is after the 2nd. It is when I get my credit.
 posted in Youda Farmer on Sep 6, 10 2:47 AM
I had a problem with the game where the truck just froze. I was getting my orders and the truck was supposed to go to the places to pickup the items and it didn't. All my orders had the truck icon above and it didn't move. I didn't download it from Bf, but I am not buying a game that doesn't work right.

How are you going to let someone have this game if you bought it and want a coupon code from them for another game? You would have to let them in your account to download the game and register it.

I wouldn't do it. It is not actually free if you want a coupon for it.
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Aug 29, 10 6:21 AM
Thank you for writing that great review Minnow.
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Aug 29, 10 4:56 AM
Is their anything different in this one than the first one? I got the first one free from Bigfish in some promotion and I haven't really played that one.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 18, 10 5:42 PM
I bought this game from alawar a couple weeks ago. It is kind of the same old, but may be different at the end. I loved lauching rockets and ice age (santa claus). and american pie (robots).

I quickly jumped on this at alawar because I am getting sick of all the HOG games. If only Bigfish would have got it quicker I would have got it from them. Yes, I know that is probably not Bigfish's fault since it is an Alawar game.
 posted in Wedding Dash 4-Ever on Aug 14, 10 11:23 AM
I past 5.1 by just following the usual gameplay. For 5.2 if you have problems get the lights. I was playing the level for a while and I got the lights and bet it on the first try with the lights. That was before trying with several other options. Even the upgrade food dishes did me no good, upgrading the cook no good, upgrading Flo and Quinn's speed,

When three or more people get mad standing in line all I did was set one off. I believe you can use it three times. You have to click on the light to set it off and Quinn will walk over and turn it on and it will keep them happy longer than I expected.

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