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 posted in Christmas Wonderland on Dec 11, 11 11:15 AM
Running a 24" iMac with OSX 10.5.8

This game had the same issues as the ones I had with "Twisted: A haunted Christmas Carol." Namely, that I could not interact with anything in any scene. Repeated clicking got the wobbly cursor, but nothing else.

Obviously this company does not thoroughly test their Mac releases.

Hopefully there will be some other Christmas themed game that will actually work.

 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 10, 11 10:35 PM
Was going to purchase this as a Deal of the Day, but I am glad I downloaded it first. In the first scene I have no ability to interact with anything I cannot go upstairs as the tutorial suggests. I have tried clicking all over the screen, but no response other than a wobbly cursor after I have clicked repeatedly

I really wanted this game, but it just doesn't work.

Running a 24" iMac with OSX 10.5.8
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Nov 17, 11 12:09 PM
On a Mac, OSX Leopard.

Same mushroom issue as other people are having. I played the game through once on Casual, and had some flicker with the mushroom puzzle, but was able to complete it.

When I tried to play the game again in Experienced, I could not disconnect the connections between the mushrooms. Attempting to do so caused the screen to go momentarily black. Restarting the computer had no effect on the problem. In addition. Drawn 3 disappeared completely out of my game manager.

The App was still in my applications folder so I removed it and redownloaded the game. No help.

Apparently there is some file somewhere saving my player data, because after downloading it, I am right back at the same spot with the mushrooms, still stuck, still unable to reset the puzzle.

I uninstalled it from the game manager, reinstalled it AGAIN, and again right back at the mushroom puzzle, unable to do anything. I LOVE this game. I am extremely frustrated that I was able to play it once and now it's broken.

I guess my next step is to start the game over from scratch and see if I can get past the puzzle. This needs a serious bug fix though.
 posted in Halloween: Trick or Treat on Oct 31, 11 12:30 PM
Playing on a Mac. Cannot pick up anything in any scene in either casual or challenge modes.

Very disappointing, I thought this would be a perfect game to play on Halloween.
 posted in The Fool on Jun 17, 11 3:48 PM
The game did not save for me either. I'm on a Mac. I played for about 50 min, exited for a while, and when I went back my profile was gone. Very frustrating, and turned a definite buy, into a definite no buy.

Thanks Raven, that's exactly the sort of info I was looking for. Looks I will spring for the CE.

Thanks again!
So, if you have bought the collector's edition, is it worth it? I usually don't buy CE's but I'm on the fence about this one.

What would be fantastic is if someone bought the standard version and then upgraded to the CE.

Thanks for any input!
 posted in Lost Chronicles: Salem on Feb 22, 11 6:17 AM
I enjoyed the demo and planned on buying the game, but when I checked the walkthrough, I found that I was well over halfway through. I'm not the fastest player, and I don't skip scenes, so in my estimation this game is way too short.
 posted in Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel on Feb 20, 11 7:32 PM
Mac version gives me nothing but the soundtrack and a black screen. It really sounded like a game I would like, but just hearing music playing to a black screen is very frustrating.

I second the person who is having trouble with BoomZap games, generally when I have a problem it's with one of theirs.
 posted in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus on Feb 16, 11 8:24 AM
Also had the problem of not being able to pick up the marble chest or the cask.

I tried the suggestion of restarting the game under a different name, still the same problem. Can't pick up the chest or the cask.

In addition I also have the invisible cursor problem if I uncheck custom cursors. AND if I try to play the game in windowed mode, it crashes.

I REALLY like this game, but it's unplayable past the storeroom scene for me.

It's getting very disappointing the number of unplayable Mac games I am hitting lately.

Mac OSX 10.5.8
 posted in Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery on Feb 16, 11 7:01 AM
Also on a Mac. I also have no ability to turn the music down, no slider button. If that was all, this would probably be a buy for me, but unfortunately there are graphics issues with this game as well. Whenever I exit a scene, the screen flips upside down for a few seconds then flashes and rights itself.

Interesting surreal game with a nice variety of puzzles, but too buggy.
 posted in Nightmare on the Pacific on Feb 12, 11 9:55 PM
Mac user, Leopard.

When I first started up the game after downloading the trial, I had the deck scene, but nothing was clickable. There were no tasks no movement, and no sparkles on the toolbox. I restarted the game and then it sort of worked, but trying to pick up objects took a LOT of clicks. Then it stopped working and I had to restart multiple times to be able to move from a scene.

Then when I got to the part where you pick up keys with the tweezers, no amount of clicking would make it work. Uninstalled the game after that, way too buggy.

Starting up the game also caused all the icons on my desktop to cram into the corners.

Looks like an interesting game it's a shame it just doesn't work on my computer.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Jan 12, 11 1:43 PM
Mac version does not work. I get a black screen with music playing in the background. I have to force quit to quit the game.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Jan 12, 11 1:41 PM
Doesn't work for me. I get a black screen with music playing in the background. I have to force quit to exit.
 posted in Royal Trouble on Oct 10, 10 10:47 AM
I had also given away almost everything at this point. I used the key to break the mirror.
 posted in Escape from Frankenstein's Castle on Sep 9, 10 8:23 AM
Firstly the screen loading issues other people have commented on is definitely annoying. Despite this, I like this game very much. BUT, it is extremely short. I got about 3/4 done in the demo time, even with the long loading of scenes.

If this game was longer, I would buy it, even with the screen loading problems. But even though I would love to finish it, it's just not worth buying for the little time remaining.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Sep 5, 10 3:41 PM
My favorite game series since Myst, and the only collectors edition I have ever bought. A fantastic and beautifully immersive world, something sadly lacking in most games. After playing through, I went back and played The Painted Tower then Dark Flight again. I did not want it to end. Stunning, just stunning.

I sincerely hope there will be a sequel.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Sep 5, 10 3:36 PM
Thank you BFG for releasing this for Mac at the same time as PC!
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Aug 13, 10 7:57 AM
This game is one of the best buys I have made on BFG. Long satisfying gameplay, interesting story, excellent puzzles and a nice sense of mystery.

I highly recommend this game, it's a great game and a great value in game time.
 posted in Alice in Wonderland on May 19, 10 1:38 PM
First just let me say that this game is gorgeous. I love the artwork. I also really liked the storyline. It's lovely and reminded me somewhat of "Drawn".

Unfortunately for me (on a Mac) the game has too many technical issues.

1) I had to redownload the game 3 times before it would let me in the front door

2) The music cut off randomly and then stayed off

3) The "Foot prints" that lead you to a new scene often overroad the cursor. For example, when I tried to use the key on the cook's door, it would throw me out of the scene, because the footprints kept blotting out the key AND the locks.

Finally, like a lot of other people I also had a hard time with the opening lightning scenes inside the house. That really needs to be toned down.

I really would like to buy, but there are just too many glitches right now.
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