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 posted in Summer Rush on Jul 16, 11 1:29 AM
I certainly agree with everyone who said that the tutorial was not helpful. I also really dislike it when there are grammatical errors in a game - how difficult is it to get a native English speaker to proof-read your script? Gosh, I would gladly do it for a small fee!

I found the gameplay fun and engaging, though, and intuitive enough that the lack of a sensible tutorial wasn't an impediment to play. It is still a no-buy for me, as the levels are over so quickly, that I am concerned I would race through this in a few hours. It might be helpful to others considering the game if those who have bought it could post about the length?
 posted in Chloe's Dream Resort on Jun 12, 11 4:46 AM
I'm a TM fan, but I didn't really enjoy this one. I did like the premise, but then the storyline doesn't seem to go anywhere. To me, the graphics look outdated. The animations are extremely basic, and certainly not of the nice crisp standard of the Sally games, for example. I also found it quite annoying at the first resort how the snow would swirl around when the snowman was going to come - it really interrupted the flow of the gameplay for me.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Jun 1, 11 6:30 PM
I played through the hour demo, and really enjoyed this one! The action is fast-paced, and it was fun to play something quite different to most of the games offered here. I like the strategic element - you actually have to consider your timing in the beginning of levels quite carefully. For example - should I expend my troop numbers trying to upgrade the buildings I have, or should I be focussing on acquiring new buildings, which I then might not be able to hold if I don't have the numbers? It was starting to get quite difficult when my trial expired (I think I was up to the second desert level?), but I enjoyed the challenge.
 posted in Jet Set Go on Apr 22, 11 5:31 AM
As Eisteepfirsich says, this game is reminiscent of Sally's Salon. One additional thing that I liked about this game is how there is more variety in gameplay, as you move from the travel office to the various tour locations. I think this is a great idea.

I think this game is a winner for those newer to TM - the design is lovely, the sound and music aren't annoying, and the gameplay is smooth. Having said that, I'm not sure if it will be a buy for me, as it doesn't look like a very long game, and I prefer not to spend my credits on games that I can finish within 3-4 hours. Maybe I'll pick it up once it's a DD.
 posted in Shop It Up! on Feb 25, 11 9:24 PM
Lord_Lollipop wrote:Who called this a TM game? It's HOG with an optional timer. And what's the point of the magnifying glass? So that you can admire the vista from afar?

Still, it's better than most HOG that try to be all spooky and fail.

I rate it out of 9.5 s

I thought this was definitely a TM game - maybe you meant to post this in the Shop-N-Spree board? I thought that was much more HOG than TM.
 posted in Shop-N-Spree: Family Fortune on Feb 23, 11 3:20 AM
If you are a bit of a TM purist, I wouldn't recommend it, as it is really more HOG gameplay with a timer. Not for me, as I don't enjoy HOGs, but enjoy to those who do
 posted in Fairy Maids on Dec 26, 10 4:07 AM
In two words - incredibly dull. I love TM games, so I'm always happy to see a new one released, and I got through 40 minutes of this one, until I had to ask myself - seriously, why am I still playing this? There is no storyline, no sense of progression except that you upgrade your tools. The gameplay is repetitive - and really, who wants to sweep floors and dust cobwebs in a game? The graphics are cute, but in my opinion that really is the only thing this game has going for it.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 1, 10 2:48 AM
Is there a list anywhere of what the trophies are for?
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Aug 30, 10 3:33 AM
I think this is a great TM game for those who find games like the Dash series too hectic. I enjoyed the relaxed pace. While I enjoy the Sally games, I dislike how the pop-ups to treat your customers at stations disrupts my flow in placing and serving people, so I really like that there aren't pop-ups like that in this game! I think the graphics are cute, and the gameplay is good.
The new "green" theme seems pretty token - after played through the demo, it looks like it is really just a way to increase your earnings.
The mini-games are an interesting twist; I didn't personally like them, but it's nice to see that some players did, and it's encouraging to see developers putting mini-games other than a HOG level in TM games - hate it when they do that, there is a reason I play TM rather than HOGs!
All in all, the game is true to the original, whilst adding a couple of little extras. I'm not sure that I liked it enough to buy it, but if you enjoy TM you should at least give it a go.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 27, 10 12:07 AM
I just played through the demo hour, and I can enthusiastically say this will be a buy for me! As hoped, the gameplay is true to the first game. I like the addition of the hunter character; and while trophies in games may be a gimmick, I always enjoy the novelty of getting an award. Yes, I agree that the man's voice when you finish each level is annoying, but a game this great doesn't come along very often so it's something I can live with.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 26, 10 11:02 PM
Super excited to see this game released! The first is one of my all-time favourites, so I will be diving into this one this weekend!
 posted in Restaurant Rush on Jul 22, 10 11:44 PM
I bought this game as the DD, and I'm really enjoying it. I decided not to buy Burger Rush after playing the demo, but I'm certainly enjoying Restaurant Rush more. Maybe the appeal is as simple as I enjoy playing more when "cooking" more complex things than burgers? I'm not sure, but at the DD price it gets the from me!
 posted in Funny Miners on Jun 23, 10 3:29 AM
I think they are referring to My Kingdom for the Princess, which was a totally AWESOME TM game - lots of strategy involved, rather than just fast clicking.
 posted in Pizza Chef 2 on May 16, 10 5:45 AM
I just finished playing through the demo of this one, and I really enjoyed it - couldn't believe the hour was already over! I enjoy the twist on the traditional Match 3. Gameplay is fast and furious, so those who do not like constant clicking may not enjoy it so much, but I like games that are fast-paced. I did not try the original, but maybe I will have to go back and give it a go!
 posted in Lisa's Fleet Flight on May 3, 10 4:24 AM
I played for 20 minutes, and then was so bored I simply had to stop. Dull, dull, dull. Very repetitive, and too slow and simple to offer any kind of challenge. The dialogue between the characters seems pointless. Also, I sometimes found I had to click several times before the game seemed to register that I had clicked and go through with the instruction.

Overall, it may be a game that children would enjoy, but I think any seasoned TMer would give it a miss.
 posted in My Life Story on Apr 2, 10 10:39 PM
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on other similar titles to try out - I just might have to spend the rest of the weekend seeing which one I like best!
 posted in My Life Story on Apr 2, 10 2:22 AM
I quite enjoyed this one, too. It's a little slow to start, and the graphics are certainly nothing special, but I like building up my character. There are many different decisions to make, and the bonuses, in the form of life cards, keep things interesting too.
 posted in Trick or Travel on Apr 1, 10 10:53 PM
It's true, this game is certainly different from other TM's out there, and I commend the developers for originality, but it sure is tedious! I gave up on it after 20 minutes because I found it too boring.
 posted in Artist Colony on Dec 17, 09 5:40 PM
New members appeared for me at the start of a new season.
 posted in Coconut Queen on Dec 16, 09 2:25 PM
You have to actually build all 30 within the one chapter; if you have built them in the one location but spread over different chapters, you will not earn the tiki.
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